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Trapping is a skill Hunters specialize in wherein the player places traps in different maps to catch a variety of critters to be captured. These critters will only be visible upon unlocking them.

In order to start trapping, you first need to acquire a Trap Box Set. You can get one from the Lord of The Hunt quest Pelt for the Pelt God, but you should also buy traps from the vendor in Frostbite Towndra. Once you have equipped the trap, you can start trapping critters.

At first, you will only be able to trap Froges but once you have found your first Poison Froge you can turn it in to Lord of the Hunt in order to unlock the next trapping area. However, it's recommended to first craft the

Silkskin Traps.png Silkskin Traps
Silkskin Traps
Silkskin Traps.png
Silver Coin.png6
Level10ClassWarrior Classicon.pngMage Classicon.pngArcher Classicon.pngJourneyman Classicon.png
Skill Power8
Stats AGI Staticon.pngx4
MISCMax 2 Traps

, which allows you to trap Shiny critters much easier and also allow you to set two traps at once. Better traps allow you to set more traps as well as provide you to additional options for what to set. The questline is account wide, so you only need to unlock the critter areas on on one character.

Using the Hunter talent Eagle Eye, you are able to collect and reset all traps for all characters remotely, though this only gives partial trapping xp and critter quantity for each character. It also doesn't remove the traps when they're collected, which means that you can use the alchemy bubble Call Me Ash to place an extra trap on each player and not need to re-equip the bubble each time you collect the traps.

Longer traps generally give less efficient XP and less critters per hour. For the purpose of catching shinies however it's generally better to use a longer trap with a xShiny bonus. See Traps to find the most efficient option for what you are after. While 20 minute traps are the best for both XP and Qty, but unless you are willing to claim all the traps every 20 minutes, you might find yourself wanting to use other traps.

Base XP is for the minimum amount of 10 critters and does not go up with bonus critters. Aside from other trapping/skill xp bonuses, the only other thing that gives you more trapping xp is if a trap has an xp multiplier.

Name Img Base XP Base Shiny Chance Shiny Eff for Bonus Critters Location
Froge Froge.png 20 5%
Poison Froge.png Poison Froge
Poison Froge
Poison Froge.png
Silver Coin.png1
DescriptionEw, it's the living embodiment of that scam alt-coin crypto ripoff, 'Frogecoin Cash'
35 Jungle Perimeter
Crabbo Crabbo.png 80 3%
Mutant Crabbo.png Mutant Crabbo
Mutant Crabbo
Mutant Crabbo.png
Silver Coin.png20
DescriptionArgghgg, yershpend inall memuh knee!!... Yea, mutants can't speak very well, probably on account of the radiation poisioning and all that.
400 Salty Shores
Scorpie Scorpie.png 250 2%
Crescent Scorpie.png Crescent Scorpie
Crescent Scorpie
Crescent Scorpie.png
Copper Coin.png10
DescriptionThis chrome coloured scorpion came straight from the future! Fuuuutuuuuureee! FUUTUUURREE!!! SOMEONE DIRECT ME TO THE CAN OPENERRRR!!!!
1,500 The Ring
Mousey Mousey.png 500 1%
Nakeo Moleo.png Nakeo Moleo
Nakeo Moleo
Nakeo Moleo.png
Copper Coin.png3
DescriptionThis mole ain't got no fur! Ew, gross!! Disgusting even!!! What kind of wretched abomination has skin but no thick layer of fur??
3,500 Rats Nest
Owlio Owlio.png 800 0.6%
Minervowl.png Minervowl
Copper Coin.png3
DescriptionIt's a more expensive hoot, I guess. I ain't got no jokes for owls, they're too cool.
8,000 Hollowed Trunk
Pingy Pingy.png 1250 0.3%
Eternal Lord of The Undying Ember.png Eternal Lord of The Undying Ember
Eternal Lord of The Undying Ember
Eternal Lord of The Undying Ember.png
Copper Coin.png3
DescriptionBow before the destroyer of all that lies outside his domain, the ruler of the 8th dimension and all that it's flame encompasses, the bringer of light to the blind, and darkness to those who recite his title in full. ...ah crap.
15 K 15,000 
The Stache Split
Bunny Bunny.png 1600 0.15%
Purbunni.png Purbunni
Copper Coin.png3
DescriptionThe other bunny is brilliant... But I like this one more.
45 K 45,000 
Thermonuclear Climb
Dung Beat Dung Beat.png 2000 0.06%
Jade Scarab.png Jade Scarab
Jade Scarab
Jade Scarab.png
Copper Coin.png3
DescriptionOh I guess this one is a scarab, not a beetle. You can tell because of the way it is.
100 K 100,000 
Efaunts Tomb
Honker Honker.png 2500 0.02%
Diamond Duck.png Diamond Duck
Diamond Duck
Diamond Duck.png
Copper Coin.png3
DescriptionOne of the only beings strong enough to take on the Eternal Lord of the Undying Ember realm. Their battle would be legendary.
200 K 200,000 
Wam Wonderland

Trap Box Sets
Name Image Level Speed Skillpower Str Agi Wis Luk Misc Slots Sell Price Source
Cardboard Traps Cardboard Traps.png Trapping Skill Icon.png1 4 Trapping Skill Icon.png4 2 1
Silver Coin.png50
Frostbite Towndra Vendor, Pelt for the Pelt God
Silkskin Traps Silkskin Traps.png Trapping Skill Icon.png10 4 Trapping Skill Icon.png8 4 Max 2 Traps 1
Silver Coin.png6
Smithing, Recipe from Start
Wooden Traps Wooden Traps.png Trapping Skill Icon.png20 4 Trapping Skill Icon.png13 7 Max 3 Traps 2
Silver Coin.png60
Natural Traps Natural Traps.png Trapping Skill Icon.png30 4 Trapping Skill Icon.png20 10 Max 4 Traps 2
Gold Coin.png1 Silver Coin.png70 Copper Coin.png15
Smithing, Recipe from Tasks
Steel Traps Steel Traps.png Trapping Skill Icon.png40 4 Trapping Skill Icon.png26 12 Max 5 Traps 3
Gold Coin.png1 Silver Coin.png72 Copper Coin.png83
Smithing, Recipe from Tasks
Image Name Time Qty Multi XP Multi Shiny Multi Trap Efficiency
Cardboard Traps.png Cardboard Traps 20 Minutes 1x 1x QTY Eff: 3x/h

XP Eff: 3x/h

1 Hours 2x 2x QTY Eff: 2x/h

XP Eff: 2x/h

8 Hours 10x 8x QTY Eff: 1.25x/h

XP Eff: 1x/h

20 Hours 20x 15x QTY Eff: 1x/h

XP Eff: 0.75x/h

Silkskin Traps.png Silkskin Traps 20 Minutes 1x 2x QTY Eff: 3x/h
1 Hours 2x 4x QTY Eff: 2x/h
8 Hours 10x 16x QTY Eff: 1.25x/h
20 Hours 20x 30x QTY Eff: 1x/h
40 Hours 35x 50x QTY Eff: 0.88x/h
Wooden Traps.png Wooden Traps 3 Hours 5x 5x QTY Eff: 1.67x/h

XP Eff: 1.67x/h

60 Hours 50x 40x QTY Eff: 0.83x/h

XP Eff: 0.67x/h

5 Days 100x 80x QTY Eff: 0.83x/h

XP Eff: 0.67x/h

5 Days 200x 0x QTY Eff: 1.67x/h

XP Eff: 0x/h

Natural Traps.png Natural Traps 3 Hours 5x 5x QTY Eff: 1.67x/h
60 Hours 50x 80x QTY Eff: 0.83x/h
5 Days 100x 160x QTY Eff: 0.83x/h
20 Hours 1x 60x QTY Eff: 0.05x/h
Steel Traps.png Steel Traps 10 Hours 15x 12x QTY Eff: 1.5x/h

XP Eff: 1.2x/h

30 Hours 40x 30x QTY Eff: 1.33x/h

XP Eff: 1x/h

200 Hours 250x 200x QTY Eff: 1.25x/h

XP Eff: 1x/h