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Worship is a World 3 skill in which Wizards specialize. It presents as a Tower Defence minigame. In this style, a portal will appear on an upper platform and spawn increasingly harder waves of units, which must be defeated before they reach the lower platform's Shrine.

You can either actively play the tower defence, or you can just press a 'Worship' button and get rewards based on your best performance. This means you can play it as much as you want, but you won't get left behind if you only want to play it a few times when you upgrade your towers or figure a better playstyle! For active gameplay, class abilities are not automatically engaged and must be manually cast even if otherwise automated.

To unlock the further Worship totems, you must reach the required Worship level. The first of these can be found in World 1, Forest Outskirts.

On early waves, multi-hit damage talents are helpful, but on later waves you'll be relying on towers to do enough damage. Some classes have active talents that can control the enemies in one form or another. Crowd control is always useful. See Class Usefulness


Totem Skill Req Charge Req Reward Area
Goblin Gorfest Goblin Gorfest Totem.gif 1 25 Forest Soul
Forest Soul.png
Forest Outskirts
Wakawaka War Wakawaka War Totem.gif 10 40 Dune Soul
Dune Soul.png
Up Up Down Down
Acorn Assault Acorn Assault Totem.gif 30 60 Rooted Soul
Rooted Soul.png
The Roots
Frosty Firefight Frosty Firefight Totem.gif 45 100 Frigid Soul
Frigid Soul.png
Rollin' Tundra


For each enemy killed by either you or your towers, points are earned to place and upgrade further towers. These are first unlocked via the Construction table in World 3 town. There are also various sources for starting points such as vials, cards and stamps, meaning you can immediately place and/or upgrade one or multiple towers.

Description Base Cost Traits
Pulse Mage Pulse Mage.png Zaps a single nearby monster. Has fast speed and low damage. ? +25 chance to multihit

Hits push back Non Gigao enemies by +5 pixels

Fireball Lobber Fireball Lobber.png Lobs exploding fireballs. Has medium speed and medium damage. 15% chance to throw 2 fireballs

20% bigger explosion radius

Boulder Roller Boulder Roller.png Rolls a boulder forward. Has slow speed and medium damage, but reliably hits multiple enemies Boulders travel 30% farther

Boulders can hit 2 more enemies

Frozone Malone Frozone Malone.png Casts a wave of freezing snow. Has slow speed, but can't stack it's effect with other Freeze towers. Freezing effect slows enemies +40% more

Monsters stay frozen +2 seconds longer

Stormcaller Stormcaller.png Smites enemies with lightning. Has super slow speed but high damage. 40% dmg to monsters above 50% HP

All towers in range gain 5% crit chance

Party Starter Party Starter.png Has no function other than its Trait Boosts Other towers in range get 25% speed

Monsters killed in range give +10% points

Kraken Cosplayer Kraken Cosplayer.png Summons eyeball defenders. Has slow speed, and it just keeps monsters away. +1 max underlings from this tower

Underlings push mobs back +25% farther

Enemy Types

Each Enemy during Worship can come in different sizes, ranks (skulls) and with different buffs (colors) Each corresponding to different health pools, speeds, and Special Properties

Enemy Rank

Ranks Skulls Health Scaling??
Normal Status Skull0.png
Copper Status Skull1.png
Iron Status Skull2.png
Gold Status Skull3.png
Platinum Status Skull4.png
Dementia Status Skull5.png

Enemy Size

Size Speed Health Notes
Zoomo High Speed Low health Fast but fragile and spawn in large groups
Normo Average Speed Average Health Typical enemy, whaddya expect?
Largo Low Speed High Health Can appear in boss waves.
Gigao Very Low Speed Very High Health Can't be knocked back with Pulse Mages Knockback Skill, Only appears in boss waves.

Enemy Color

Colors Special Properties
Grey Normal, your average mob.
Green Heals continuously when below 50% HP.
Red Applies a healing buff to nearby monsters when killed.
Blue Goes invincible for a short time after taking 5 hits.
Orange Explodes on death, stunning all nearby towers for a while.
Purple Teleports forward every time they are hit.

Class Usefulness

Class Description Talents
Hunter Good for crowd control and some multi-hit attacks.
Wizard Has some crowd control and some multi-hit attacks.
  • Ice Shards - Multi-hit, Slow. No benefit beyond lvl 1. Requires wand.
  • Floor Is Lava - Multi-hit. Higher lvl affects a wider area
  • Tornado - Multi-hit. Higher lvl makes tornadoes last longer
  • Fireball - Multi-hit. Limited area of effect.
Journeyman Limited crowd control and multi-hit.
  • Indiana Attack - Multi-hit. Pulls enemies towards the Journeyman. Higher level pulls more enemies at once.


Prayer Stone.gif

Unlock new prayers by reaching specific wave progression in the Worship Tower Defence. Prayers give both a Boost (like +% exp) and a Curse (like +% monster HP) at the same time. The number of Prayers you can equip at once is based on the level of your BEST wizard!

Big Brain Time

Big Brain Time.png

Bonus: +30% Class EXP
Curse: +250% Max HP for all monsters

Unlock: Wave 10 at Goblin Gorefest

Skilled Dimwit

Skilled Dimwit.png

Bonus: +30% Skill Efficency
Curse: -30% Skill Exp Gain

Unlock: Wave 25 at Goblin Gorefest

Unending Energy

Unending Energy.png

Bonus: +30% Class and Skill EXP
Curse: Max AFK time is now 10 hours

Unlock: Wave 51 at Goblin Gorefest

Shiny Snitch

Shiny Snitch.png

Bonus: Shiny Critters drop in bundles of 20 instead of 1.
Curse: Your Shiny chance is now x20 lower

Unlock: Wave 81 at Goblin Gorefest

Zerg Rushogen

Zerg Rushogen.png

Bonus: +10% AFK Gain Rate
Curse: -10% Carry Capacity

Unlock: Wave 121 at Goblin Gorefest

Tachion of the Titans

Tachion of the Titans.png

Bonus: Giant Monsters can now spawn on Monster Kill
Curse: Giant Monsters can now spawn...

Unlock: Wave 11 at Wakawaka War

Balance of Precision

Balance of Precision.png

Bonus: +30% Total Accuracy
Curse: -20% Total Damage

Unlock: Wave 31 at Wakawaka War

Midas Minded

Midas Minded.png

Bonus: +30% Drop Rate
Curse: +250% Max HP for all monsters

Unlock: Wave 71 at Wakawaka War



Bonus: +50% time candy chance every day, up to 7 days
Curse: -1000% AFK Gain Rate. Also you owe me 25 cents!

Unlock: Wave 121 at Wakawaka War

The Royal Sampler

The Royal Sampler.png

Bonus: +15% 3d Printer Sample Size
Curse: -30% All Exp Gain. Remove all samples to Unequip.

Unlock: Wave 21 at Acorn Assault

Antifun Spirit

Antifun Spirit.png

Bonus: +700% Minigame Reward Multi
Curse: Minigames cost 10 plays per attempt, or whatever you have.

Unlock: Wave 41 at Acorn Assault



Bonus: +30% chance for Giant Mobs to summon 2 Crystal Mobs
Curse: Crystal Mobs have +25% chance to rebirth on death.

Unlock: Wave 71 at Acorn Assault

Ruck Sack

Ruck Sack.png

Bonus: +30% Carry Capacity
Curse: -20% AFK Gain Rate

Unlock: Wave 131 at Acorn Assault

Balance of Pain

Balance of Pain.png

Bonus: +30% Total Damage
Curse: -150% Total Defence

Unlock: Wave 999 at Goblin Gorefest

Balance of Aggression

Balance of Aggression.png

Bonus: +30% Total Defence
Curse: -150% Total Accuracy

Unlock: Wave 999 at Goblin Gorefest

Beefy For Real

Beefy For Real.png

Bonus: +30% Max HP
Curse: -150% Max MP

Unlock: Wave 999 at Goblin Gorefest

Casting All Day

Casting All Day.png

Bonus: +30% Max MP
Curse: -150% Max HP

Unlock: Wave 999 at Goblin Gorefest

Worship Bonuses
Name Source Description
Worship Power Worship Skulls Increased Worship Efficiency and charge rate
Wisdom Stats Improves Efficiency for Worship
Smart Efficiency.png Smart Efficiency Mage Talent Improves the total efficiency of all specialized mage skills
Inner Peace.png Inner Peace Mage Talent Increases Exp Gain for all Specialized Skills
Charge Syphon.png Charge Syphon Wizard Talent (Active) Steal Charge from all your players and temporarily increase Max Charge
Sooouls.png Sooouls Wizard Talent Increased Worship Efficiency per log 10 Forest Souls
Bless Up.png Bless Up Wizard Talent Increased Worship XP gain
Nearby Outlet.png Nearby Outlet Wizard Talent Increased Charge rate
PurpleBubble12.png Call Me Pope Alchemy Increased Worship Charge Rate
PurpleBubble13.png Gospel Leader Alchemy Increased Max Charge per 10 Worship levels
Dune Soul Card.png Dune Soul Card Cards Increased Max Charge
Rooted Soul Card.png Rooted Soul Card Cards Tower Defence Starting Points
Frigid Soul Card.png Frigid Soul Card Cards Increased Max Charge
Chaotic Efaunt Card.png Chaotic Efaunt Card Cards Increased Skill XP
EhExPee Statue.png EhExpee Statue Statues Increased Skill XP
Twosoul Statue.png Twosoul Statue Statues Increased Worship Power
Flowin Stamp.png Flowin Stamp Stamps Increased Charge Rate
Banked Pts Stamp.png Banked Pts Stamp Stamps Increased Tower Defence Starting Points
7th Salt Lick Bonus Construction Increases points gained during Tower Defence from killing monsters

Worship Skulls
Name Image Level Speed Skillpower Str Agi Wis Luk Misc Slots Sell Price Source
Wax Skull Wax Skull.png Worship Skill Icon.png1 4 Worship Skill Icon.png4 0 0 2 0   1
Silver Coin.png50
Frostbite Towndra Vendor
Ceramic Skull Ceramic Skull.png Worship Skill Icon.png10 5 Worship Skill Icon.png8 0 0 4 0   1
Silver Coin.png12 Copper Coin.png50
Smithing, Recipe from Start
Horned Skull Horned Skull.png Worship Skill Icon.png25 5 Worship Skill Icon.png13 0 0 7 0   2
Gold Coin.png1 Silver Coin.png33
Prickle Skull Prickle Skull.png Worship Skill Icon.png35 6 Worship Skill Icon.png20 0 0 10 0   2
Gold Coin.png28 Silver Coin.png16
Smithing, Recipe from Tasks
Manifested Skull Manifested Skull.png Worship Skill Icon.png55 7 Worship Skill Icon.png26 0 0 12 0   3
Platinum Coin.png2 Gold Coin.png31 Silver Coin.png32
Smithing, Recipe from Tasks