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Alchemy Cauldron.gif
In the Brewing Tab, you assign players to cauldrons to fill up the big bar. Once filled you can empty it to unlock new bubbles, or just upgrade the cauldron itself. Most bubbles are passive, so you always get their bonus. The large bubbles are active, and must be equipped onto a character to get the bonus.

In the liquid tab, you have cauldrons that gain liquid over time. Assigning a player will speed up liquid gain, and gives your character 2x xp compared to bubble cauldrons. Liquids will stop generating when you fill up a single bar, so remember to spend liquid often!

The vials tab is a collection of special resources! Whenever you find a new resource, drop it on top of the cauldron, and it has a chance to be added! Vials can be upgraded, just tap on them!

In the p2w tab, you can further upgrade most aspects of alchemy using coins from monsters. This includes more attempts at adding new vials and additional xp gain among other things.


When you assign a character to a brewing cauldron, the bar will start to fill up. Once the bar fills up you can either try to discover a new bubble, or spend the points towards cauldron upgrades.

Note: There is currently no way to unlock the second and third bubble slot for brewing


Each brewing cauldron has 4 stats you can upgrade. You need a full bar to do this.

Speed: This increases the speed of the chosen cauldron.
Cost: This reduces the cost of cauldron bubbles.
Luck: This increases the chance to discover new bubbles.
2x Extra: This increases the chance to level up twice (or more at higher level) instead of once when leveling up Speed, Luck, Cost and 2x Extra.


For bubble calculators, click on one of the cauldrons. Otherwise, see the tables below.

In each cauldron, there are passive and active bubbles. Highlighted names are Active bubbles that need to be equipped, in game you can differentiate same by their size. Active bubbles are also the only ones that do not use Roman numerals.

Power Cauldron

Icon Name Materials Effect Description
OrangeBubble1.png Roid Ragin +x Total STR. 'Total' here means that, for example, a +10% STR bonus from something else wouldn't affect this bonus
OrangeBubble2.png Warriors Rule All Orange Passive Bubbles give a x higher bonus, but only for your warrior-based classes.
OrangeBubble3.png Hearty Diggy +% mining efficiency per power of 10 max HP that your character has The perfect bonus for miners with infinite HP!
OrangeBubble4.png Wyoming Blood Multi-Ore mining chance is increased by +x%, and your max Multi-Ore chance is 300% instead of 100%.
OrangeBubble5.png Reely Smart +x% Mining and Fishing EXP gain. Y'know what, I'll even DOUBLE that bonus for whichever skill has the lower level!
OrangeBubble6.png Big Meaty Claws Increases base damage by +x. This bonus also increases based on how much Max HP you have above 250.
OrangeBubble7.png Sploosh Sploosh Multi-Fish fishing chance is increased by +x%, and your max Multi-Fish chance is 300% instead of 100%
OrangeBubble8.png Stronk Tools The following tools give more skilling Power than normal: Pickaxes and Fishing Rods.
OrangeBubble9.png FMJ +x% more defence from Equipment. Also, +1 base Def per Class LV, up to +x.
OrangeBubble10.png Bappity Boppity +x% critical Damage Badabing, badaboom! Or in Italian, Babadabinga, babadaboomahh!

Quicc Cauldron

Icon Name Materials Effect Description
GreenBubble1.png Swift Steppin +x Total AGI. Probably the lamest of the five stats... err, I mean four, hehe.
GreenBubble2.png Archer or Bust Green Passive Bonuses, which are the smaller sized ones, give x more bonuses to your archer-based characters.
GreenBubble3.png Hammer Hammer You can now produce +1 more items at once in the anvil, and your production speed is increased by x%.
GreenBubble4.png Lil Big Damage +x% Mastery. Mastery is your stat that boosts minimum damage. Just like in Maplest... err, just like how I thought it up myself!
GreenBubble5.png Anvilnomics Costs for buying Anvil Production Points is reduced by x%. This is just like a tax cut, so remember me as a hero!
GreenBubble6.png Quick Slap Increases base damage by +x. This bonus also increases based on how much Movement Speed you have above 110%.
GreenBubble7.png Sanic Tools The following tools give +x% skilling Power than normal: Catching Nets.
GreenBubble8.png Bug² Multi-Bug catching chance is increased, and your max Multi-Bug chance is 300% instead of 100%
GreenBubble9.png Shaquracy Your secondary stat (WIS for warrior, STR for archer, AGI for mage) gives +x% more Accuracy than normal.
GreenBubble10.png Cheap Shot +x% critical Chance As it increases the chance for your attack to hit the monster's privates, and for the monster to be male.

High-IQ Cauldron

Icon Name Materials Effect Description
PurpleBubble1.png Stable Jenius +x Total WIS. Honesty the greatest bonus in any Idle Game, believe me. Absolutely incredible, everyone says so!
PurpleBubble2.png Mage is Best Purple Passive Bonuses, which are the smaller sized ones, give x more bonuses to your mage-based characters.
PurpleBubble3.png Hocus Choppus +x% choppin efficiency per power of 10 max MP that your character has. Super diaper! Err, duper.
PurpleBubble4.png Molto Loggo Multi-Log chop chance is increased by +x%, and your max Multi-Log chance is now 300% instead of 100%.
PurpleBubble5.png Noodubble +x% Choppin' and Alchemy EXP gain. Y'know what, I'll even... actually, never mind.
PurpleBubble6.png Name I Guess Increases base damage by +x. This bonus also increases based on how much Max MP you have above 150.
PurpleBubble7.png Le Brain Tools The following tools give +x% more skilling Power than normal: Hatchets.
PurpleBubble8.png Cookin Roadkill Cranium Cooking lasts x% longer, gives x% more progress per kill, and has a x% lower cooldown. Also +x% increased Alchemy EXP!
PurpleBubble9.png Brewstachio +x% Brew Speed. This a multiplicative bonus, which means its ultra powerful, all the time! Even on Mondays, the worst day!
PurpleBubble10.png All for Kill Attack Talents give +x% higher bonuses to Offline Gains than they normally do. So you might as well just AFK forever, bye!

Kazam Cauldron

Icon Name Materials Effect Description
YellowBubble1.png Lotto Skills +x LUK Also, this will increase your chances of winning the lottery in real life from 0.0% to 0.000%! I'm not even joking, it's true!!
YellowBubble2.png Droppin Loads +x% Drop Rate. Thanks to this upgrade, you can get even MORE angry when you keep not getting that rare pet drop from the boss!
YellowBubble3.png Startue EXP Leveling up a statue resets it's exp bar down to x%, instead of 0%. Staturrific! Yea... the jokes are only gonna go downhill from here lol
YellowBubble4.png Level up Gift Whenever you level up anything, x% chance to drop a gift! It could be an EXP balloon, a Gem for the gem shop, or something crazy weird!
YellowBubble5.png Prowessary The Prowess Bonus for every skill is multiplied by x. Prowess is the Efficiency needed to get more qty per drop from resources
YellowBubble6.png Stamp Tramp Increases the Max Lv of the 'Toilet Paper Postage' Talent to x. You can unlock this talent by typing 'More like Poopy Pete' near Pete
YellowBubble7.png Undeveloped Costs Reduces the material costs of all Alchemy Bubbles by x%. They are just bubbles though, how much could they even cost? 10 dollars?
YellowBubble8.png Da Daily Drip Increases the Max Cap for every liquid by +x. This bonus also increases based on the combined Alchemy LV of all your characters!
YellowBubble9.png Grind Time
  • Water Droplets.png Water Droplets
  • Liquid Nitrogen.png Liquid Nitrogen
+x% Class EXP The go-to active bubble for anyone who wants to reach max level faster and finally start playing the game!
YellowBubble10.png LAAARRRRYYYY Every time you upgrade an Alchemy bubble, there's a x% chance it'll upgrade 2 times, for no extra cost! Two fer one, getter dun!


When you assign a character to a liquid cauldron, it will gain increased regeneration speed. Liquids can be used to upgrade alchemy bubbles, vials, buy things in the liquid shop or upgrade the liquid cauldron. Liquid has a cap but this can be increased with various alchemy upgrades.

Note: You can unlock an extra slot per liquid cauldron through the Gem Shop currently. The final slot is not unlockable at this time.

Liquid Shop

The cost of an item will increase each time it is bought. The price of all items except the Talent Point and Small Donation will reset every 24 hours.

Liquid Shop
Name Description Base Cost Notes
Mediocre Obols.png Mediocre Obols 1 random low-quality Obol. Sure, it'll probably be a crappy bronze Obol, but that's not bad considering you are paying with water! 10 Water Droplets.png Water Droplets
Weak Upg Stone.png Weak UPG Stone *Slaps roof of car* This bad boy can upgrade so many equipm... wait, how'd a car get in here? Gives 1 random low-quality Upgrade Stone. 5 Water Droplets.png Water Droplets
Distilled Water (shop).png Distilled Water This Distilled Water was double-purified by running it through thousand of diamonds! So yea, it's just regular water, but more expensive! 2 Water Droplets.png Water Droplets
One Measly Gem.png One Measly Gem 1 Gem. Perfect for buying things in the Gem Shop! Sponsored by LavaFlame2's Gem Shop: 'Come for the items, leave for the prices!' 5 Water Droplets.png Water Droplets
Star Book.png Star Book Gives you a Star-Book! It's always the same one, but it comes with a random Max lv, so keep buying it until you get one with a 100 Lv Max! 50 Water Droplets.png Water Droplets Tick Tock Special Talents, Level 4-104
Exp Balloon.png Exp Balloon A Small Experience Balloon. They give you exp in whatever skill you're currently training! Using them in town will give you EXP in the town skill! 15 Water Droplets.png Water Droplets
Small Donation.png Small Donation Your donation helps starving orphan monsters. They asked for food, but beggars can't be choosers! You won't get anything for doing this. 1 Water Droplets.png Water Droplets This is used for a quest (need to buy it 4 times).
Decent Obols.png Decent Obols 1 random low-quality Obol, except this time the 'low' was rated by someone with higher standards, so it's more like medium quality. 20 Water Droplets.png Water Droplets
3 Liquid Nitrogen.png Liquid Nitrogen
This can give either a bronze or a silver obol
Talent Point.png Talent Point Gives a redeemable talent point for the 2nd Talent Tab. Applies to all characters. Also, this item's cost will never reset, never ever ever! x Water Droplets.png Water Droplets
y Liquid Nitrogen.png Liquid Nitrogen
Talent Point Tab 2

Distilled Water Costs

Cost and Cumulative Costs of Distilled Water (resets daily)

Distilled Water Costs
Purchase# Cost Cumulative Cost
0 1 1
1 1 2
2 2 4
3 3 7
4 4 11
5 5 16
6 7 23
7 9 32
8 12 44
9 17 61
10 23 84
11 32 116
12 44 160
13 60 220
14 82 302
15 112 414

Mediocre Obols Chance Table

All possible Obols and their drop chance.

Mediocre Obols
Name Chance
Bronze STR Obol.png Bronze STR Obol 18%
Bronze AGI Obol.png Bronze AGI Obol 18%
Bronze WIS Obol.png Bronze WIS Obol 18%
Bronze LUK Obol.png Bronze LUK Obol 10%
Bronze Obol of Small Swings.png Bronze Obol of Small Swings 10%
Bronze Obol of Chippin Chops.png Bronze Obol of Chippin Chops 19%
Bronze Obol of Puny Damage.png Bronze Obol of Puny Damage 7%

Decent Obols Chance Table

All possible Obols and their drop chance.

Decent Obols
Name Chance
Silver Obol of Little Damage.png Silver Obol of Little Damage 2%
Bronze STR Obol.png Bronze STR Obol 11%
Bronze AGI Obol.png Bronze AGI Obol 11%
Bronze WIS Obol.png Bronze WIS Obol 11%
Bronze LUK Obol.png Bronze LUK Obol 6%
Bronze Obol of Finite Fish.png Bronze Obol of Finite Fish 11%
Bronze Obol of Few Flies.png Bronze Obol of Few Flies 11%
Silver Obol of Puny Pikes.png Silver Obol of Puny Pikes 4%
Silver Obol of Big Bark.png Silver Obol of Big Bark 4%
Silver Obol of Big Bugs.png Silver Obol of Big Bugs 3%
Silver Obol of Moderate Mining.png Silver Obol of Moderate Mining 4%
Silver STR Obol.png Silver STR Obol 4%
Silver AGI Obol.png Silver AGI Obol 4%
Silver WIS Obol.png Silver WIS Obol 4%
Silver LUK Obol.png Silver LUK Obol 1%
Bronze Obol of Puny Damage.png Bronze Obol of Puny Damage 9%

Weak UPG Stone Chance Table

All possible upgrade stones and their drop chance.

Weak UPG Stones
Name Chance
Armor Upgrade Stone G.png Armor Upgrade Stone G 4%
Weapon Upgrade Stone I.png Weapon Upgrade Stone I 18%
Helmet Upgrade Stone I.png Helmet Upgrade Stone I 14%
Armor Upgrade Stone I.png Armor Upgrade Stone I 38%
Tool Upgrade Stone I.png Tool Upgrade Stone I 26%


Each vial is discovered, and subsequently upgraded with, a specific material. Water is also used during the upgrade process. Each vial gives a specific bonus. The higher the level of the vial, the better the bonus.

Name Item Score+ Description
Copper Corona Copper Ore.png Copper Ore 1 +{3%/level} Increases Orange Bubble Cauldron brew speed.
Sippy Splinters Oak Logs.png Oak Logs 10 +{3%/level} Increases Green Bubble Cauldron brew speed.
Mushroom Soup Spore Cap.png Spore Cap 20 +{3%/level} Increases Yellow Bubble Cauldron brew speed.
Spool Sprite Thread.png Thread 30 +{3%/level} Increases Purple Bubble Cauldron brew speed.
Barium Mixture Copper Bar.png Copper Bar 40 +{3/level} Water Droplet max capacity. Thats the 1st liquid type in Alchemy, btw.
Dieter Drenk Bean Slices.png Bean Slices 40 Monsters drop +{1%/level} more money.
Thumb Pow Trusty Nails.png Trusty Nails 50 When converting Skill EXP into Class EXP using the 'EXP CONVERTER' star talent, you'll get {1%/level} more Class EXP than you usually do.
Skinny O Cal Snake Skin.png Snake Skin 60 +{2.5%/level} chance to get double points when depositing statues. So like... if you deposit one statue, it might count as one! Or two.
Jungle Juice Jungle Logs.png Jungle Logs 60 +{1%/level} liquid regen rate for all liquid cauldrons. Yes, even the secret one!
Barley Brew Iron Bar.png Iron Bar 65 Alchemy bubble upgrade costs are {1%/level} lower for all bubbles! Even the giraffe bubbles that look strangely like elephants!
Anearful Goblin Ear.png Goblin Ear 70 +{2%/level} Card drop rate. Even works offline, just like it always has! What do you mean this used to say something different...?
Tea with Pea Potty Rolls.png Potty Rolls 75 +{3/level} Liquid Nitrogen max capacity. Thats the 2nd liquid type in Alchemy, btw.
Gold Guzzler Gold Ore.png Gold Ore 83 +{1%/level} Shop sell price.
Ramificoction Bullfrog Horn.png Bullfrog Horn 84 +{1/level} Talent Points for Tab 1. Shout out to that 1 person who'll make it this far without knowing what talents are, you're my hero!
Seawater Goldfish.png Goldfish 87 +{1%/level} chance for 1 kill to count for 2 when trying to open new portals, but only while actively playing. One, two, buckle my shoe.
Fly in my Drink Fly.png Fly 87 Eww go get me another one, I can't drink this! ...what, why are you looking at me like that? OH right, uh, this gives +{3/level} base Accuracy.
Slug SLurp Hermit Can.png Hermit Can 89 +{2/level} Post Office Box Points for every character, and easily the best bonus in the game. A box will never abandon you!
Mimicraught Megalodon Tooth.png Megalodon Tooth 90 +{1%/level} EXP from monsters. Sorry, I know this is a lame bonus. Send me an email if you want me change it to +{1%/level} NPC dialogue talking speed.
Tail Time Rats Tail.png Rats Tail 91 +{0.5/level} Weapon Power. This is gonna be OP in later worlds I can already tell.
Blue Flav Platinum Ore.png Platinum Ore 93 -{3.33%/level} (decaying increase as you raise the level) material cost for stamps. You know how it's hard to increase stamps max levels? Well this kinda makes that a bit less factual!
Pickle Jar BobJoePickle.png BobJoePickle 99 +{50%/level} Nothing. Absolutely nothing, now and forever. It's a darn pickle, what were you expecting?

Vial Upgrades

All vials can be upgraded. Each upgrade changes the color of the vial, and requires a larger amount of the material and liquid to obtain. Vials level 4 or higher count towards the Virale Vials talent for Shaman.

Vials by Level
Vial Level Vial Color Required Material Required
Water Droplets.png Water Droplets
Total Materials Total
Water Droplets.png Water Droplets
Level 1
- - 0 0
Level 2
100 3 100 3
Level 3
1,000 6 1,100 9
Level 4
2,500 9 3,600 18
Level 5
10,000 12 13,600 30
Level 6
50,000 15 63,600 45
Level 7
100,000 18 163,600 63
Level 8
500,000 21 663,600 84
Level 9
1,000,001 24 1,663,600 108
Level 10 ? 5,000,000 27 6,663,600 135
Level 11 ? 25,000,000 ? ? ?
Level 12 ? 100,000,000 ? ? ?
Level 13 ? 1,000,000,000 ? ? ?

Pay 2 Win

Here you can spend your hard earned coins on various alchemy upgrades.

Brewing Cauldrons

Cauldron Speed:Increases total cauldron speed.
New Bubble Chance:Increases the chance to discover new bubbles.
Boost Requirements:Reduces the cost to upgrade bubbles.

Liquid Cauldrons

Regen: Increases the speed at which the liquid cauldron generates liquid.
Capacity: Increases the max capacity for the liquid cauldron.


Attempts: Gives more daily attempts for discovering vials.
RNG: Gives higher vial discovery rolls.


Alchemy Speed: Increased alchemy speed per alchemy level.
Extra EXP: Increased Alchemy experience gain.


Not yet implemented.

Level up Gift

The fourth bubble of the Yellow Cauldron can be equipped on a character. Upon level up of the character or any skill, there is a chance for an item to drop. Essentially you roll between a 1 and 10,000. See below for the droptable.

Level up Gift drops
Type Name Chance Notes
Helmet Party Hat.png Party Hat 0.03% Only if above level 30, otherwise chance is 0%. Only source for this item
Gem Gem.png Gem 31.97% Chance is 35% if below level 20, 32% if 21-30, 31.97% if above 30
Exp Balloon Small Experience Balloon.png Small Experience Balloon 4% If above level 20. If below level 20, the chance is 1%
Candy 1 HR Time Candy.png 1 HR Time Candy 3% Can roll 100 times per day for candy, otherwise receive a Gem.png Gem
Candy 2 HR Time Candy.png 2 HR Time Candy 1% Can roll 100 times per day for candy, otherwise receive a Gem.png Gem
Candy 4 HR Time Candy.png 4 HR Time Candy 0.3% Can roll 100 times per day for candy, otherwise receive a Gem.png Gem
Candy 12 HR Time Candy.png 12 HR Time Candy 0.05% Can roll 100 times per day for candy, otherwise receive a Gem.png Gem
Candy 24 HR Time Candy.png 24 HR Time Candy 0.02% Can roll 100 times per day for candy, otherwise receive a Gem.png Gem
Fishing Fun Flags.png Fun Flags 0.73% If Fishing was leveled
Statue Power Statue.png Power Statue or Speed Statue.png Speed Statue or Mining Statue.png Mining Statue or Feasty Statue.png Feasty Statue or Health Statue.png Health Statue or Kachow Statue.png Kachow Statue or Lumberbob Statue.png Lumberbob Statue or Thicc Skin Statue.png Thicc Skin Statue 18.9% 8 different statue possibilities
Stamp Sukka Foo.png Sukka Foo 0.5% Only source for this stamp
Nothing 1% If you roll between 6050 and 6150
Upgrade Stone Mystery Upgrade Stone I.png Mystery Upgrade Stone I 13.5%
Boost Food Small EXP Potion.png Small EXP Potion or Average EXP Potion.png Average EXP Potion or Decent EXP Potion.png Decent EXP Potion 24.9% Tier increases every 33 levels (0-33, 34-66, 67+)
Stamp or Quest Item Card Stamp.png Card Stamp or Birthday Card.png Birthday Card 0.1% Gives Birthday Card or Stamp

Alchemy Bonuses

Name Source Description
Cranium Cooking Shaman Talent Killing a monster gives x seconds of instant alchemy progress. Lasts for x seconds
Busy Brewin' Shaman Talent Boosts brew speed by +x% for this character.
Bubble Breakthrough Shaman Talent +x% Alchemy EXP. Also, +x% odds of New Bubble when brewing on this player
Sharing Some Smarts Shaman Talent All characters in the same cauldron as this one gain +x% more Alch EXP.
Potion Package #1 Post Office (Upgrades) +x% Brewing Speed
Potion Package #2 Post Office (Upgrades) +x% Alchemy XP
Potion Package #3 Post Office (Upgrades) +x% Cranium Cooking Duration
Cauldron Statue Statue +x% Brew Speed