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Trapping is a Hunter specialized skill in which the player places traps in specific locations scattered across all three worlds in order to catch critters and their shiny variants.

Getting Started

In order to start trapping, you need to have completed the quest "Pelt for the Pelt God" for the Lord of the Hunt and accept the quest "Frogecoin to the MOON!". This quest opens Hunting Season for Froge critters, allowing them to spawn in the Jungle Perimeter.

Each Lord of the Hunt quest allows the next critter to spawn somewhere in the world. Critters DO NOT SPAWN until you've opened their Hunting Season. Hunting Season quests are account-wide, so unlocking a critter trapping spot on one character unlocks it for all of your characters.

Trapping Mechanics

Once you have opened a critter trapping location and have a Trap Box Set equipped, you can begin trapping. Stand in an area where critters are spawning and tap the Place Trap.png button at the top left of your screen to select a trap and trap timer.

At first you will only have access to Cardboard Traps from the Frostbite Towndra Vendor. After collecting your first Poison Froge, you can craft Silkskin Traps which allows you to trap Shiny critters much easier and set down more traps at once. See Trap Efficiency for a comparison table of different traps and their bonuses.

Placing Traps

  • Each higher tier trap lets you place +1 more trap down than the trap before it. These extra traps can be placed down in the same area, or you can place them at different critter trapping locations.
  • The Call Me Ash equippable Alchemy Bubble also allows you to place +1 more trap. Unequipping the bubble will not remove extra traps which have already been placed down.
  • Equipping a higher tier trap allows you to place any lower tier trap down. Use the left and right arrows at the top of the trap placement UI to select which type of trap to place.

Collecting/Removing Traps

  • When collecting a trap, the critters fall on the ground at your character's feet instead of going directly into your inventory. Do not leave the area before looting them from the ground.
  • Collecting a trap manually removes it from the ground, it must be placed down again to trap more critters.
  • In order to move your traps to a new location, you must first remove them from their current location. Tap on a trap, then tap the Trash icon. You cannot remove traps remotely.

Collecting using Eagle Eye

  • Using the Hunter talent Eagle Eye Eagle Eye, you are able to collect and reset all traps for all characters remotely, giving partial trapping XP/critter quantity. Critters from all traps drop at the Hunter's feet.
  • Eagle Eye replaces all traps without removing them, which means that you can use the alchemy bubble Call Me Ash to place an extra trap on each character and not need to re-equip the bubble each time you collect traps.
  • Using the Talent Book Library to increase the max level of Eagle Eye is recommended to increase the quantity of XP and critters collected. Eagle Eye combined with the Poison Tincture Alchemy Vial lets you go past 100% collection rate, despite the description on the Vial.

Tips & Tricks

  • You can view how much time is left on your character's traps in Items > Skill Info > Trapping. Eagle Eye lets you view the timers for the traps of all characters on your account.
  • Certain trapping areas do not offer a lot of room to work with. Having lower movespeed makes it easier to place traps closer together.
  • Your trapping efficiency (and therefore QTY of bonus critters), EXP and Shiny Chance (from sources other than cards) are saved when you place down a trap.
    • This means that if your efficiency goes up and you want more bonus critters, you'll need to replace your traps.
    • This also means that if your efficiency goes down after you've placed your traps (resetting talents, unequipping traps/alchemy bubble/obols), you get to keep the values that were saved when you placed the trap!
  • Shiny Chance cards can be equipped during trap collection to boost your Shiny odds.
  • Trap timers will NOT progress if you are sitting on the Character Swap screen. If you are AFK on all characters, fully close the game.
  • If you do not have enough talent points on your Hunter for Eagle Eye alongside your normal build, it can be placed in a second Talent Preset. If you go this route, you must return to town and swap presets to collect traps.


Having low Trapping efficiency means you will get a baseline of 10 critters per 20 minute trap (this is increased by the QTY multiplier of the traps you place down). Base XP listed below is for the minimum amount of 10 critters and does not go up with bonus critters. Base Shiny Chance is per trap, and is not affected by quantity of critter or length of time, only Shiny-specific bonuses.

Name Img Base XP Base Shiny Chance Shiny Eff for Bonus Critters Location
Froge Froge.png 20 5% Poison Froge.png Poison Froge 35 Jungle Perimeter
Crabbo Crabbo.png 80 3% Mutant Crabbo.png Mutant Crabbo 400 Salty Shores
Scorpie Scorpie.png 250 2% Crescent Scorpie.png Crescent Scorpie 1,500 The Ring
Mousey Mousey.png 500 1% Nakeo Moleo.png Nakeo Moleo 3,500 Rats Nest
Owlio Owlio.png 800 0.6% Minervowl.png Minervowl 8,000 Hollowed Trunk
Pingy Pingy.png 1250 0.3% Eternal Lord of The Undying Ember.png Eternal Lord of The Undying Ember 15 K

The Stache Split
Bunny Bunny.png 1600 0.15% Purbunni.png Purbunni 45 K

Thermonuclear Climb
Dung Beat Dung Beat.png 2000 0.06% Jade Scarab.png Jade Scarab 100 K

Efaunts Tomb
Honker Honker.png 2500 0.02% Diamond Duck.png Diamond Duck 200 K

Wam Wonderland


Trap Box Sets
Name Image Level Speed Skillpower Str Agi Wis Luk Misc Slots Sell Price Source
Cardboard Traps Cardboard Traps.png Trapping Skill Icon.png1 4 Trapping Skill Icon.png4 2 1
Silver Coin.png 50
Frostbite Towndra Vendors, Pelt for the Pelt God
Silkskin Traps Silkskin Traps.png Trapping Skill Icon.png5 4 Trapping Skill Icon.png8 4 1
Silver Coin.png 6
Wooden Traps Wooden Traps.png Trapping Skill Icon.png15 4 Trapping Skill Icon.png13 7 2
Silver Coin.png 60
Natural Traps Natural Traps.png Trapping Skill Icon.png30 4 Trapping Skill Icon.png20 10 2
Gold Coin.png 1 Silver Coin.png 70 Copper Coin.png 15
Smithing, Recipe from Task Unlocks Tab 3
Steel Traps Steel Traps.png Trapping Skill Icon.png40 4 Trapping Skill Icon.png26 12 3
Gold Coin.png 1 Silver Coin.png 72 Copper Coin.png 83
Smithing, Recipe from Task Unlocks Tab 3
Trap Efficiency
Image Name Time Qty Multi XP Multi Shiny Multi Trap Efficiency
Cardboard Traps.png Cardboard Traps 20 Minutes 1x 1x QTY Eff: 3x/h

XP Eff: 3x/h

1 Hours 2x 2x QTY Eff: 2x/h

XP Eff: 2x/h

8 Hours 10x 8x QTY Eff: 1.25x/h

XP Eff: 1x/h

20 Hours 20x 15x QTY Eff: 1x/h

XP Eff: 0.75x/h

Silkskin Traps.png Silkskin Traps 20 Minutes 1x 2x QTY Eff: 3x/h
1 Hours 2x 4x QTY Eff: 2x/h
8 Hours 10x 16x QTY Eff: 1.25x/h
20 Hours 20x 30x QTY Eff: 1x/h
40 Hours 35x 50x QTY Eff: 0.88x/h
Wooden Traps.png Wooden Traps 3 Hours 5x 5x QTY Eff: 1.67x/h

XP Eff: 1.67x/h

60 Hours 50x 40x QTY Eff: 0.83x/h

XP Eff: 0.67x/h

5 Days 100x 80x QTY Eff: 0.83x/h

XP Eff: 0.67x/h

5 Days 200x 0x QTY Eff: 1.67x/h

XP Eff: 0x/h

Natural Traps.png Natural Traps 3 Hours 5x 5x QTY Eff: 1.67x/h
60 Hours 50x 80x QTY Eff: 0.83x/h
5 Days 100x 160x QTY Eff: 0.83x/h
20 Hours 1x 60x QTY Eff: 0.05x/h
Steel Traps.png Steel Traps 10 Hours 15x 12x QTY Eff: 1.5x/h

XP Eff: 1.2x/h

30 Hours 40x 30x QTY Eff: 1.33x/h

XP Eff: 1x/h

200 Hours 250x 200x QTY Eff: 1.25x/h

XP Eff: 1x/h