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World Undefined
Location Dessert Dunes
Number of Quests 2
Birth Weight (Kg) 5.14
Starsign Gemini
Mothers Maiden Name Williams

Speccius is found in Dessert Dunes.

Complete his quests to choose a subclass for your Mage, Archer or Warrior. After completing his quests, he drops down the rope to access the Palm Tree and the portal to The Grandioso Canyon.

Quest Information for Speccius
Quest Name Quest Text Difficulty Requirements Consumed? Rewards Notes
More like 'Sleepius' lmao Wake up the Special-Class giver. Difficulty 3.png 130Kebab Sticks.png Kebab Sticks

150Crabby Cakey.png Crabby Cakey

No 2 2 HR Time Candy.png 2 HR Time Candy, 1 Talent Point Reset Potion.png Talent Point Reset Potion, 5 Talent Point Reset Fragment.png Talent Point Reset Fragment

Specialization Station Difficulty 1.png Select a Sub Class: 1 No Gold Coin.png1
Dialogue Table for Speccius
Dialogue Text Quest
mmm... Kebaaaabs, crabby cakes... mmmmmmm... yummmmmmy... zzzzZZzzzzZZZZzz... More like 'Sleepius' lmao
Zzzzzz... space... theres none... oh nooooooesszzzZzZZZ..... ZzzzzZZzz...
...mmm... huh? Oh hey, uh, whats up, I was just on my break, with my eyes closed, alert as ever! Say, that's a lot of food you got there, you havin' a party or something? Count me out, cake and kebabs are a terrible food combo!
Anyway... now that I'm up, you want a Class Advancement? You definitely look like you could use one! ...err, that came out wrong, sorry! What I meant to say is that you're a noob who needs a better class! Let me tell you how it works.
Class Advancements are basically new classes. However, this will NOT REPLACE your current class. You will continue to get Talent Points for your current Talents.
So yea, you'll get a brand new set of 15 talents! These talents are separate from your old ones, so every time you level up, you'll get Talent Points to spend on these new talents while also getting Talent Points for the old talents.
Quick recap. Class Advancements give you another tab of Talents to upgrade, which uses a different set of Talent Points than your current Tabs. Go ahead and talk to me again, and I'll let you choose your class advancement!
You're all set!
A new class, how cool is that! Also, I let down that rope behind me, so you can keep going! ...zzzZZzZZZZZz...
zzZZzz... mmmm, lasagna.... zzZZzz.... Mondays, grrr.... wait, wrong dream... zzZZzz... kebaaabs... mmmm... crabby cakes... ah thats better... zzZZzzz
Wait a minute, why did I just say 'you're all set' even though I didn't do anything?
Wait a minute, why did I just say 'you're all set' even though I didn't do anything?
Wait a minute, how did you become a 'Journeyman' class, when the only 1st classes are Warrior, Archer, and Mage?
Wait a minute, how else could you have gotten such a weird class other than... GASP! You're HACKING! I'm reporting you straight to LavaFlame2!
...well, after I take a quick nap of course! zZZZzzzZzzz...
If youre reading this, I made an oopsie haha