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Main Stats

The game features 4 primary stats that affect the characters Accuracy, Damage, XP Gain, item droprate and Skilling Efficiency

  • Strength - damage stat for warriors, accuracy stat for archers. Increases max health
  • Agility - damage stat for archers, accuracy stat for mages. Increases movement speed
  • Wisdom - damage stat for mages, accuracy stat for warriors. Increases max mana
  • Luck - damage and accuracy stat for beginners. Increases drop rate and xp gain

Secondary Stats

Alongside the above main stats, the game features many other stats that affect the game in various ways.

  • Health Points
  • Mana Points
  • Damage
  • Accuracy
  • Prowess
  • Mastery
  • Defence
  • Critical Chance
  • Critical Damage
  • Movement Speed
  • Drop Rate
  • AFK Gains
  • Class XP Gains

Skilling Stats

There are also stats that relate only to skills

  • Mining Power
  • Choppin Power
  • Fishing Power
  • Catchin Power
  • Alchemy EXP
  • Skilling XP Gains


  • Items despawn after 60 minutes
  • Coins despawn after 20 minutes
  • Money drops from monsters occasionally....Not sure where they stash it

Combat Mechanics


Accuracy is the stat that affects how often you hit your enemy. Accuracy is determined by many things, but your secondary stat is one of the most determining factor. Warriors have Wisdom as their secondary, Archers have Strength, and Mages have Agility. Equips also can raise your accuracy via misc stats or just some of your stats. You can see your Accuracy by going in your inventory and looking at the stats page on the left. The number can be translated to a percentage by looking in Menu -> Afk Info when you are in an area with enemies and not skilling. On the top, it will say what you are doing, and what you are doing it to (Choppin Oak Logs, Mining Copper Ore, Fighting Frogs, etc). On the bottom there is a grey bar with a green bar in it under "Accuracy Rating". Every enemy has a number that your accuracy needs to exceed in order to be able to hit, and a number that when your accuracy reaches means you can hit all the time. The green words right above the bar will tell you your percentage; for example, if you are fighting Frogs and have 2 out of the 3 accuracy for 100%, you will hit 50% of the time.

Note: You need at least 5% hit chance to hit, anything lower will equal 0%.

How to increase your accuracy:


Damage is how much health a monster loses when you manage to hit them. This is affected by your main stat (Warriors have Strength, Archers have Agility, and Mages have Wisdom) or the Weapon Power from your equipped weapon. Again, you can see your damage in your inventory on the stats page. You may notice that there is two numbers; the first is your minimum damage and the second your max. When you hit, you deal a random number between those two (inclusive). Once the enemy is at or below 0 health, they die leaving you their treasure.

Damage_% sources are seperatly multiplicated factors.

Example: The Archer has the Talent "Veins of the Infernal" (lvl 60) which gives 25% extra damage at 10 Smithing Levels. From Tab1 he can skill also "Gilded Sword" (lvl 50). So his XX Damage would be increased by: XX*(1,25)*(1,50) = XX * 1,875 and NOT XX * 1,75

Weapon Power has the most effect to your Damage!

Max Dmg = [(1/9)*(WP^2)+Flat_Dmg_bonus]*Damage_%

Min Dmg = Mastery * Max Dmg


Weapon Power [WP] (global - Account wide)

  • Weaponpower Base Value (5)
  • Alchemy: Vial Tail Time (+0,5 per level)

Weapon Power [WP] (local - Character specific):

Exception: Sharpened Axe is not affected by the Weaponpower Increasing Talents

Damage_% (Account-wide):

Damage_% (Character specific)

Flat Damage bonus (Account-wide):

Flat Damage bonus (Character specific):

Values should be correct and everything should be covered. TBD: Formatting/Layout and quicklinks.

Game Version 1.14 - Credits Xores#1684 and Sonnenlicht (if anything is wrong/outdated/incomplete message Sonnenlicht on Discord)


Health is how much damage you can take from enemies, before falling flat on your face and needing to respawn. You can Insta Res once a day, or you can respawn at town for free. Health is always handled by your Strength stat no matter your class. You take damage from monsters depending on your Defence and the monsters attack. You can heal by equipping Food, some foods heal more than others but all have a 30 second cooldown.

How to increase your HP:

-> 150 Def is enough to reliably tank every current content in this game (except for chaotic Amarok and other W2 Bosses)

Game Version 1.14 - Credits Skorme (if anything is wrong/outdated/incomplete message Sonnenlicht on Discord)


Mana is used for activating abilities; you know, those things you put on that little bar at the bottom of the screen. It regens passively over time at a rate of 1 for every 100 maximum Mana you have. Mana and the rate it regens at is affected by Wisdom, various talents, potions and other shenanigans. Running out of Mana is no big deal, but you will get yelled at if you don't have enough and you try doing something you need more Mana for.


Defence determines how much damage you take from enemies. You can check your defence in the stats page and on individual pieces of equipment. When you have more than a monster's attack, you just wont receive damage from that monster. The less you have compared to that attack, the more damage you take.

  All flat-Def Sources:

All %-Def Sources:

General Survival:

Instead of increasing your defences you can equip food to stay alive or have high max HP, do kills and heal through Hemoglobin Special Talent from the Merit Shop.

Game Version 1.14 - Credits Skorme (if anything is wrong/outdated/incomplete message Sonnenlicht on Discord)



When you kill an enemy, it may drop an item. If you have the card for the enemy, you can see their loot tables. The way they work is when you kill it, it rolls for every item on the main table. If it rolls a 1 on any of those, it drops that item. If it rolls a 1 on "Rare Drop", it then rolls for every item on the rare drop table. Then if it rolls a "Mega Rare Drop" It rolls for the items in that table. If it rolls a rare, but fails all the items, it just wont drop anything from the table. It rolls by a random number between 1 and the number it lists.

Example 1: Spore Cap from Green Spores is a 1 in 5, so it rolls a random number between 1 and 5 inclusive.

Most loot actually has a use, so be careful selling. Every monster has a special drop that only they can drop, so watch out for those. Coins may also drop. Having 100 Bronze coins in your inventory is automatically converted into 1 Silver coin. And when you reach 100 Silver coins they turn into 1 Gold coin automatically.

How drop rarity/chance works!

Drop Rarity/Rate & Drop chance will all add up to %Total drop chance. As they all work the same way! Lava just named them differently because it's lava. So that being said, do not mistaken any of the names to act differently, they all work the same way, Just different names, for different places.

Drop Chance + Drop Rarity + Drop Rate = Total Drop Chance!

The Total Drop Chance increases the chance to roll the rare drop table.

Even when the items within the (mega-)rare drop table aren't getting boosted themselves, you still have a higher chance to get them, because you roll their drop tables more often.

Example 2: Influence of a increased Droprate (if you want to follow this example, just look at the Green Mushroom Card) Lets say you want the bronze obol from the Green Mushroom it has a chance of 1 to 1235 to occur in the rare drop table of the mushrooms. The rare drop rolls 1 in 334. So you have a chance of getting an bronze obol 1 in 412490 (412490 = 334*1235). Now you increase your Chance of getting an obol by 15% this means you will have a chance of 1,15 in 412490 to get a bronze obol or in other words you increased your chance of gettin one  from 0,000242%  with 15% increase to 0,000279%

Bonuses to increase your Droprate

Game Version 1.14 - Credits Aisek, Skorme and Sonnenlicht (if anything is wrong/outdated/incomplete message Sonnenlicht on Discord)


This only matters when you go Offline to get Afk Gains. It's the combined number of your Defence, Foods, and Health, and represents how fast you die when Afk. The lower your Survivability, the less gains you get, so you want to make sure you're ready to grind there before you leave for 6 hours. If you have enough Defence that you don't take damage, your Survivability will always be 100%, and it will be harder to change the number the more health you have.


Mastery determines you minimum damage, base mastery is 35% and it caps at 80%. You can have more mastery through Alchemy, cards, talents and Efaunt Ribcage (on v1.14).

The calculation is as follows:

minDmg = mastery * maxDmg

You'll have 35 minimum damage if your max damage is 100 and your mastery is 35%.

Game Version 1.14 - Credits Sonnenlicht (if anything is wrong/outdated/incomplete message Sonnenlicht on Discord)

Class Exp - Experience MultiplAyer

When you fight and earn Exp, these EXP (Experience Points) go to your level progression. The Class EXP factor found at the bottom of the Inventory Stat page is multiplied with the Base value of the killed monster. There are various ways to increase this multiplyer:

Some Exp multiplyer are not integrated into this shown stat, but increase the EXP Gain anyways ( to be precise all the active exp boni are not shown in this number)


  • Luck Stat - (Level 100 -> 0,11 | Level 200 -> 0,15 | Level 300 -> 0,18 | Level 400 ->0,20)
  • Post Office: Civil War Memory Box (At level 200 -> 10,7% | At level 400 ->18,5%)
  • Special Talent: Just EXP (+3,33% at lvl 25| +5% at 50 |+6% at 75| +6,67% at 100)
  • EXP Book Statue - +0,1% exp per Lvl (increased by the Stupendous Statues Talent for Shaman only)
  • Card: Crystal Crabal Card (2/4/6/8% exp), Efaunt Normal Card (5/10/15/20% exp)
  • Cardset: Blunder Hills if Below Level 50 (8/16/24/32% exp) and Bosses (6/12/18/24% exp)
  • Alchemy: Grind Time Bubble (+58% at lvl 161 | +68% at lvl 193)
  • Alchemy: Mimic Tooth Vial (+1% per lvl)
  • Trophies: Club Member +3%, Trailblazer +20%, OG Gamer +2%
  • Helmet: Event Helmets
  • Armor: Grandma Disguise 7%
  • Armor: Party Hat 5%
  • Premium Hats: with +10% and +11%
  • Blunder Hills Merit Shop: +48% exp for your lowest character


Game Version 1.14 - Credits Bandit Bob and Sonnenlicht (if anything is wrong/outdated/incomplete message Sonnenlicht on Discord)

AFK Mechanics

Fighting AFK gains

Things that affect fighting AFK gains:

  • Active attack talents (equipped)
  • Damage numbers (min damage) in the character sheet
  • Weapon speed
  • Movement speed
  • Active buffs (Extendo Rangeo, Firmly Grasp It etc)
  • Fighting AFK% bonuses (from cards, alchemy, talents, bribes, PO Fighting box)
  • Chance to hit
  • Health Food (if not at 100% survivability)/Hemoglobin
  • Crit Chance/Crit Dmg
  • Spawn Rate Merits up to 20%
  • Spawn Rate Star Sign Grim Reaper 16 with 2%
  • Attack moves boost your Afk gains more - Attacks on Simmer Special Talent
  • Higher bonuses to offline Gains "All for Kill" - Alchemy

Things that do not affect fighting AFK gains:

  • Mana
  • Triggered talents (such as double hit, you're next etc)
  • Cooldown reduction

Things that increase your fighting AFK gains:

So currently the highest AFK gains, that are possible right now are the Basic 20 + 65.21 = 85.21 maximum fighting Afk gains and 85.88% for the Journeyman.

Game Version 1.14 - Credits Aisek and Sonnenlicht (if anything is wrong/outdated/incomplete message Sonnenlicht on Discord)

Kill Caps

This is the theoretical max amount of enemies you can kill per hour when AFK, with the spawn rate merit maxed out (20%) and assuming 100% afk gains, based on Cyrns calculations:

Kill Caps
Img Monster Hourly Kills Cap
Green Mushroom Walking.gif Green Mushroom 1862
Frog Walking.gif Frog 3709
Bored Bean Walking.gif Bored Bean 1932
Slime Walking.gif Slime 2601
Baby Boa Walking.gif Baby Boa 1654
Carrotman Walking.gif Carrotman 1405
Glublin Walking.gif Glublin 1775
Gigafrog Walking.gif Giga Frog 1280
Poop Walking.gif Poop 2057
Rat Walking.gif Rat 1837
Walking Stick Walking.gif Walking Stick 1837
Nutto Walking.gif Nutto 1837
Sandy Pot Walking.gif Sandy Pot 1493
Mimic Walking.gif Mimic 1493
Crabcake Walking.gif Crabcake 1964
Mafioso Walking.gif Mafioso 1636
Sand Castle Walking.gif Sand Castle 1964
Pincermin Walking.gif Pincermin 1229
Mashed Potato Walking.gif Mashed Potato 1855
Tyson Walking.gif Tyson 1855
Moonmoon Walking.gif Moonmoon 1636
Sand Giant Walking.gif Sand Giant 2945
Snelbie Walking.gif Snelbie 1418

Food Consumption

Food Consumed per hour (Formula provided by Deerjump):
Desert: (dmg per hit * 500)/min(foodHeal, maxhp)
Grasslands: (dmg per hit * 300)/min(foodHeal, maxhp)

Active Alchemy XP/Hr

Cauldron: 15 * brewSpeed * alchExpMultiplier
Liquid: 30 * brewSpeed * alchExpMultiplier

Steam/Web Specific


  • Q: Displays the Attack Bar
  • 1-6: Activates equipped active abilities
  • 7-8: Switches between Attacks 1-6 and 7-12
  • C: Codex
  • I: Inventory
  • M: Map
  • T: Talents
  • Esc: Menu