Star Signs

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When you first create a character you have a choice of several starting Star Signs, but once you reach the top of the big tree (entrance at Slimes) you can unlock the ability to change your Star Sign at the Telescope. Completing the Telescope quest allows you to interact with Constellations hidden around the game world and unlock/equip new Star Signs.

In order to get new Star Signs you will first need to complete Constellations. Each Constellation gives you a certain amount of points which you can then spend on unlocking Star Signs and progress through the Star Chart. The first thing you should work towards is unlocking Chronus, since that means you can have two Star Signs equipped at once.

Star Signs
# Name Bonus SCP Cost Notes
1 The Book Worm +1% Class EXP Gain +3 WIS 0 Intially unlocked.
1a The Buff Guy +1% Total Damage +3 STR 0 Intially unlocked.
1b The Fuzzy Dice +3 Talent Points +3 LUK 0 Intially unlocked.
2 Flexo Bendo +2% Movement Speed +3 AGI 0 Intially unlocked.
3 Dwarfo Beardus +5% Mining Efficency +20% Multi-Ore Chance 2
4 Hipster Logger +5% Chop Efficiency +20% Multi-Log Chance 2
4a Pie Seas +5% Fishin Efficency +20% Multi-Fish Odds 2
4b Miniature Game +30% minigame reward 2
4c Shoe Fly +5% Catch Efficiency +20% Multi-Bug Chance 2
5 Pack Mule +10% Carry Cap 2
6 Pirate Booty +5% Drop Rate 2
7 All Rounder +4 All Stats 2
7a Muscle Man +8 STR 1
7b Fast Frog +8 AGI 1
7c Smart Stooge +8 WIS 1
7d Lucky Larry +8 LUK 1
8 Fatty Doodoo -3% Movement Speed +5% Defence +2% Total Damage 2
9 Robinhood +4% Accuracy +2% Movement Speed +1 Cant Trade GME 2
9a Blue Hedgehog +4% Movement Speed +0.0001% Ring Drop 3 Has a 1/1M chance to drop
Sanic Ring.png Sanic Ring
Sanic Ring
Sanic Ring.png
Copper Coin.png1
Level60ClassWarrior Classicon.pngMage Classicon.pngArcher Classicon.pngJourneyman Classicon.png
Stats AGI Staticon.pngx8 LUK Staticon.pngx4
MISC1% Movement Speed
on active kills
10 Ned Kelly +6% Defence +2 Weapon Power 2
10a The Fallen Titan +3% Boss Damage +4% Crit Chance 2
CR Chronus Cosmos All characters can now align with 2 Star Signs at once 3
11 Activelius +15% Class EXP when fighting actively 2
11a Gum Drop +15% to get a Time Candy when claiming 8+ Hour AFK gains 2 97%
1 HR Time Candy.png 1 HR Time Candy
1 HR Time Candy
1 HR Time Candy.png
Copper Coin.png1
DescriptionHold down to instantly get 1 Hour of AFK Gains.

2 HR Time Candy.png 2 HR Time Candy
2 HR Time Candy
2 HR Time Candy.png
Copper Coin.png1
DescriptionHold down to instantly get 2 Hour of AFK Gains.

4 HR Time Candy.png 4 HR Time Candy
4 HR Time Candy
4 HR Time Candy.png
Copper Coin.png1
DescriptionHold down to instantly get 4 Hour of AFK Gains.

12 HR Time Candy.png 12 HR Time Candy
12 HR Time Candy
12 HR Time Candy.png
Copper Coin.png1
DescriptionTwelve hours, that's a long time! Hold down to instantly get 12 Hour of AFK Gains.
12 Mount Eaterest +10% chance to not consume food +15% All Food Effect 2
13 Bob Build Guy +10% Speed in Town Skills 3
14 The Big Comatose +2% Skill AFK Gain 3
14a Sir Savvy +3% Skill EXP gain 3
15 Silly Snoozer +2% Fight AFK Gain 3
15a The Big Brain +3% Class EXP gain 3
16 Grim Reaper +2% Mob Respawn rate 4
16a The Forsaken -80% Total HP -50% Defence +6% Fight AFK Gain 4
17 The OG Skiller +5% Carry Cap +1% Skill AFK gain +2% All Skill Prowess 4
18 Mr No Sleep -6% AFK Gain +30% Carry Cap 4
Total: 71

Note: For a more exact location of each constellation, click the name of the constellation.

Name Area Requirement Star Chart Points Notes
Blunder Hills Reach Lv 30 on four players 3 Top Right, in the tree. This one is sometimes covered by buffs
Where the Branches End AFK here for 1+ hours. 3 Bottom right of the map, on the branch
Valley of the Beans Reach this star on 4 players 3 On the wood at the portal to slimes
Tucked Away Reach this star on 3 players 4 Bottom right, platform the left side
The Office Defeat Dr. Defecaus on 3 players 5 Bottom platform on left side
Freefall Caverns Reach this star as any Archer Class 3 Top platform with portal, on left side
Winding Willows AFK here for 24+ hours on 2 players 3 Bottom right platform
Dewdrop Colosseum Clear the colosseum on 3 players, 4 Bottom platform, far right corner
Amarok Arena Defeat Amarok in under 20 seconds on 3 players 5 Amarok platform, far right side
Echoing Ingress Reach this star as any Mage Class 4 On the upper right side of the lower portal.
The Mimic Hole Reach this star on 3 players 4 Bottom left corner of the map, on the wall
Faraway Piers Reach this star as any Mage Class 4 To the right of the shop, under the deck on the wood
The Grandioso Canyon AFK here for 36+ hours on 3 players 4 Bottom right platform, on the left side
Slamabam Straightaway Reach this star on 4 players 5 Bottom right corner of the map
Sandstone Colosseum Clear the colosseum on 4 players 3 Middle left platform to the right of the rope
Efaunts Tomb Defeat Efaunt as any Beginner Class 5 Under the leftmost cactus
Up Up Down Down AFK here for 48+ hours on 3 players 3 On the cactus next to Illuminadi
YumYum Grotto Reach Lv 65 on four players 4 Under fishing portal
Total: 65* *Currently obtainable.

NOTE: AFK constellations need you to be AFK for the entire amount of time all at once. It will not count as 24 hours of AFK if you spend two 12-hour AFK sessions there. You must claim a single AFK greater than or equal to the time required. Time Candy can be used to complete AFK constellations for a character so long as it is equal to or greater than the AFK time. You cannot use multiple candies to complete a longer AFK session, so three 24-hour candies will not count as 72 hours AFK.