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Construction is a skill in which a Squire specializes. The Construction table can be located in World 3 town on the middle-upper platform.

The interface for the Construction profession presents itself on two screens. The first screen allows players to discover new elements of the game while the second screen provides a minigame style interface to control research production on the first screen.

The first screen shows three rows of researchable venues: on the upper row are World 3 town specialty tables, the middle row contains Worship towers used in the Tower Defence portion of the skill, and the bottom row shows the various Shrines that can be placed on non-town maps. Slots on a smaller row at the bottom of this screen show the available construction slots for the previous three categories.

The second window is the production aspect of the Construction table and allows for player icons as well as Cogs to be placed on an expandable square box interface.

Construction Quickie

Construction Table.gif

  • In world 3, Construction is available from the table most to the right on the upper middle platform in town.
  • Discoveries must be queued to research.
  • Adding your characters to the Cog Board is the only way to create production before acquiring Cogs, and the primary way to acquire character experience in Construction..
  • Placing characters on the Cog Shelf will add the characters' production value towards making Cogs, but award the character no experience.
  • Toggle "Place flags", then click on locked slots to place them. These will in time unlock those slots. New slot can take longer to unlock; Explore which ones are cheaper before settling for the location.
  • Go to the refinery and turn on the first tier. The refinery will start converting resources into salts. Salts are needed to upgrade buildings among other things.


Note: Red Salt 2 is called Red Salt in the files and is a working name. If you can get an in-game screenshot that shows something else then please contact BlackWolfe on Discord.

Salt Tier Resource 1 Resource 2 Resource 3 Resource 4 Resource 5 Resource 6
Redox Salts.png Redox Salts 10 Spore Cap.png 5 Copper Ore.png
Explosive Salts.png Explosive Salts 10 Bullfrog Horn.png 5 Forest Fibres.png 2 Redox Salts.png
Spontaneity Salts.png Spontaneity Salts 50 Pocket Sand.png 30 Goldfish.png 40 Fly.png 3 Explosive Salts.png
Dioxide Synthesis.png Dioxide Synthesis 10 Floof Ploof.png 2 Dune Soul.png 1 Scorpie.png 1 Spontaneity Salts.png
Red Salt.png Red Salt 25 Cracked Glass.png 5 Bloach.png 5 Sentient Cereal.png 5 Mousey.png 2 Dioxide Synthesis.png
Red Salt 2.png Red Salt 2 50 Contact Lense.png 5 Void Bar.png 5 Wispy Lumber.png 5 Flycicle.png 5 Frigid Soul.png 3 Red Salt.png

  • Powering up
    • If you completely fill out the power bar of a certain tier, and press on refine, the tier of that Salt production will increase.
  • NUMBERS BELOW ARE ROUNDED (i.e. it may take more or less time to rank up.)
Combustion Rank
Category 1★ 2★ 3★ 4★ 5★ 6★ 7★ 8★ 9★ 10★ 11★ 12★ 13★ 14★ 15★ 16★ 17★ 18★ 19★ 20★
Component Costs 1x 2x 5x 8x 11x 14x 18x 22x 27x 31x 36x 41x 46x 52x 58x 64x 70x 76x 82x 89x
POWER Cap 50 200 800 3,000 8,000 14,000 20,000 30,000 40,000 50,000 65,000 80,000 100,000 200,000 300,000 400,000 500,000 600,000 700,000 800,000
POWER per Cycle 1x 2x 4x 6x 8x 10x 12x 14x 17x 19x 22x 25x 28x 30x 33x 36x 39x 42x 45x 49x
Cycles to Rank Up 50 100 200 500 1,000 1,400 1,666 2,142 2,352 2,631 2,954 3,200 3,571 6,666 9,090 11,111 12,820 14,285 15,555 16,326


  • In order to boost your 'Build Rate', you need to place your characters and cogs on the Cog Board.
  • You can unlock new slots on the Cog Board by placing flags.
  • Create brand new Cogs by placing characters in the 'Cog Shelf'. Open the Cog Shelf with the top left button.
  • When you make a new Cog, its stats are based on the highest construction level you have in your account. The higher your best Construction player, the better cog stats you'll get!
  • Some Cogs can boost the effectiveness of certain stats of nearby Cogs and/or Players.

Place flags to unlock more spaces in which to assign characters or cogs. The center of the board starts unlocked.

Flag Placement
250M 50M 17.5M 300K 100K 31.3K 31.3K 100K 300K 17.5M 50M 250M
50M 1M 188K 8.75K 1.5K 625 625 1.5K 8.75K 188K 1M 50M
17.5M 313K 15K 250 X X X X 250 15K 313K 17.5M
2.5M 50K 3.25K 100 X X X X 100 3.25K 50K 2.5M
2.5M 50K 3.25K 100 X X X X 100 3.25K 50K 2.5M
17.5M 313K 15K 250 X X X X 250 15K 313K 17.5M
50M 1M 188K 8.75K 1.5K 625 625 1.5K 8.75K 188K 1M 50M
250M 50M 17.5M 300K 100K 31.3K 31.3K 100K 300K 17.5M 50M 250M


3D Printer

3D Printer.png Using the new Star Talent, you can collect samples to start printing resources

Level Bonus: Upgrading adds one character row per level
Maxlvl: 9

Redox Salts.png Redox Salts

To start printing resources you first have to get the Talent book, by doing the Hoggindaz quest "Constructing a Tower". Put one or more points into it and equip the talent on your bar (the talent is located on the second special talent page). Then go wherever you want to sample and use the sample talent. This (sample size is based on your afk gains) will add the sample to an empty sample slot in the 3D printer. Click on it to start printing. Each level of the building unlocks a new row for use in the 3D printer, starting with your first character and then characters are unlocked for use in order.

Talent Book Library

Talent Book Library.png Relive your youth by checking out books, and further relive your youth by never returning them! Instead use them to boost your talent max levels.

Level Bonus: Upgrading the library increases the checkout speed.
Maxlvl: 50

Redox Salts.png Redox Salts
Froge.png Froge

List of Skills Disabled:
Stats (Str, Agi, Wis, Luk)
Critikill, Meatshank (Barbarian, Squire respectively)
Featherweight, I see you (Bowman, Hunter respectively)
Farsight, Overclocked (Shaman, Wizard respectively)

Death Note

Death Note.png Defeat TONS of monster to boost Multikill Rate for each world. Upgrading this tower also boosts your base Multikill Bonus in all worlds.

Level Bonus: Upgrading Death Note increases multikill rate.
Maxlvl: 50

Explosive Salts.png Explosive Salts
Forest Soul.png Forest Soul

Salt Lick

Salt Lick.png Spend refinery salts and other World 3 resources in return for bonuses from the hungry blobulytes!

Level Bonus: Upgrading Salt Lick adds more bonuses.
Maxlvl: 10

Explosive Salts.png Explosive Salts
Crabbo.png Crabbo

Description Material
Sample % taken for the 3D printer is increased. Redox Salts.png Redox Salts
+4 Obol slots per upgrade. Circle, square, hexagon, then sparkle, in that order. Froge.png Froge
Increased refinery speed for all cycle types. In other words, cycles take less time Explosive Salts.png Explosive Salts
Increased Class EXP. Not really sure what those blobulytes do with these souls... Dune Soul.png Dune Soul
Increased max level for talent books from the Library. RNG be with you! Spontaneity Salts.png Spontaneity Salts
Increased Liquid rate and Capacity for all liquids in Alchemy Mousey.png Mousey
Increases points gained during Tower Defence from killing monsters. Dioxide Synthesis.png Dioxide Synthesis
Increases Movement Speed. Doesn't work if you're above 170% move speed already. Frigid Soul.png Frigid Soul
Increases Multikill Rate for all worlds. All of them! Red Salt.png Red Salt
Increases Total Damage dealt. Pingy.png Pingy

Chest Space

Chest Space.png Just gives more storage slots, straight up. Better late than never, eh?

Level Bonus: Upgrading adds +2 slots per level.
Maxlvl: 25

Explosive Salts.png Explosive Salts
Oak Logs.png Oak Logs

Cost Cruncher

Cost Cruncher.png Reduces the cost of upgrading all buildings. Doesn't affect the actual 'building' requirement, just the resource costs.

Level Bonus: Upgrading further reduces the upgrade costs.
Maxlvl: 100

Spontaneity Salts.png Spontaneity Salts
Fruitfly.png Fruitfly


These towers are used in Worship for the Tower Defense.

Pulse Mage

Pulse Mage.png Zaps a single nearby monster. Has fast speed and low damage.

Maxlvl: 50

Redox Salts.png Redox Salts

Fireball Lobber

Fireball Lobber.png Lobs exploding fireballs. Has medium speed and medium damage.

Maxlvl: 50

Redox Salts.png Redox Salts
Froge.png Froge

Boulder Roller

Boulder Roller.png Rolls a boulder forward. Has slow speed and medium damage, but reliably hits multiple enemies

Maxlvl: 50

Explosive Salts.png Explosive Salts
Iron Bar.png Iron Bar

Frozone Malone

Frozone Malone.png Casts a wave of freezing snow. Has slow speed, but can't stack its effect with other Freeze towers.

Maxlvl: 50

Explosive Salts.png Explosive Salts
Bleach Logs.png Bleach Logs


Stormcaller.png Smites enemies with lightning. Has super slow speed but high damage.

Maxlvl: 50

Spontaneity Salts.png Spontaneity Salts
Scorpie.png Scorpie

Party Starter

Party Starter.png Has no function other than its Trait Boosts Spontaneity Salts.png Spontaneity Salts
Mosquisnow.png Mosquisnow

Kraken Cosplayer

Kraken Cosplayer.png Summons eyeball defenders. Has slow speed, and it just keeps monsters away. Dioxide Synthesis.png Dioxide Synthesis
Dementia Ore.png Dementia Ore


After you get the Shine Architect special talent from Hoggindaz quest "Taking Samples", you can use the talent to place available shrines wherever you are. These shrines level up after a certain amount of total afk time and thus give you higher bonuses. If you move a tower it will lose all progress towards the next level, but will retain already gained levels. Upgrading shrines gives higher level up rate.


Woodular.png This Shrine increases the Total Damage of all characters on the same map.

Maxlvl: 100

Redox Salts.png Redox Salts

Isaccian Shrine Shrine

Isaccian Shrine Shrine.png This Shrine increases the Max HP and Total Defence of characters on the same map.

Maxlvl: 100

Redox Salts.png Redox Salts
Forest Soul.png Forest Soul

Crystal Shrine

Crystal Shrine.png This Shrine increases the Shrine Level Up Rate for all other shrines on the same map

Maxlvl: 100

Explosive Salts.png Explosive Salts
Gold Bar.png Gold Bar

Pantheon Shrine

Pantheon Shrine.png This Shrine increases the Carry Capacity of all characters on the same map.

Maxlvl: 100

Explosive Salts.png Explosive Salts
Jungle Logs.png Jungle Logs

Clover Shrine

Clover Shrine.png This shrine increases the Drop Rate of all characters on the same map.

Maxlvl: 100

Spontaneity Salts.png Spontaneity Salts
Rooted Soul.png Rooted Soul

Summereading Shrine

Summereading Shrine.png This shrine increases all EXP gains for all characters on the same map. Spontaneity Salts.png Spontaneity Salts
Flycicle.png Flycicle

Crescent Shrine

Crescent Shrine.png This shrine increases Crystal and Giant Spawn chance of all characters on the same map. Dioxide Synthesis.png Dioxide Synthesis
Void Ore.png Void Ore