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In Legends of Idleon, there are many different items that help you in almost every aspect of the game. NOTE: Some items are in the game but not obtainable yet.

These items can be categorized as follows:

Steel Axe.png

Weapons - Different weapons for characters which increase stats and damage.

Copper Platebody.png

Armor - Includes Helmets, Shirts, Legs, Shoes, Rings, Pendants, Premium Hats, and Premium Chat Rings.

Old Hatchet.png

Tools - Tools for Skilling (for example pickaxes for Mining).


Food - Health food, Boost food (like potions), Golden food.

Spore Cap.png

Resources - Skilling materials, monster drops.

Scouting Report.png

Quest Items - Any quest specific drops.

Armor Upgrade Stone I.png

Upgrades - Capacity upgrades, Upgrade stones, Storage upgrades, Inventory upgrades, Anvil Expansions.

Power Statue.png

Statues - Give permanent buffs to characters which turn them in at the Town Marble.

Sword Stamp.png

Stamps - Give permanent buffs to all characters when turned in at Mr Pigibank.

Talent Point Reset Potion.png

Consumables - Various account and character consumables.

Crude Oil.png

Misc Items - If it doesn't fit anywhere else it's probably in here.


Trophies - Special equipment obtained through different means in the game. These trophies show up below the name of a character.

Bronze STR Obol.png

Obols - gives buffs to either one character or all characters, based on where it is equipped. Obols are unlocked by completing the Obol Altar quest.

Green Mushroom Card.png

Cards - Account collectibles that can be used to build decks with bonuses on each individual character.