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Warning: This page contains spoilers.

There are multiple secrets that are unlocked by performing various feats in the game. These secrets can range from simple bonuses to new classes. This page will list all found secrets and how to unlock them.

Gem.png Spikes Minigame

If you type "If u love me let me go" into the in-game chat you will be teleported to the Spiketrap Surprise minigame. This is a shortcut, as the minigame is also accessible from the portal in the Carrot Man area. It is surrounded by deadly spikes, going in a certain pattern. The minigame starts every hour on the dot and is completely luck-dependent. Every day, your first play will award up to 40 Gems.

Secretstone.png Secretkeeper

The Secretkeeper is a secret character, only found in the tutorial area. They give you one quest, which requires you to get a Secretstone, which is the only other item you can craft in the tutorial. If you give the Secretkeeper the Secretstone, they will give you a quest completed in the codex and in their text, a secret code: 3-6-3-9-0-Blue

There is no further completion in this questline as of right now.

Quest Information for Secretkeeper
Quest Name Quest Text Difficulty Requirements Consumed? Rewards Notes
The Few, the Proud Find the Secretstone Difficulty 1.png 1Secretstone.png Secretstone Yes 1337 Class Experience, Silver Coin.png13 Copper Coin.png37

Peanut.png The Journeyman - Secret Class

NOTE: The final quest in this chain can only be completed by a beginner and quest progress is not shared between characters.

The quest to receive the Journeyman class is a long, peanut-filled adventure. Consider investing in hot dogs as much as you can for a week or so. This quest requires 2551 Peanuts in total, requiring a whopping 5102 hot dogs to be completed.

Chapter 1: The beginning

Your journey begins in the carrot fighting zone, where you will need to look for a very suspicious looking bush. Once you find this very suspicious bush, you should try dropping a peanut on that bush. To your surprise, something picks up the peanut. That's when you meet them.

Note: You need the recipe from Picnic Stowaway to craft the Peanut.png Peanut. It is dropped on the ground when you start the second daily quest.

Anvil Tab I.png Anvil Tab I Crafting Recipe Req:5Smithing.png Nr.51
Hot Dog.png Hot Dog x2
Copper Ore.png Copper Ore x1
Bleach Logs.png Bleach Logs x1
Recipe From Picnic Stowaway

Chapter 2: Bushlyte

That creature that came out of the bush.... is that a rabbit? Some sort of chungus-like creature? Nevermind, it seems to want more peanuts. 100 peanuts to be exact. You give it your peanuts, it seems satisfied for a moment, but it then screams for more. It is begging you for more peanuts. You throw 250 peanuts at it, praying that it will be enough to satisfy this massive being of chungus. To your detriment, it did not. It lets out the loudest scream you have every heard, begging for more peanuts. You manage to scrounge up 700 peanuts. For the love of god, please be enough. The Bushlyte then speaks, in perfect English.

Quest Information for Bushlyte
Quest Name Quest Text Difficulty Requirements Consumed? Rewards Notes
A Peanut for your Thoughts Difficulty 1.png 100Peanut.png Peanut Yes 1 Mystery Upgrade Stone I.png Mystery Upgrade Stone I, Silver Coin.png7 Copper Coin.png77 Get this quest by dropping a Peanut.png Peanut on the bush in Vegetable Patch.
Honk if you Love Peanuts! Difficulty 2.png 250Peanut.png Peanut Yes 2 Mystery Upgrade Stone I.png Mystery Upgrade Stone I, Silver Coin.png15
A Peanut Saved is a Peanut not Eaten! Difficulty 3.png 700Peanut.png Peanut Yes 3 Mystery Upgrade Stone I.png Mystery Upgrade Stone I, 1 Stone Peanut.png Stone Peanut, Silver Coin.png25 Drop the Stone Peanut.png Stone Peanut at the Rocklyte to start the final part of the questline.

"My peanut-ling, you must take this stone peanut to the Rocklyte. He shall show you the way of the peanut, young peanut. GO! SHOW YOUR MIGHT!"

Begrudgingly, you try your hardest to find this Rocklyte, you travel all the way back to the frog area, you see a suspicious rock in the corner. You walk up to it, very slowly, and drop the stone peanut in front of it.

Chapter 3: Rocklyte

"You have made it far, young peanut. But this shall be the test of willpower. Bring me one thousand peanuts to prove your trust in our society."

ONE THOUSAND???? Geez, okay. You build up 1000 peanuts over the next couple of days. You go towards the Rocklyte, please god let it end. The Rocklyte speaks again.

"Good, young peanut. You have shown us you are trustworthy of the Journeyman. Your final task, young peanut, is to make 5 golden peanuts, and then, you shall unlock the true self within. Like peanuts, you too shall break out of your shell, and witness your true form!"

Okay, 5 Golden Peanut.png Golden Peanut, doesn't sound too bad, hopefully it doesn't cost that many resources.

Anvil Tab I.png Anvil Tab I Crafting Recipe Req:1Smithing.png Nr.52
Peanut.png Peanut x100
Gold Bar.png Gold Bar x50
Recipe From Rocklyte
Quest Information for Rocklyte
Quest Name Quest Text Difficulty Requirements Consumed? Rewards Notes
How It's Made, Episode 7. The Super Peanut Difficulty 3.png 1000Peanut.png Peanut Yes Golden Peanut.png Golden Peanut Recipe, 5000 Class Experience Drop the Stone Peanut.png Stone Peanut at the rock on the bottom right side of Froggy Fields
If Life Gives you Peanuts, make Shiny Peanuts! Difficulty 4.png 5Golden Peanut.png Golden Peanut Yes 1 Mystery Upgrade Stone I.png Mystery Upgrade Stone I, 5000 Class Experience
Becoming the Best Beginner Difficulty 1.png Become a Journeyman: 1 No 1 Club Member.png Club Member, 1 Special Talent Book.png Beginner Best Class Star Talent This quest can only be completed by a beginner (no class chosen)

"You have done well, master peanut. Now go! SHOW THE WORLD THE POWER OF THE PEANUT!"

Brainstew Stamps.png Wellington's Platforms

Platform 1
Froggy Fields, at the top left of the map.
Platform 2
Platform 3
Pincer Plateau. Follow the arrows in the background.
Flowering Cactus
Djonnuttown, at the bottom left.

Note: You do not need to go to the cactus to complete the "You Can't Run, but you Can Hide" quest, just type the message anywhere.

Bolt Cutters.png The Crypt

First, you need to find the Bolt Cutters which drop from Green Mushrooms. Then you need to drop it at the sewer grate on the top right of the Dr Defecaus Boss room (where the invisible platform is) to gain access to the crypt with Meel and Boops. If you drop a stack of Bolt Cutters they will all be consumed, so make sure to only drop one to open the grate.

Quest Information for Meel
Quest Name Quest Text Difficulty Requirements Consumed? Rewards Notes
Spooky Scary Skelepoops Defeat the Boops! Difficulty 3.png Boops Bopped: 30 No 25 Gem.png Gem
Waitin' for the Cards to Drop Collect Bonemeal for Meel! This will take a while... Difficulty 7.png 777Bonemeal.png Bonemeal Yes 1 Death Wish.png Death Wish, 6 Armor Upgrade Stone C.png Armor Upgrade Stone C

Googley Eyes.png Biggie Hours (Hourglass Boss)

You need to craft the Googley Eyes.png Googley Eyes recipe that drops from Crabcakes.

Anvil Tab 2.png Anvil Tab 2 Crafting Recipe Req:17Smithing.png Nr.42
Woodular Circle.png Woodular Circle x2
Distilled Water.png Distilled Water x5
Recipe From Crabcake

Take the Googley Eyes.png Googley Eyes to the Mimic zone, and next to the Colosseum will be a broken hourglass. Drop the eyes on the hourglass, and the boss will spawn. The fight is similar to Baba Yaga in style, just more HP/damage. There is no cooldown for this boss, you can spawn it as many times as you can craft the recipe.

It also spawns at Wave 15 in Sandstone Colosseum.

See Biggie Hours for stats and droptable.

Dootjat Eye.png King Doot (Mummy Boss)

Requires the Dootjat Eye.png Dootjat Eye recipe that drops from Sand Giants to craft.

Anvil Tab 2.png Anvil Tab 2 Crafting Recipe Req:21Smithing.png Nr.59
Silver Antique.png Silver Antique x1
Gold Bar.png Gold Bar x80
Ghost.png Ghost x1
Recipe From Sand Giant

Note that Silver Antique.png Silver Antique is only available from the Vendor in the Forest Camp.

To fight the boss, you need at least one of each basic class, but subclasses count as well (so for archer you can use hunter or bowman). You need to be the same world where you can all see each other. Everyone has to drop the Eye at the summoning stone (which is located on the left side at Sand Giants) to enter the boss area.

Once everyone is in boss area and can see each other, everyone needs to say something in chat to activate the pillars. Once activated, everyone gets their own copy of the boss to fight. King Doot requires 1500 accuracy for 100%. The fight is similar to Baba Yaga in strategy, with the addition of some arena attacks (fire on the ground, a bouncing spike ball). Use the cactuses on either side of the arena to teleport out of harm's way.

See King Doot for stats and droptable.

Bandit Bob Card.png Bandit BOB Card

Look mom, a Legend with the Bandit Bob Card!
To obtain the Bandit Bob card, you must have a character that has not yet completed "The Notorious B.O.B" quest (the character must have not yet initiated dialog with Bandit Bob). You will then visit his hideout, climb the rope, and initiate your character's first dialog with Bob. Now when he attempts to kill you, he will miss his shot and drop the card. Continuing the dialog he praises you for being 'pretty smart' and offers you his card as a reward!

This secret gives you enough cards for gold immediately, so you only have to do this with a single character.

Mining Skill Icon.png Secret Mining Spot

Secret portal to who knows where!
This only requires access to the second section of the mining area. Here, if you click below our friend the piggy, then you will enter this little hidden area. When the green movement marker lands inside the wall, you know you clicked in the right area. There is currently nothing beyond this portal. At some point it will lead somewhere, so keep that in mind for a later date.