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Important note

After updates we generally update a lot of things via script, like droptables, npcs, enemies, and items. Other things are done manually.

Do NOT add unreleased or alpha content. This includes World 3 cards, items and enemies.

How to Edit

Please follow the Standards, Conventions, and Guidelines described below and conform to the wiki style. If you are serious about helping out, don't be afraid to ask on the official discord to get access to the wiki channel.

Style Standards, Conventions, and Guidelines

Edit Summaries

Edit summaries are not mandatory, but are encouraged. If included please summarize briefly what changes you made.


Plurality should match the in-game representation (so Bleach Logs are plural whereas Toilet Roll is singular).
Standardized Name Incorrect Names
Choppin Choppin', Chopping


Please link to the exact page we want, eg linking a mob drop link to Baby Boa not Enemies or Bestiary and links to quests should be linked to the appropriate npcs page.
Correct Linking Incorrect Linking
Baby Boa, Picnic Stowaway Enemies, Quests, Bestiary



Every unique Item needs its own item page. Tables are generated based on those pages. other item types later. All items except fishing Accessories, Stamps and Cards use Template:InfoItem. The rest can be found here

There is also a template to use for items that are crafted or produced. (see Farmer Brim or Trusty Nails for an example on these)


If you create a template, please include documentation on how to use it. Also add it to the appropriate category, like adding infobox templates to Category:Infobox templates or table templates to Category:Table templates.


Spoiler text should be hidden using collapsible sections. Tables can be hidden individually by adding the mw-collapsible and mw-collapsed classes. See


Filenames should use spaces between words. Sprites and other game assets should be PNGs, except for animated sprites which should be GIFs. Filenames should not include punctuation.
Make sure you upload the correct image the first time around. Due to a known issue on Miraheze it takes a long time for new versions of images to show up. Don't upload some half-arsed version, that just creates headaches when a proper version is uploaded.

Assets with In-Game Names

Game Assets that have a name assigned in-game should use that name as the base filename. For example, the Bored Bean sprite would be uploaded as "Bored Bean.png", while the Old Hatchet sprite would be "Old Hatchet.png". Plurality should match the in-game representation (so Bleach Logs are plural whereas Toilet Roll is singular). Monster sprites should, however, always use a singular file name (e.g. Glublin.png instead of Glublins.png).

Other Files

Other files that do not have in-game names assigned should use a relevant name, for example the Fishing Beach background would be "Fishing Beach Background.png". Plurality/singularity is up to the uploader based on the content of the file.


Text should be proofread for errors. Formatting/grammar changes should be marked as minor edits.

These are some of the things needing to be done on the wiki right now. Some things can be found in the "How to be helpful" section. Other things are detailed below.

General To Do List


  • Add missing bonuses to the bonus tables (excluding tools or fishing accessories, those already have their own tables)


  • Convert remaining item tables to use cargo
  • Figure out a good form for splitting up item tables into multiple pages to avoid them being too crowded for when more worlds are added

Game Mechanics

  • Split up the game mechanics into multiple pages
  • Create shorter mechanic descriptions on the main game mechanics page
  • Add formulae at the bottom of each detailed game mechanics page


  • Tasks page needs to be updated
  • Codex and related pages need work
  • By request, add cropped screenshots for the exact location of Constellations

1.2 To Do (excluding World 3)

  • Update old items
  • Add new alchemy bubbles
  • Update old enemies
  • Add new bribes
  • New Guild Perk
  • Possible NPC/Quest changes for W1/W2

1.2 World 3 (5-7 days after release

  • Construction page
  • Hunting page
  • Worship Page
  • New NPCs
  • New Enemies
  • New Items
  • World 3 Tasks/Merits/Recipe unlocks
  • New Vials (since they will probably need W3 materials)

Wiki Changelog

  • May 6th 2021: The Stamp template is now called InfoStamp

(list any bigger changes here, like for template usage, new templates etc)

  • April 24th 2021: Most items now use the InfoItem Template. Cards, Fishing Accessories and Stamps will still use their own templates. The old /row templates were moved to subtemplates of the InfoItem template.
  • Apr 22nd 2021: added a lot of stuff to fighting mechanics in Game Mechanics
  • Sorry, been bad at updating this - Blackwolfe.
  • Jan 3rd 2021: Quests on the quests page are now using dpl. This means we only have to edit quest info on the npc pages.
  • Jan 3rd 2021: Started moving some pages into subpages. This to make things smoother once we get world 3+
  • Jan 1st 2021: The infoenemy template has area2, area3 and customarea. Area, area2 and area3 links to the appropriate table on the worlds page. Customarea is a custom area entry so you can link wherever.
  • Dec 27th: The resource, infoenemy and boss templates now only needs hascard=yes, data is pulled from the individual card pages.
  • Dec 23rd 2020: Added header templates for the Smithing Page
  • Dec 22nd 2020: There is now a Worlds page. Should be fairly complete.
  • Dec 21st 2020: The Obol template now has Rarity. Used to have proper sorting for the Obol tables.
  • Dec 20th 2020: enemy and resource templates can now have defined category and order. Mostly for sorting the card tables. The bosses needs order defined for each difficulty.
  • Dec 19th 2020: There is now Template for Gem Shop table.
  • Dec 18th 2020: Rejoice, for a Task unlocks table template has been made. Most glorious!
  • Dec 17th 2020: There is a Meritshop table template and a Tasks table template now. Merit icons will be based on the page. Task tables and merit shop table will be under the world subpages under Tasks.
  • Dec 16th 2020: Added tables for Cards, the Boss, Resource and Enemy templates can have card information now. See usage on each template.
  • Dec 15th 2020: The Enemy Template can now show stats for crystal enemies. Use crystal=Yes and Crystalname=Crystal Carrot for displaying the crystal carrots stats based on the stats of the enemy.