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This page features all updates to Legends of Idleon that had patch notes following them, excluding all kinds of hotfixes and emergency patches. Most of the patch notes are taken directly from the #patch-notes Discord channel, with any and all typos and errors in messaging still in. If there's a clear error, like no capitalization or relating to grammar, feel free to edit!

Detailed Changelog
1.07 1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13
1.14 1.20 1.20b 1.21 1.22
1.22d 1.22e 1.23 1.23b 1.30

v1.31 - Party Fixer Upper (Not yet released)

  • Fixing a few minor bugs in Snake Dungeon
  • Fixing the rare "shadowban" bug, and un-shadowbanning those affected
  • Grandfrogger card (the crying Frog Boss dungeon card) will no longer crash your game
  • Fixing some dungeon inconsistencies (players reaching Frog Boss at different times, not being able to enter dungeon after completing a dungeon run)
  • Class Swap token will be reset in Gem Shop (it should've been reset upon v1.30 base release, I just forgot)
  • Indicators for people not on discord on where the party dungeons actually ARE in the first place...

Party Hat.png v1.30 - Party Dungeons (October 14, 2021)

Party dungeons!

  • Join a party of up to 10 people, and enter a dungeon together!
  • Fight monsters, complete tasks, and beat up bosses as a team!
  • SEE your party members actually attacking (i know, right? Seeing others fighting?? In Idleon??? YeeHAW!). Their damage also hurts monsters on your screen... you know, like an ACTUAL MMO!
  • Rogue-like gameplay! (Still Party Dungeons)
  • During your dungeon runs, you'll get random items that disappear at the end of the run (called RNG items). No two runs will be the same!
  • 48 different "RNG" items to find during dungeons runs, from basic + dmg items to crazy synergies that COMPLETELY change the way you play!
  • Collect :DungCredits1: during runs to 'permanently' upgrade these RNG items, as well as various other stats, so that you get slightly more powerful each run!
  • Equipment, enhancers, traits, and more mechanics are waiting within each dungeon!

160 Achievements to unlock!

  • Collect resources, do tasks, and achieve certain milestones, and you'll get rewards! Keep reading to see what kind of rewards you'll get!
  • Achievement rewards including unlocking more types of "RNG" items (you only start with 14 of the 48 unlocked at first!)
  • Rewards also include more daily Arcade Balls, and some minor QoL features like free boss teleports, and easy-access for various tedious things

(Ok, more like 110, since 50 of them are the already-existing "Steam Only" achievements)

New Equipment Type!

  • You can get this new equipment type from Party Dungeon shop. You can also get unique version of this equipment as a rare drop from Party Dungeon bosses!
  • There are 25 different keychains, each with semi-random stats! Min-maxers, this ones for you!

17 new Cards to collect

  • They're all dungeon cards -- 1 for each new mob, and 1 for each Boss Difficulty! That's 11 mob cards, and 6 boss cards, and they all are found in the new Dungeon Card Set!


  • Go visit the itty bitty clown in World 2 town to check out the arcade!
  • Launch balls to win prizes! You can even win this red hat, which you could wear during a Dev Stream and probably get a bunch of attention!
  • Collect balls every few hours -- many achievements will BOOST how quickly you can claim new balls, which is honestly super rad!
  • Upgrade a rotating assortment of permanent bonuses, like "+% Mining EXP" or even "+% sample size" (for all you world 3 chads). Upgrades will rotate every month or so, BUT YOU KEEP THE BONUSES (you just can't upgrade it any further until it rotates back in!)

Custom Title Screen Background

  • Using the picture button in the top-left of the "Title Screen" (where you select a player to start playing), you can choose a different background!
  • Unlock new backgrounds by completing certain Achievements!

Player Requests

  • Go kill King Doot, see what drops!

Balance Changes

  • Forge Upgrades now each have a max level. People who leveled these beyond the max level will be destroyed have their levels reduced down to the max level.
  • Chances to get "better" time candies (2hr, 4hr, 12hr) from the "AFK for 8+ hours" Star Sign have been DOUBLED
  • Defenders Dignity ring gives slightly less base DEF, but also now gives +4% total DEF
  • Changed gem & candy drop formula for Biggie Hours & Doot minibosses so that the poor get richer, instead of just the rich getting richer :happy~1:
  • Soul prices changed extremely, but NOT PERMANENTLY -- consider this me putting souls "on hold" until I decide exactly how their balancing should be

Bug Fixes

  • Collecting 21+ Dementia Coins will not longer make you lose all money. Sorry to the peak gamers out there who were already reaching this point, but your suffering ends here! ...not because I'm gonna kill u or anything I mean like the bug will be fixed 😅
  • Frozone Soul vial now correctly gives its intended bonus
  • Tundra log & Mosquisnow vials now correctly give their bonuses
  • Items in Chest with more than 9,999,999 quantity will now show in millions, like 35M instead of 35394264
  • Sampling bloodbones will no longer crash your game

BobJoePickle.png v1.23b - Inconsequential, Unimportant Update

  • BobJoePickle can once again be dropped at the cauldron
  • Tower Defence no longer has invincible monsters -- there were 2 causes of it, hence why the last fix didnt work
  • "dig" command now works for Treasure Hunt 1
  • Treasure Hunt 3 is now available! Treasure Hunt 4 is scheduled for next friday

Talent Point Reset Potion.png v1.23 - More Quality and Fixes

  • Talent Presets! - Tired of swapping between talent builds? Well, now you can make 2 and freely swap between them, without the use of Talent Reset potions!
  • You can now look at Player Stats (all those numbers to the Left of your Inventory) while looking at Talents! This way you can see the effect of talents when you put points into them!
  • Card Presets are added, these are saved locally.
  • You can now tap the "? Mark" on missing recipes in anvil to get a DIRECT HINT as to where you unlock it!
  • [PC ONLY] You can now press Spacebar, instead of clicking, for ALL minigames!
  • [PC ONLY] You can now press Enter to confirm a Split-Stack, instead of having to click "Confirm" button
  • All Quests (including Completed ones) are now sorted by both WORLD and NPC name alphabetically! Super navigable now!
  • Other players will no longer get in the way of essential things, like the Storage Chest or Anvil. i.e. Tapping on the chest will make you go to the chest even if other players are standing on it!
  • Stormcalled Wizard Tower's "A" trait is now "+% dmg to monsters below 50% hp", instead of above
  • BUG FIX: Some multi-hit talents were increasing skilling AFK gains (if you dont know what I mean, dont worry, this is a really new issue and didnt affect many people)
  • BUG FIX: 'Invincible' monsters in Tower Defense are no longer a thing.
  • Lv Req for MANY skill tools (pickaxe, hatchet, fishing rod, bug net) were lowered significantly!
  • Amarok's healing totem will NOT heal for a bit, just to give you some time to react & kill totem. ~ This one goes out to all the gamers out there who said it couldn't be done ;)
  • You can now Forfeit Tower Defence runs.
  • Colosseum Exit Portals are hidden until the run is over!
  • BUG FIX: Certain Steam Achievements were not completing (Miniboss ones & Quests), and will now retroactively complete.

Golden Dubloon.png v1.22e - Summer's gone and now I'm Sad and Confused

  • Ended the summer event. So long coastiolyte, and thanks for all the coolers!
  • Statues will correctly sync up when upgraded to gold. All players currently out of sync will also retroactively be synced up, so no worries there!
  • Buffed Jman Whip & Maestro Coin talents AFK multipliers (basically your Offline gains will go up for characters with those talents)
  • Passive talents that give +% multi hit now also boost your OFFLINE GAINS, as you'd expect they would! (double/triple jab & Warrior's Double Strike & Archer's Have Another!)
  • Mining rocks can no longer destroy them, so you can just sit at 1 rock all day long.
  • Added a Vial scrollbar, not only to make vials more navigable, but to make newer players understand that the vial section can be scrolled
  • "Avast, Bankruptcy Ho!" task, involving buying gold dubloons from the town shop, no longer resets itself every time you complete it. Basically, it's now a bit easier.
  • Buffed Chaotic Efaunt's rare drops (His obol) and (Royal Turban) by +300%, since it costs 5 keys to fight (this is already true for Amarok, I just forgot to do it for Efaunt)
  • Mman now has his family bonus (if you don't know what that means then dont worry about it)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug involved Party Starter / Stormcaller Wizard TD towers having their buffs cancel out when upgrading a different tower
  • Fixed a bug where Kraken Cosplayer Wizard TD would spawn 4 eyeballs, then completely stop, even when those eyeballs died.
  • Fixed a bug where Frozone Malone Wizard wouldn't freeze every monster within range, only the super close ones
  • Fixed a bug where a very small amount of players were stuck from unlocking new critters
  • Fixed a bug where Gospel Bubble (+% worship charge every 10 worship lvs) wasn't working as intended.
  • Fixed a bug where Wiki button in Options wasn't working on Steam
  • Fixed a bug where logging in during the tutorial would max the volume
  • Fixed efaunt bug where his head could be damaged in a weird way
  • Fixed a bug where kick + magic shortbow could be spammed
  • Fixed a bug involving an oddity surrounding stamp bonuses and playing on multiple accounts from the same device. Doesn't affect 99.9% of you.
  • Fixed a bug where you could kinda lock yourself out of Star Signs, or something involving making it harder to unlock that I'd rather people not mistakenly go through!
  • Fixed a bug where PC hotkeys could be pressed while playing a minigame, which would totally make things go bonkers and crash everything!
  • Fixed a bug where Wizard's "Mana is Life" talent wouldn't give its passive Mana Regen bonus all the time (it for some reason only worked when you had mana food equipped!)

Summer Cooler.png v1.22d - Last days of summer...

  • The 1st cooler you open each day now gives a previous event card! (in bundles of 5, so you will get one or two 3* cards by the end of the week if you get the same one repeatedly)
  • Statues can be upgraded to become Account Wide. This means you don't have to worry about who you deposit statues on IF you upgrade it to be account wide (which will actually be pretty easy, i think)
  • NPC tokens can now be stored in the NPC Token Bag! Just hold down on them! You can take tokens back out in the Storage Info tab (open up inventory, its the 3rd tab above your player stats)
  • Coastiolyte / oyster-cooler card require 80 for 3*, not 100
  • Several daily tasks & GP tasks are easier -- colosseum no longer needs to be completed, fishing/catching requirements lowered BIG time, and active-killing lowered
  • Boops and Dr. Def are fixed. This is my 4th attempt to fix them, but I'm very confident about this one. Also, I made them respawn with Shop Resets, just like every other daily thing in the game.
  • You can craft 1 'start talent reset potion' for 25 talent fragments at the anvil, using a new recipe you can get from Biggie Hours or efaunt (1 in 20)
  • Double-tapping on an equip in a locked slot in your inventory wont quick-equip it (also did you know you can double tap on equipment to quick equip? lol)
  • Recipes you've already used WILL NOT appear in drop-tables anymore in the codex, AND they won't drop on the ground either when youre fighting monsters! basically, they're completely removed from the drop table!
  • Fixed a bug where Non-combat talents would give you combat bonuses for afk. So yes, unfortunately your "3d printer" talent on your maestro will no longer give you more damage lol. I will be listening to feedback, as always, as to which classes got hit the worst by this, and if there are any bad ones ill be thinking about buffs!
  • Added COST CRUNCHER's bonuses! It now correctly lowers the material cost of all construction buildings!
  • EXP from fishing boosted by x2.5, straight up yo

Summer Shell.png v1.22c - Summer gonna last forever!

  • Mamooth Bag drop rate significantly improved. From 1/500k -> 1/125k
  • Blue mobs in TD will go invis for 3 seconds instead of 5
  • Increased the projectile speed of the Mage's fireball skill. Duration 2.7 -> 1.9 seconds & Speed 10 -> 15
  • Traps will be able to be placed closer together. (105 -> 95 pixel spacing)
  • 360 no scope buffed for Hunters (damage reduction from hitting lots of monsters at once is less reduction-y
  • Salt Lick class exp upgrade will now also give skill exp
  • Buffed the card drop chance for catching related cards (anywhere from +50% rate to +100% rate depending on the fly type)
  • Buffed the Worship cards
  • Buffed bubble #15 for each Alchemy Cauldron (the -% cost for other bubbles ones)
  • Boss Obols buffed (some extra stats)
  • More Reset Frags in shops
  • The Poison Tincture vial (shiny froge) vial is now 3x as effective
  • Changed required level for Void-grade carry capacity bags
  • Adjusted candy constellation (15% for 8+ hours, instead of 20% for 10+ hours -- more in line with yall jobbies out there)
  • Weekly GP task from 45 6+ hr -> 35 5+ hr
  • 7 Figure Follower drops added to W2 & W3 drop tables! It's still the hardest quest in the game
  • Minigame lag GREATLY reduced! :game_die:
  • If your Alchemy Cauldron Levels get reset (just the boosts, bubbles are fine), they'll partially recoup their previous levels.
  • Boop & Dr. Defecaus respawn timers should always work from now on
  • :STAR: Fixed the "+1 slot" post office box upgrade not working -- sorry for the long wait! I genuinely wasn't aware of this fully until recently!
  • Portal in Wode Board forest map is no longer overlapping with the rope!
  • Trees in W2 & W3 will now drop their respective leaves outside the minigame, same as how W1 currently does
  • Fireball towers will miss less often/no longer
  • Traps will be able to be placed closer together. (105 -> 95 pixel spacing)
  • Frozone Malone Building level boost is being improved. It will now also offer +1.5% range bonus per level
  • Star Bangled Bookworm daily is now 1 instead of 2 checkouts
  • Collect Cogs from Quick Ref
  • Up-Up-Down-Down (Moons Map) spawn point moved to the Fruit Flies, better afk for your poor little catcher
  • No longer overwrite your previous Sample if the new one is smaller
  • Fixed a bug in salt-lick where sometimes the wrong costs would be displayed (was just display, couldn't be exploited)

Beach Oyster.png v1.22b - The Summer Fixer Upper!

  • You will no longer be allowed to combine boss obols. This didn't do anything before, and wasn't meant to be possible.
  • The "Obol Destruction Chance" feature is removed for Gold & Platinum obols. Also, the chance has been reduced for Copper & Silver.
  • Old Destruction Chances (Copper to Plat): 11%, 10%, 9%, 8%
  • New Destruction Chances (Copper to Plat): 10%, 5%, 0%, 0%
  • Daily event quests will properly reset every day. Those of you affected by the bug will start seeing your quests unbugged upon daily reset occurring. Actually... I'll do ya one better -- people affected by this bug will see the quests reappear IMMEDIATELY upon updating :]
  • 2nd Coastiolyte Summer Event quest -- kill 20 Dougs & 10 Blueberries -- is now Kill 12 dougs & 5 Blueberries!
  • "Live on Twitch!" will no longer cover up the 'Place a Trap' button
  • Dazey is now female, as was intended
  • Plasti-Doug Event mob now requires 0 accuracy to hit. This was the intention initially, big sorry to those who have been missing!!!
  • Capital letters should be more responsive when chatting on PC in game
  • Fixed an issue where the 'behemoth' of the fishing minigame would NOT be caught if you also landed on a bomb. Now such an occurrence will rightfully result in a catch.
  • Damage numbers when dealing damage (they pop up above the monster) will correctly display over 999999 damage, up to 9999999!
  • Added a :regional_indicator_q: logo next to quests that are IN your quest helper. Easier to organize your helper now!
  • Added several more Hint Messages to the chat box

Coastiolyte Card.png v1.22 - Summer Event!

  • Obol Rerolling / Combining. TONS of new obols coming with this as well, as well as more variations/rarities of older obols!
  • W2 questlines are ALL DONE! There's 13 more, including the 'final' quest from Cowbo Jones, which lets you craft the YumYum Trophy!!
  • 3rd liquid cauldron now unlockable!
  • More Alchemy Liquid Shop items! You know, those shelves with 9 items on them to spend liquid on? Theres more now! REQUIRES YOU TO UNLOCK 3RD LIQUID TYPE
  • Secret trophy, somewhere... only the most skilled will earn it
  • Maestro, whatever that means. Some sort of mustache?

Player Request

  • Cog Stat Display now shows up for cogs in your inventory as well!
  • Total Guild GP now shown in full. Will show, for example, 1,235,567 / 1,273,233 instead of 1.23M / 1.27M
  • If you hold down Shift on PC to drop items, there is now a red warning! This way, you wont accidentally do this (or if it triggers without you realizing)
  • 160 more worlds added (like server rooms)
  • "Server World Favoriting" added, so every time you log in, you go straight to that server world! Great for guilds with a 'home world'!
  • Constellation completion #'s added to Star Sign UI. This shows how many of a world's constellations youve done, so you know when youve done 'em all and theres no more to look for!
  • Codex "Quest In Progress" is COLOUR CODED! So all Blunder Hills quests have a 'green circle' bullet point, Yumyum desert quests have a 'yellow triangle' bullet point, and W3 has a 'blue square' bullet point!
  • Your player will auto-cast buffs a few seconds BEFORE they run out, instead of waiting for after they run out. This way, buffs are always on!
  • Inventory Bag A is now a part of that one merit reward, where if player 1 has the bag, so does everyone else.

Balance Changes

  • Players get Construction Exp while producing cogs! This not being the case was indeed not a bug, but I have seen lots of confusion/'why tho' remarks about it, and I agree!
  • Fish Costs for various T2 anvil equipment reduced (namely Bloach costs and Jellyfish costs)
  • Defenders dignity is WAY easier to make, and gives more defence
  • 3d Printer now costs 875. If you bought it previously, you HAVE been refunded the extra gems you spent to buy it :]

Bug Fixes

  • Items in locked slots CAN BE USED! (namely town teleports)
  • Kills in the Tyson map (the boxing steaks) will work now if you have scorpie critters unlocked
  • Cog boosts are now Additive, not multiplicative. In other words, two "+50% build rate" cogs would result in +100%, not +125%
  • Infini-stacking using food slots no longer works
  • +2% critter shiny chance from completing that one task now works
  • The "Hard Resources" set bonus now fully works
  • Hunter traps will ALWAYS be placed on a platform with monsters on them (except for the 1st trap, that one is always placed at your feet, thats intentional). If there are no monsters around, theyll be placed on your platform, because youre a monster >:]
  • Monsters with a purple skull (or higher ranked skull) in tower defence will give proper amount of points! Before, they were giving white-skull points lol...

Frigid Soul.png v1.21 - W3 Tasks & Merits

  • World 3 Tasks & Merit shop now open! Go talk to Iceland Irwin, and get him some melty cubes to start!
  • Telekinetic Storage (available in the World 3 Task Merit Shop) -- Deposit inventory items to your storage FROM ANYWHERE!
  • 4th Tower Defence totem added -- Frosty Firefight! :Soulface:

Player Requests

  • Quick ref added for Star Signs & Construction!
  • Item Locking! You can now lock slots in your inventory so you won't ever accidentally drop / sell / deposit them to chest!
  • Cog Stat Display! You can now toggle between "Build Rate", "Player Bonus %", and "Flaggy Rate", to see the stats of each cog without having to click on them. You can also turn this off no problem!
  • Slight changes in appearance made to Red/Orange salt to help colourblind players -- let me know if it's still an issue!
  • When a Wizard Tower during TD can be upgraded, an arrow will appear above it letting you know!
  • Construction Status Display! Shows you if a building needs to be 'upgraded' (green / grey arrows) or 'built' (no arrow at all). Turn it on with the HUD button in the top-right of the "Build Tab" in Construction!

Balance Changes

  • Adjusting a few talent's damage bonuses:
  • [PRECISION POWER] now functions off Refinery Lvs. It should be equal in power to other classes '+% DMG" talents
  • [APOCALYPSE ZOW] nerfed slightly, down 1-2% per trigger
  • [LOOTY MC SHOOTY] ignores gem shop items from the list of all items found (technically a nerf for some players)
  • [VIRILE VIALS] nerfed to about 90% its initial value. So 300% may now be like 270%
  • [PAPERWORK, GREAT...] buffed
  • Refinery is easier to Rank up!
  • Ranking up Refinery is more efficient -- in other words, costs go up slower each rank up, and you make more salts per cycle per rank up!
  • [Eagle Eye], the hunter talent, now gives 70% critters and 60% exp when using, instead of 50% critters and 40% exp!
  • ALL wizard towers stats buffed! They're faster, do more damage, and cheaper to upgrade during tower defence! Well, except for pulse mage, he didn't need buffing at all.
  • ALL wizard towers are easier to build in construction! At least, they require less materials to build (like fireball takes less Froges, Boulder takes less Iron Bars, you get the point. Again, Pulse Mage didn't get made easier, he's already ez enough!
  • Cost Reduction bubbles of each colour give less of a reduction in cost. In other words, they aren't as good now.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where AFK gains wouldn't be given if you minimized/locked your game and came back later.
  • OBOL SLOTS FIXED!! No more red "ERROR" slots, or draggable grey squares!
  • Fixed bug where Shrines & Prayers sometimes give their bonuses 1 map too late.
  • Faulty Kill Requirements in world 3 were reset. This will not rollback any of your legitimate kills, it only takes away 'illegitimate' ones. Most of you will never even know this happened -- but yes, this is why those kills in Death Note World 3 are now gone.
  • Fixed bug where some aspect of 'Bonus Critter EXP' isnt functioning as intended. Fixed a few other Trap-related bugs too.
  • Jman talent for EXP now works for the new skills
  • All ore samples have been removed from the printer, just this 1 time-- Just sample them again, sorry about this!
  • Library books that 'dont work' are now clearly labeled and cannot be obtained. The old library books people still have will continue to not work btw, sorry.
  • Fixed a bug where the Carry Capacity shrine would allow for infinistacking.
  • Fixed various exploits, and rolled back some impossible talents for Alpha Testers
  • Fixed some card bonuses not being applied correctly

Redox Salts.png v1.20b - Day 1 bug fixes!

  • Efaunt Bug - "shields stay up" should be fixed.
  • The salt costs for Construction upgrade will be 100% correct
  • Giant Monsters now spawn correctly if you are using the right Prayer
  • The new Stamps & Statues will now work
  • Starting "Worship Points" will now work.
  • Distilled water (the item, used in Equipment Crafting) now drops from World 3 Monsters rarely!
  • Ability to print the same material in 2 slots at once, on the same character.
  • Card sets will be based off of 'total' card level within set, not 'get all cards to that level'
  • Excogia glitch fixed --> used to give +20% "everything" build rate, now its gives +5%, like it says its meant to give.
  • Ore-to-Bar costs changed: Gold: 8 -> 7 Platinum: 20 -> 16 Dementia 50 -> 40 Void 125 -> 100
  • Platinum tools are slightly easier to make in Anvil
  • Wave 30 "Goblin Gorefest" is easier to win
  • "Wakawaka War", all waves are a tiny bit easier to win
  • "2nd alchemy slot" bribe now works as intended

Froge.png v1.20 - WORLD 3 IS NOW OPEN!

  • An entire world full of 14 new monsters, 11 new NPCs, and maybe even a secret or two ;]

New skill: Trapping

  • NEW TOOL TYPE: "Trap Box Set" --> Better Trap Box Sets give access to more unique types of traps to set
  • Trap 9 unique Critters! Each one also has a shiny variant, which you'll need to capture to discover the next critter type
  • Each character sets their own traps! Also, you can 'mass collect' from all traps (you'll get less resources), so you don't have to spend 10 minutes every day running around collecting all traps manually. You WILL want to do this for your 'trapping' main though!

New skill: Construction

  • Build 27 unique Buildings!
  • There are 9 "utility" buildings that help general gameplay (3d printer, talent book library, etc).
  • There are also 9 "Wizard Defenders", used for Worship.
  • The last 9 are "Shrines", which you custom place on any map in the game, and it boosts a certain stat -- you can also LEVEL UP shrines by afk-ing on their map! But if you move the shrine, you'll remove all its EXP to next level (so you don't constantly move them around)
  • Cog System! Make different cogs, and place them on your Cog Board to increase your "build speed" for Construction! You can make your Cog Board bigger with Flags, and things get crazy as your board gets bigger and your Cogs get 'Surrounding' Effects!

New skill: Worship

  • Place towers to fight off endless waves of mobs! Get far enough, and you'll unlock another place to play tower defence at! There are 6 places in total, with the 1st one being located at the Goblin map
  • You can either actively play the tower defence, or you can just 'auto' do it, and get rewards based on your best performance. This means you can play it as much as you want, but you won't get left behind if you only want to play it a few times!


  • 3d printer: Collect samples of resources, and bring them to the printer to automatically produce them! The Quantity Produced is based on your actual AFK gains at the time of taking the sample!
  • Refinery: Automatically uses up materials in your chest to produce Refinery Salts, which you need for construction :carpentry_saw: .
  • Prayers: Unlock new prayers by getting really far in Worship Tower Defence. Prayers give both a Boost (like +% exp) and a Curse (like +% monster HP) at the same time. The number of Prayers you can equip at once is based on the level of your BEST wizard!
  • Talent Book Library: Be a middle schooler again, and check out books from the library! Be even MORE a middle schooler by never returning these books, and instead using them to increase your talent levels!
  • Death Note: Youll have to unlock it yourself to see what it does!
  • Salt Lick: Youll have to unlock it yourself to see what it does!

New Content for OLD STUFF

  • Character slots 8 / 9 now open!
  • 18 new stamps
  • 55 new T3 anvil recipes
  • 20 new alchemy bubbles
  • 20 new alchemy Vials
  • 5 new statues

Player Requests

  • Added MORE STORAGE SPACE! -- There are 100+ more slots to unlock in game!
  • Speccius now gives you your subclass no matter what --> This is for people who never talked to Promotheus and have been locked out of a subclass... sure, I may be disappointed in you guys, but that doesn't mean I'm not here for you! lol
  • Overkill Mechanic -- No more 'hard cap' on the amount of monster parts you can get per hour! Once you build the overkiller in Construction, you'll start getting BONUS materials from monsters if you do a bunch of damage!

Balance Changes

  • World 2 monsters are easier to kill -- less accuracy required to hit, and they deal less damage
  • Lots of Tier 3 (Gold) and Tier 4 (Platinum) items are WAY EASIER to craft in the anvil.
  • Mining Efficiency needed for most ores was reduced (10-20% lower)
  • Djonnut's quests are MUCH easier -- If you are currently trying to do a Djonnut quest, FORFEIT IT to get the new requirements
  • "Dig Doug" card now drops 1000x more often! Yes, 1000 times, so you can finally level it up! (Not even joking, literally straight up x1000)

Bug Fixes

  • No more Negative money glitch, or wonky post office shenanigans!
  • Ores & Oil can now be freely taken out of the Forge

Egggulyte Card.png v1.14 - EASTER and Quality Improvements! (April 9th 2021)

  • EASTER EVENT -- Go Play it until APRIL 20th!
  • New Gem-Shop Easter Bundle -- buy it so I can sponsor big youtubers and give them a break from shouting out raid!
  • Adding 32bit compatibility
  • 4 new star talents! Go to Merit Shop in Tasks to see what I'm talking about!
  • Fixing the lack of Reset Fragments available in the Desert Town shop
  • Changing Post Office requirements to scale off of STREAK instead of Completion #
  • Several key Talents fixed/changed -- shaman virile vials (slight decrease), wizard stamps (decent increase), squire damage (doubled), 360 snipe (decent increase), uwu rawr (slight decrease), veins of immortal (big increase), crystal auto jman (no more auto requirement), looty mc shooty (decent increase), exp convert darnit (decent increase)
  • Double clicking on an equipment will equip it
  • Shift and click on an item to drop it (on PC/Steam versions only)
  • Keyboard shortcuts for Attacks ---> Q opens attacks, #1~#6 cast attacks
  • Re-arranged some Maps, so that you don't spawn on Small platforms or near portals --> Slimes, Snakes, Sewer Poops, Birch log choppin, Both tree interiors, sand giants
  • Afk & afk-claim info will now have COMMAS
  • Several Mouse Scrolls added to PC (maps/codex tabs)
  • adding a Sell Price to various Stamps, Storage Chests, and Inventory bags, to allow players to profit off of accumulating multiple of these
  • Adding volume options in the tutorial

Efaunt Helmet.png v1.13 - Steam Release & QoL stuff (April 2nd 2021)

  • Game now available to play on Steam! Your Android Save will transfer back and forth to Steam no problem.
  • Music and Sound Effects added, with volume sliders to adjust volume

• Boss 2 equipment now available -- unlock it at the Desert Merit Shop in the Tasks window! • Chaotic Efaunt can now be fought! Have fun being kicked to death noob lol • You can now teleport between worlds. No need to teleport back to town, run to a different world, then teleport within that world! Just go straight from A -> B! • Card Sets! -- Collect an entire category of cards to unlock its set! Level up the set by leveling up every card within the set! • Storage Chest added to Quick-Ref • Blunder Hero Trophy Now Craftable! -- You can now collect ALL required tokens, and resources, to craft the newest Trophy! It'll be tuff tho, big time tuff! • While crafting at the anvil, you can click on ingredients that also are crafted at the anvil to go to THAT item's recipe, then click "Return" to go back to the initial item you were looking at. • "Repeat Bossfight" button added • 9 new storage slots -- buy them in town shops! • You can enable AFK timers for your characters on the Main Menu • Forge Cards added, Amarok Obol added, Archer arrows move faster, T4 Weapons are 33% easier to craft, 500 QTY mat/food bags 30% easier to craft, "Unclaimed GP notification" enabled • You now get at least 1 daily teleport • 52 Steam Achievements -- earn gems by completing achievements, only available if you're playing on Steam.

Gem.png v1.12 - Minor QoL improvements & $5 Bundle! (March 1, 2021)

  • $5 pack -- will give 250 gems a day for 5 days (this used to be 7, but that was just way way way too OP for $5 pack. even at 5 days, it's still 100% the best offer the game will ever have for $5), and a few candies and a card pack
  • No more 40 anvil crafts/second cap. Will go up to infinity/sec, so long as you keep making them
  • Quick-ref for Alchemy
  • Hold down on "Decant" to boost Liquid Cauldrons. No need to tap 100s of times
  • Djonnut will 100% always drop his keys
  • Loveulyte quest chain wont randomly auto complete each day without giving rewards
  • Cookin' Roadkill (Bubble Purple-8 ) in alchemy will now ALSO give +% time and -% cooldown bonuses -- before it just gave the +% alchemy exp and +% buff duration
  • Cranium Cooking skill will now show you your total # of alchemy AFK seconds gained during usage when it expires
  • Golden carry capacity bags (made in T2 of anvil) will now show to be more Gold in your personal bag showcase
  • Jankiness of potato map fixed (heart slimes not disappearing after dying, player randomly stops fighting while AFK is on)
  • "See baba yaga" and "die from World 2 boss's most deadly attack" Daily Tasks now register as complete when u do the things

Loveulyte Card.png v1.11 - Valenslimes Day Event (February 24, 2021)

  • Fixing constant crash-loop error
  • Added Loveulyte and a bunch of pretty pink stuffs
  • Fixing error where Reroll (on any class) currently erases 99% of gains.
  • Fixing error where GP board shows 9 "Kill 300 monster" claims, instead of actual claims
  • Fixing crash error when trying to invite someone to guild by pressing the orange [Guild] button after 2x clicking on them
  • Made Journeyman whip faster & more range (+20%)
  • When starting the game, your Guild Chat will show you Chat History for the last 30 minutes (before, it only showed chat that occurred after starting up the game)
  • You can now Buy All from shops if, while holding down on the [+] button, you drag your cursor to the right-edge of the screen

Guild Giftbox.png 1.10 - GUILDS ARE HERE!

New Content

  • Create your own guild, or join some elses, and complete daily/weekly tasks for Guild Points (GP).
  • Guild leaders can spend GP to unlock PERMANENT BONUSES for everyone in the guild -- Weapon Power, AFK Gain %, drop rate, Stats, Weekly Presents, and 9 other types!
  • The more GP you earn as a guild, the higher your Guild Level! As you Level Up, the max number of people allowed in your guild grows! You'll start at a max of 30, and can grow it to 150 players!
  • Compete to be the BEST guild! Every week, I'll update the Guild Leaderboards with the TOP 5 guilds (based on total GP).
  • Roleplay as a Discord Mod as you promote and demote your fellow guild members based on how you feel day by day!
32 new Star Signs... yea, those things you forgot existed!
  • Using the Telescope at the top of the Great Tree in Blunder Hills, you can align with new Star Signs in the Chronus Solar System!
  • To unlock new Star Signs, you need to find and complete Constellations. You can find Constellations all across the game, for example there is one in the top-right of the Blunder Hills town tree!
Unfinished Classes, now less Unfinished!
  • Squire, Hunter, and Wizard will now have their first 10 talents! They'll get the other 4 later, since those are related to World 3 Skills.
  • Everyone will get 3 Sub-class change potions, to remedy the delay in releasing these classes
  • 7th character slot now available! Just press the yellow arrow in the bottom right corner.


  • You know those "Power of 10" bonus displays for some talents? I added those but for other talents that go up linearly based on something else (like speedna, Apoc ZOW, green vial, etc)
  • Two new statues added -- Bullseye and Beholder. I wonder what they do? wait, YOU wonder what they do lol
  • Every account with 3+ characters upon update release will get 3 sub-class reset tokens and 5 Post-Office box reset boxes ALL FOR FREE. (Note for future readers -- these were given due to bugs & class delays respectively -- so new accounts have no reason to be given these)
Gem shop additions
  • Talent Reset Potion (150 gems) [1 per day]
  • Star Talent Reset Potion (200 gems) [1 per day]
  • Sub-class reset Token (500 gems) [2 per MAJOR UPDATE. These are only here for people who desperately want to change due to mistakes/accidental taps]
  • Post-Office Box reset box (250 gems) [1 per day]
  • Premium Stone Refunder (30 gems) - Use on a premium item to get back the stones you used, so you can use them somewhere else. Does nothing on normal items
  • Hat Premiumifier (250 gems) - Use on a normal hat to turn it into a premium hat. It will NOT keep its normal stats. This way you can wear your bad-but-cool hat, and also your powerful-butt-ugly hat.

  • Statue EXP descriptions will now say Quantity instead of %. For example, 17/34 instead of 50%! This way you actually know how many statues u need, and you can always look at how full the bar is for a percent!


  • Kill requirements in the Tree maps lowered, and Branch/Acorn monsters nerfed slightly
  • The W2 task for "Post Office Order Current Streaks" is changed to just track "Post Office Orders Completed"
  • Accuracy requirements to hit monsters in the tree lowered.
Statue drop rates changed
  • Chopping statues [earned from ores]: -30%
  • Mining statues [earned by choppping tree]: +25%
  • Oceanman statues [earned from catching bugs]: +70%
  • Ol' Reliable statues [earned from fishing]: +45%

  • Monsters inside the Giant Tree dont drop Move-Speed statues. Instead, they drop the new Accuracy statues. Monsters in world 3 will drop move speed statues
  • Jman coin attack changed to whip -- coin attack will be in class after jman
  • Loominadi's "Alch Vial" quest rewards buffed
  • Copper Pickaxes now have 2 starting upgrade slots (will affect current pickaxes)
  • That one piggy quest where u need to kill hella mobs in like 0.01 seconds will give you a few extra seconds to complete
  • Golden Meat Pie now gives +66% more DEF than it used to (so if your stack used to give 10 DEF, it will give 17 DEF instead)
  • Made the purple tutorial mushrooms more animated to manipulate trick convince more starting players to not quit immediately


  • (Hopefully) reduced lag a lot on low-end devices (changed how calculations are performed in code)
  • The following Talents now work: Sizzling Skull [Shaman], Sharing Some Smarts [Shaman], Tenteyecle [Shaman], Those potion looking talents [Barbarian, Bowman, Shaman]
  • No more negative shipment streak for Tasks
  • Dragging on items disables movement so you can't loot some items then accidentally go in portal (this was always meant to be a thing, but apparently it didnt quite work)
  • You wont randomly start with 15 hp anymore
  • Giftmas Blobulyte quests will be gone from the quest helper
  • You can manually add quests to the helper even if 'auto add quests to helper' option is off
  • When you make a new character, your Post Office Box upgrades won't randomly copy over from a different character of yours
  • Everyone will get 5 Post-Office Box Reset items, to remedy the above bug
  • Big Pick wont ignore Mining EXP multiplier
  • Catching Net's speed will actually affect your catching speed now, instead of having 0 impact for some reason
  • Jman can now complete promotheus's 'select a class' quest

Bolt Cutters.png v1.07 - Secrets (January 22, 2021)

New Content

  • Added Bolt Cutters
  • Two new Piggy NPC's added, each with 3 quests!
  • 16 new stamps added, some obtained from the new Piggy NPCs, some from monster drops and stuff
  • Death wish ring
  • Snakejar & Djonnut NPC's now have actual questlines, the latter of which gives EFAUNT KEYS! yay!
  • 4 new unique statues to collect
  • Two secret minibosses. Neither are that hard to figure out, so try to find them without looking them up in the wiki first for maximum fun!
  • Colosseum master NPC added to Yum-Yum Colosseum

Player Requested Features

  • QUICK REF! -- Lets you look at various things from ANYWHERE IN THE GAME!
  • Anvil (check recipe ingredients and amounts)
  • Tasks (see AND COMPLETE tasks!)
  • Post office (see what orders/amounts of items needed to complete them, and which box upgrades you have)
  • Obols (see which ones you have equipped)
  • Stamps you already own will say so in red text. This way you won't clog up your inventory with stamps you're not sure you have or not
  • If you don't complete a post-office order for 3+ days, you are given the option to refresh the order for free. This will NOT happen if you have shields from silver pens on the order.
  • Card Info now shows monster Accuracy Required for 50% hit, instead of family kills (which was bugged anyway lol)

Balance Changes

  • Crafting anvil items will give decent exp, according to their smithing lv required to make them
  • Papua Piggea NPC (tiki pig) quest no longer requires Fishing Rod Stamps. YOU MUST FORFEIT AND RETAKE THE QUEST TO SEE THIS CHANGE
  • +4 Storage slots AUTOMATICALLY ADDED -- also, I added a quest with a 5 slot chest reward
  • Boosting stats in Cauldrons now requires MUCH less. I.e. Level 1 used to require ~11, now its like 2 lol
  • All misc stamps will be set to lv 0, and you will lose your max lv upgrades. This is because the cost was previous copper ore, which was my filler cost. They now have REAL costs and won't have their level reset again.
  • Drop chance will no longer multiplicatively effect rare drop tables, this was never intended either
  • Goldric's "Gift" quest now requires you to find a Golden Poop instead of any 'level up gifts', since that's actually what he wrote on his letter to Santa last year!
  • Nerfed Strafe talent by -20% movement speed at lv 100
  • Buffed Speedna talent. It gives the same +% damage, but every 15% move speed instead of every 25% move speed
  • EXCESS Talent Points purchased from the Alchemy Liquid Shop in a previous update will be removed, so you may have negative talent points. If you don't know what excess means here, then don't worry this won't affect you, the people who did this know what I mean lol
  • [Puglists Demise - Ring] (from Town shop) will NOT GIVE ANY WEAPON POWER anymore. Instead, it will give +4% boss damage (instead of +3%)
  • The blue material pouch will now cost an assortment of rare items (15 in total), instead of 15 glass shards. This way less things to spend glass shards on lol
  • [Inventory Bag G] drop rate changed from 1 in 1,000,000 --> 1 in 250,000
  • [Carrot Horror Pendant] nerfed from 0/3/8/0 -> 0/2/5/0
  • Boosting Liquid Cauldrons called 'Decanting' now requires WAY less liquid. like, wayyy less. Orders of magnitude less lol
  • "No Pain No Gain" Talent changed to double FINAL monster damage. This means if you usually take 0, 10, or 100 damage, you will now take 0, 20, or 200 damage if you have this buff active
  • TONS OF SKILL EXP BUFFED --> Iron, Gold, Tropilogs, Toilettree, Stumptree, and the last 3 types of flies!
  • This isn't a balancing note, I'm just putting this to say WOAH ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ THAT'S A BIG BUFF!!!
  • Lots of Post-Office orders now scale WAY less. Notice how as you complete more orders, the QTY requires goes up pretty quickly? Now it won't go up so quickly!

Bug Fixes

  • The "Claim" button will NEVER go off screen again, no matter how many items you get while away.
  • The +% EXP CONVERT bonus from cards will now work
  • Chest Split-Stacking will now work in ALL tabs (before, it wouldn't work in your last chest tab)
  • "Weapon Power" type foods now work
  • Anyone with the "OilBar" bug (you know who you are) will have that fixed upon updating.
  • Speccius will let down his rope for those affected by the Rope Bug, and this bug will not occur in the future either.
  • "Boost Req Reduction" bonus from the P2W alchemy tab will now work.
  • No more floating in Frog Fields lol
  • 100k kill requirement for [Apocalypse Zow] Warrior talent now matches up with the kills shown in Cards! Basically, as soon as the card codex says you've killed 100k, you're good now!
  • Several exploits patched. nothing major, but be warned that one day I'm gonna start dunking on accounts if theres ever an exploit thats really bad
  • The AFK gain from the watch ring now works
  • Fixed the AlchemySpeed/EXP bonuses from Post Office Boxes.
  • Auto while chopping won't make you go fight monsters
  • Changing options on 1 character will change them for all characters
  • Quest forfeit timer will no longer start at 60 seconds, meaning you'll only have to wait 60 seconds to forfeit a quest twice
  • Several hints couldn't be unlocked [obols, NPCs, new characters] and now will be unlockable
  • Goldric's hoop quest will now correctly succeed upon doing ONE of the two things he requires, as youd expect
  • Plat Ore will be moved down so that you can see the minecart minigame
  • The (!) red mark when having an unread chat message will not show up if looking at attacks
  • Some QTY's couldn't be typed into the chest splitstack (like 10) and now will be
  • Picnic quest involving missing Tea :tea: will always start with 1/1 'don't teleport'
  • The map with the lone mimic in the top right will no longer allow for crazy movements

Fishing Fixes

  • Fishing prowess (the 'orange bar stuff' where you get 2x, 3x, 4x fish) used to require 10x more efficiency than it is meant to. For example, to reach 2x fish, you used to need 62,800 efficiency. Now it's just 6,280 lol
  • Fishing Efficiency and catching but who cares about that from equipment now works
  • Fishing efficiency, up to 3000, will greatly impact fishing speed. By this I mean going from 2K to 3K efficiency will make you much faster, but going from 3K to 4K+ won't really have much of an affect on speed

Copper Band.png v1.06b - Bug Fixes (December 29, 2020)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where crystal mobs/ghosts couldn't be killed in various maps.
  • Fixed a crash-loop involving the event quests
  • Added Copper Band Recipe as a drop from Spores/Frogs/Beans
  • Removed Bludgeon as a possible 'Plan-It Express' delivery
  • Removed Giftmas gifts as a drop from tutorial mobs
  • Holding "Craft" in anvil won't crash anymore

Giftmas Blobulyte Card.png v1.06 - Giftmas Event (December 27, 2020)

New Content

  • Christmas event, with exclusive equips and food.
  • Some +1 Inventory Slot bags have been added to various Shops!

Player Requested Features

  • Quick-forge deposit option
  • Mouse-Wheel on PC works for like 99% of things maybe I forgot something lol
  • adding silver pens (they let you 'forfeit' a Shipment order without losing streak) as a rare drop from all monsters
  • Carry Capacity Bags / Inventory Bags / Storage Chests have a BOLD RED warning when you look at them if you have already used it!

Balance Changes

  • Minigame plays are now ACCOUNT WIDE -- Player who purchased minigame plays will get FULL REFUNDS, and can simply re-buy if they like the new account-wide system!
  • Removing "impossible" shipment orders, like 200 Golden Bug Nets
  • Adjusting various spawn locations, like Slimes / Potatoes, so that you cant die/go through a portal while looting AFK gains
  • Blunderbag (recipe from tasks) will have its smithing lv req to craft lowered: 30 ---> 8
  • Colosseum Chests have a RARE chance to drop a boss key!
  • All 'main' pants have been buffed slightly, and Torn Jeans had its stats changed slightly 0/1/1/2 -> 0/2/1/0
  • Leaf drops from AFK are 1.5x more likely AND come in drops of 5 instead of 1!
  • The various colored t-shirts all had their Smith Lv Req to craft lowered!

Bug Fixes

  • Card Drop & (maybe) Monster Cash card bonuses will give their full bonus
  • You can now interact with the 2nd liquid cauldron after unlocking it, which many of you have for getting to lv 20 alch on any character
  • Virile Vials (Druid talent) talent now fully functional, was divided by 100 one too many times lol.
  • Chaotic Amarok currently requires 0 accuracy, this will be changed to the intended 1800 or so
  • Card drop chance in AFK info will NOT say "1 in inf" anymore smh how did I forget
  • Changing "SERVER" notification in chat, so that it doesn't always show 'new message!' every time you play. this will make it easier for me to communicate with players in real-time, without you needing to update the game!
  • Fixed Potato spawn. You won't spawn and get hammered to death instantly lol
  • There was a minor bug affecting only a handful of people, where cards from packs would not correctly save. This is fixed. If you were affected, please message me!
  • Star talent max levels were being OVERRIDDEN by your 1st character... ugh sorry, it's all good now but yea if you lost the tick-tock talent because of this, nothing I can do to recover it :[
  • If you AFK and DON'T claim your rewards, AFKing some more will not replace the previous AFK unless it's higher.
  • Obols now properly give Skill power as they say they do
  • Obols now properly give MISC-type bonuses, like +% drop rate and + base damage.
  • The 6th Gem Inventory Bag (bag Z) will no longer show up as locked. YOU HAD THIS ALL ALONG don't worry! It was just not showing up for bug reasons lol

Green Mushroom Card.png v1.05 - Tasks & Cards (December 17, 2020)

New Content

  • 18 Tasks, each one can be 'reinforced' 10 times (basically re-complete it, but it's harder). So 180 tasks, kinda
  • 16 Task-Shop items. These range from bonuses, to exclusive Anvil Recipes (some of these will be LOCKED behind completing a specific task, at a specific reinforced-difficulty). They'll cost 'merits' you get from tasks.
  • 30+ Recipes to unlock in the "TaskPoint Unlock" system. Every time you reach a certain milestone of Task Points, like 100, or 250, you get +1 unlock to use on the recipe of your choice! Use enough unlocks, and you'll unlock MORE unlockable recipes!
  • Collects cards from every monster/resource in the game!
  • Collect multiple of the same card to RANK IT UP! Bronze, Silver, Gold, I got all the colors of the podium babyyy!
  • Equip cards onto your characters -- Each card has a different bonus, and the higher the rank of the card, the better the bonus!
  • Mining minigame added!
  • Desert Boss added, won't drop the Blue Crystal required for world 3 though
  • Crystal monsters now spawn in Desert!
  • Chaotic version of World-1 boss now available! It has 15x more HP than world 2 boss, so don't waste your keys here unless you're a legend

Balance Changes

  • World 1 boss does much less damage. I'm helpin' you out casual gamers... but just this one time :handshake:
  • Quarterstaff (1st 'mage only' staff) now costs Copper Bars to make, not Iron Bars
  • All current Iron boots will be REMOVED from the game. Basically, there is no way for me to change the recipe (right now it's got glitched costs) without changing the item itself. There will be new iron boots in the new update, but current iron boots in the game will be changed to 'whoopsie boots' which will give no stats. Basically, you'll have to re-craft iron boots with the PROPER crafting costs to get them back :]
  • Snakeskinventory Bag drop rate boosted by 1.25x
  • Mimic Inventory Bag drop rate boosted by 3x

Player Requested Features

  • Carry Capacities / Inventory Slots / Storage slots used per character is now viewable! (It'll be the 3rd tab (next to "Skill Info", above your player stats)
  • Quest-helper highlights Main Quests in yellow, with a star to boot!
  • Talents that rely on 'Power of 10' stuff will show you EXACTLY what's going on! Very helpful for people who don't have calculators installed in their brains.
  • "AFK time to be claimed" can be viewed from the 'swap player' UI. Just press the Clock in the top-right to toggle on!
  • If you switch to an empty world, the game will REMEMBER this so you WON'T have to keep doing this each time you play! Helpful for those who need to be in an empty world to avoid lag!
  • "Max Withdraw / Deposit" button added to the storage money system
  • "Split Stack" feature added. Simply enable it in the Storage Left-side Menu, then click on an item, and select how many you'd like to take out of the stack!

Bug Fixes

  • AFK formula didn't accurately account for 'multi-kills' you'd get from your Attack Talents. This didn't matter before, but now that tasks can reduce monster respawn time, having Multi-Kills be calculated accurately from Attack Talents will matter so that you can keep up with the effects of that bonus
  • Cases of glitched sprites or scrambled fonts should no longer occur.
  • Fishing AFK info screen was messed up in several ways, now it isn't
  • Efficiency skills for warriors/archers now work fully
  • Prowess, which is the orange bar-system that gives multiple resources now works as intended.
  • Obol names corrected
  • Desert Colosseum chests now give their own unique rewards, instead of just giving Grassland rewards
  • Using EXP balloons won't jank up your inventory, and are extra inflated!
  • 6 of the purple bubbles were not working at all due to cutoff in my code. now they all work
  • STRONGEST STATUES talent now gives the correct bonus
  • HAUNGRY FOR GOLD talent now gives the correct bonus
  • MAGIC SHORTBOW, HOMING ARROWS, EXTENDO RANGEO, and WOAH THAT WAS FAST! talents now are fully functional
  • Goldric's Hoopsie quest now correctly identifies total hoops made
  • Fly in Minigame now doesn't say 'hey lava, your game sucks! I'm outta here'
  • Players won't glitch out in their animation if you have Auto ON and have all monsters on screen killed
  • Play minigame button cannot be accidentally pressed through UI
  • Sproutinald's 'justice wears no clothes' quest now tracks naked kills
  • Sproutinald won't appear in multiple places, nor will TP Pete
  • Upgrading bubbles now always takes away materials.
  • And a bunch of other things that I didn't really care to write down, and are small enough they wouldn't be worth your time to read

Iron Boots.png v1.03 - Bug Fixes (November 20, 2020)

Bug Fixes

  • Wolf boss no longer drops null star books
  • Liquid 2 no longer generates when you don't have it unlocked
  • Game will save whenever you switch AFK targets -- no more leaving the game while Choppin', only to come back and see you got Fighting gains
  • People who can't get early quests, like the Class Advance quest, will be able to do early quests
  • Misc stamps that currently don't give their bonus, will give their bonus
  • Not picking up Promotheus' recipes
  • Not getting quests on new characters if you crashed
  • Having multiple anvil productions going at once isn't randomly removed when swapping characters
  • Everybody's FAVORITE class, the bowman, has his Magic Shortbow talent that misses a lot. Like, every time. It will now hit as normal!
  • The Nest DMG bar bonus doesn't show up if you attack the nest with a bow -- which is bad because archers are the catching class lol
  • Archer's basic attack can't hit through the boss's shield. This bugfix was sponsored by the warrior mage guild
  • If you kill the boss right as he is spawning the shield totem, your game won't crash
  • House Monster quest will complete when u see it. no need to leave/re-enter
  • Several quests no longer crash the game when started
  • "Inspecting" another player by double-tapping them currently hides most of their armor. You will now get to see ALL armor pieces they have equipped!
  • Alchemy Bubbles & Vials seem to just... lose or gain levels sometimes. They no longer do this lol
  • Equipment crafted at the anvil is no longer randomly missing Upgrade slots.
  • The little player icon when clicking on other players will not be super small and offset
  • Tiki chieftain's goblin kill quest is completable now
  • AGI will now boost Anvil Production Speed (and it'll stop being stuck at x1.00 in your skill info)
  • Some skill-type stamps have had their bonus changed. No this isn't a nerf, they literally had bugged values
  • Other people don't always face to the right. They will now face the recourse object they are collecting from!
  • Game will save when you switch tasks -- no more leaving your guy to do one thing, only to come back to them doing something else!

Balance Changes

  • Adding 1 or 2 'Talent Reset Potions' (the entire potions, not just frag) to some early quest rewards
  • Boss healing getting NERFED HARD. He won't cast it as much, that is.
  • Adding more storage slots from monster drops/quests/town coin shops!
  • Fishing efficiency will now boost fishing speed. This way efficiency boosts QTY of fish caught per hour, just like other efficiencies boost QTY of resources collected / hr
  • "Gilded Sword" talent (+% dmg) is no longer additive with any other talent.
  • Some other balancing adjustments
  • A few other QoL fixes
  • The portal that goes from planks to bull frogs now only takes 4,000 kills and not 10,000
  • 29 more storage slots to be earned in-game, from Shops, Quests, and rare drops!
  • Boss no longer casts heal as often as before.

Player Requested Features

  • Gonna give a small, invisible, temporary mining boost to new players, so they can get the 5 copper easier
  • Keyboard shortcuts for PC
  • If you don't get Scripticus's main quest before going to the Spore Map, a dialogue box will popup calling u a noob and telling u to go get Scripticus's quest

Content Changes

  • Adding some kind of chest with a 15 on it, possibly a space expansion, to gem shop for zero gems apparently.
  • Removing Pumpkin Hat From Gem Store
  • Some additional items and recipes
  • Iron Boots recipe, but I won't say where :]]
  • House Monster now drops items. no uniques yet tho
  • You can now see other players equipment -- not just Hat/Weapon -- WHEN INSPECTING

Wooden Spear.png v1.01 - Bug Fixes (November 11, 2020)

Bug Fixes

  • Crashing when swapping characters will no longer happen at all. 100% certain
  • Getting stuck in a crash-loop should never happen anymore (90% sure...). IF YOU ARE IN A CRASH LOOP RIGHT NOW, clear your app data and reinstall, and DM me if you get stuck in another crash loop after you get it working - Changing star signs won't cause a crash
  • Tapping now registers on ALL phones. Very big nod of respect from me for everyone who put up with that bug, especially those that were kind enough to help me with info about it.
  • Any characters who weren't credited with Inventory Bags bought with gems, those have been restored, and this bug should no longer occur - Double Tapping on another player will show their ACTUAL Level now, instead of "117". No one was ever 117, that was just a display bug on my end.
  • The Archer Talent that boosted AFK offline gain % had the wrong formula. It now gives the CORRECT, intended bonus %!

Balance Changes

  • MAGE Attack Talent: Lightning Bolt now starts at 150% dmg, and gets +2% per lv. (It used to start at 250% dmg, and get +15% per lv)
  • MAGE Attack Talent: Fireball is now AOE, and hits up to 4 Monsters! It also now only goes up by +1% damage per level (Used to go up +5%)
  • ARCHER Attack Talent: Piercing Arrow now only goes up by +2% per lv (It used to go up by +4% per level)
  • ARCHER Attack Talent: Kung-Fu Kick now starts at 60% damage. (Used to start at 80%)
  • WARRIOR Attack Talent: Power Strike now only goes up by +1.5% per lv (Used to go up by 3%)
  • WARRIOR Attack Talent: Whirl now only goes up by +1.5% per lv, and his +1 new mob every 25 lvs. (Used to go up by +2%, and hit +1 ever 15 lvs)
  • DROP RATE: Mining statue drop rate increased by +500%. it drops from trees by the way!

Player Requested Features

  • Items now last for 30 minutes on the ground. This way, you don't have to just tap all the time.
  • You can DRAG YOUR FINGER over items to pick them all up at once. (Yes, you could do this before haha, I just wanted to mention it here again)