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The codex is the in game record for your:


From the Quests tab you can check the requirements & rewards of all the quests you've encountered.

  • Quests in Progress: Add/remove active quests from your Quest Helper, or forfeit quests if you need to start over.
  • Quests Completed: Check your total completed quests. Some completed quests let you Reclaim Items - handy if you need more Crimson String for a new pair of Boxing Gloves!


Every time you encounter a new feature, you'll unlock a new set of Hints to read through.

Quick Ref

Through Quick Ref you can access several town services. These are currently:

  • Anvil where you can see your available recipes and production. You can also send production items to your storage via quick deposit.
  • Storage Chest where you can see the contents of your storage chest.
  • Tasks where you can see and complete tasks.
  • Post Office where you can see your current orders and upgrades
  • Obols where you can view your currently assigned Obols in the Obol altar.
  • Alchemy where you can view all alchemy tabs and assign characters, but nothing else.