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Class Info
Path Beginner
Main Stat Luck
Accuracy Stat Luck
Specialization None
Class Stages
Current Stage Second Stage
Future Stage 1 Maestro
Previous Stage Beginner
Journeyman Talents

Indiana Attack Breakin' The Bank Supernova Player One Two Punch Gimme Gimme Lucky Hit F'Luk'Ey Fabrics Chaching! Lucky horseshoe Curse Of Mr Looty Booty Its Your Birthday! Cmon Out Crystals Reroll Pls Cards Galore Rares Everywhere!

Beginner (Tab 1) Talents

Happy Dude Knucklebuster Feather Flight Extra Bags Sleepin' On The Job

To get this class you have to be a Beginner and do a Secret questline.

Journeyman talents

Indiana Attack

Indiana Attack.png

Whip forward, dealing % dmg and pulling in up to monsters.

Mana Cost: 5 
Action Time: 1.4 Seconds 
Cooldown: 12 Seconds

Breakin' The Bank

Breakin' The Bank.png

Multiplies value of all coins on ground by x.

Mana Cost: 5 
Action Time: 0.45 Seconds 
Cooldown: 33 Minutes 20 Seconds

Supernova Player

Supernova Player.png

Gives Star Talent Points.

Two Punch Man

Two Punch Man.png

Regular punches do +% more damage and also hit a 2nd time for % damage

Gimme Gimme

Gimme Gimme.png

Monsters have a % chance to drop 2x loot for Minutes

Mana Cost: 5 
Action Time: 0.45 Seconds 
Cooldown: 2 Minutes 

Lucky Hit

Lucky Hit.png

LUK's effect on Damage is increased by %

F'Luk'Ey Fabrics

F'Luk'Ey Fabrics.png

All Equipment gives % more LUK than what's listed



Straight up cash, yo. +% more to be exact.

Lucky Horseshoe

Lucky Horseshoe.png

+ base LUK

Curse Of Mr Looty Booty

Curse Of Mr Looty Booty.png

+% Drop rate, and -% Total Damage. Cmon, do it! Or are u too scared?

Its Your Birthday!

Its Your Birthday!.png

Drops some random reward. Has a % chance to have no cooldown!

*See Droptable

Mana Cost: 5 
Action Time: 0.45 Seconds 
Cooldown: 23 Hours 53 Minutes 20 Seconds

Cmon Out Crystals

Cmon Out Crystals.png

+% Crystal Mob spawn chance

Reroll Pls

Reroll Pls.png

% Chance to get a reroll on AFK rewards. Can trigger multiple times!

Cards Galore

Cards Galore.png

+% Card Drop Chance. As with all card drop bonuses, this affects AFK too.

Rares Everywhere!

Rares Everywhere!.png

Items in all Rare Drop Tables are % more likely to drop!

Beginner Basics (Tab 1) Talents

Happy Dude

Happy Dude.png

Increase Exp Gain for all Skills by %



Increase Critical Hit Damage by %

Feather Flight

Feather Flight.png

Increases Movement Speed by %

Extra Bags

Extra Bags.png

Carry Capacity for materials is increased by %

Sleepin' On The Job

Sleepin' On The Job.png

AFK Gains Rate for Fighting is increased by %

It's Your Birthday Droptable

4% Talent Point Reset Fragment.png Talent Point Reset Fragment
6% 1 HR Time Candy.png 1 HR Time Candy
3% 2 HR Time Candy.png 2 HR Time Candy
1.5% 4 HR Time Candy.png 4 HR Time Candy
0.5% 12 HR Time Candy.png 12 HR Time Candy
15% Average EXP Potion.png Average EXP Potion
10% Small Experience Balloon.png Small Experience Balloon
6% Medium Experience Balloon.png Medium Experience Balloon
54% Gem.png Gem

Note: It has a chance to drop twice the rolled item.