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Find and use recipes to unlock new items to craft, and unlock entire new tabs of items by crafting the tab expansion items! The production tab is separate for each character. You gain 1 point for upgrades per smithing level, plus more if you have the Acme Anvil archer skill. The production capacity is based off your material carry cap which is one of the capacities you can increase with Carry Capacity Bags.

For many recipes you will need bars of metal from ore. You can smelt those at the Forge.

NOTE: The Adept Tier is technically in the game, but has 0 recipes in it.

Anvil Tiers
Tier Link
Beginner Tier.png Beginner Tier (Anvil Tab 1)
Novice Tier.png Novice Tier (Anvil Tab 2)
Apprentice Tier.png Apprentice Tier (Anvil Tab 3
Adept Tier.png Adept Tier (Anvil Tab 5)

Anvil Points

Apart from the points you get from levelling up smithing you can also buy points with coins or Monster Drops and also the archers acme anvil talent (max 100)

The upgrades are as follows:

  • Bonus EXP - Increases the amount of EXP you get per production item or by crafting
  • Speed/h - Increases the speed at which you create production items
  • Capacity - Increases the max capacity of production items before the anvil becomes full

Anvil capacity is also tied to your material carry cap

The total quantities of Monster Drops required to buy points are (in order):

Buy Points - Monster Drops
Points Monster Drop Quantity Amount for each point
1-5Spore Cap.png Spore CapSpore CapSpore Cap.pngCopper Coin.png 3 DetailsDescriptionIt's often misunderstood that this is part of the spore's head. But it's actually just a stylish hat. ... well, stylish in Mushroom Culture at least.381, 4, 7, 11, 15
6-15Frog Leg.png Frog LegFrog LegFrog Leg.pngCopper Coin.png 5 DetailsDescriptionImagine if humans had legs like this. Actually, it would be better if you didn't, unless you want nightmares about humans violently jumping at you from 20 feet away.44620, 25, 30, 35, 41, 46, 53, 59, 65, 72
16-25Bean Slices.png Bean SlicesBean SlicesBean Slices.pngCopper Coin.png 7 DetailsDescriptionThere's something disturbing about how these beans have bones. Not as disturbing as how they also have eyeballs and walk around, but still disturbing anyway.112979, 86, 93, 101, 108, 116, 124, ... (incomplete)
26-40Slime Sludge.png Slime SludgeSlime SludgeSlime Sludge.pngCopper Coin.png 10 DetailsDescriptionEwww, slimey.3342..., 231, 241, 251, 261, 271, 282, 292 (incomplete)
41-55Carrot Cube.png Carrot CubeCarrot CubeCarrot Cube.pngCopper Coin.png 15 DetailsDescriptionProbably the only time you'll ever see a carrot cut into a cube!5710303, 313, 324, 335, 346, 357, 368, 380, 391, 403, 414, 426, 438, 450, 462
56-70Glublin Ear.png Glublin EarGlublin EarGlublin Ear.pngCopper Coin.png 20 DetailsDescriptionThis item will listen to anything you have to say, it's all ears!8443
71-85Bullfrog Horn.png Bullfrog HornBullfrog HornBullfrog Horn.pngCopper Coin.png 30 DetailsDescriptionMakes a loud noise when thrown at someones head, although the sound doesn't come from the horn itself...11503
86-100Pocket Sand.png Pocket SandPocket SandPocket Sand.pngCopper Coin.png 60 DetailsDescriptionThis sand aint right, I tell you hwat!14844
101-115Crabby Cakey.png Crabby CakeyCrabby CakeyCrabby Cakey.pngCopper Coin.png 80 DetailsDescriptionYou could probably start a restaurant selling these! Just employ an overeager cook, give the place a cool name like The Crispy Crustacean, and you'd be set!18449
116-130Coconotnotto.png CoconotnottoCoconotnottoCoconotnotto.pngCopper Coin.png 95 DetailsDescriptionHow many O's are in this item's name? Yep, you're right, there's six! Good job!22309
131-150Pincer Arm.png Pincer ArmPincer ArmPincer Arm.pngSilver Coin.png 1 Copper Coin.png 20 DetailsDescriptionThat looks sharp! Is probably what the pincermin said before you cut his arm off.36119
151-175High Steaks.png High SteaksHigh SteaksHigh Steaks.pngSilver Coin.png 1 Copper Coin.png 45 Details56115
176-200Wakka Cherry.png Wakka CherryWakka CherryWakka Cherry.pngSilver Coin.png 1 Copper Coin.png 60 DetailsDescriptionWeoweoweoweowdingding!69153
201+Shrapshell.png ShrapshellShrapshellShrapshell.pngSilver Coin.png 2 DetailsDescriptionThe very tippy top of the shell, with some of the underneath part attached as well.Infinite

Production Items

Production Items
Smithing.png Item Exp Per Craft Production Per Craft Production Per Exp
1 Thread.png ThreadThreadThread.pngCopper Coin.png 3 DetailsDescriptionIt's basically string cheese, but without the cheese. CRAFT THESE IN THE 'PRODUCE' TAB IN ANVIL! 5 100 20
5 Trusty Nails.png Trusty NailsTrusty NailsTrusty Nails.pngCopper Coin.png 12 DetailsDescriptionTwice the nailage, so you can feel even dumber when you still end up hitting your thumb instead! CRAFT THESE IN THE 'PRODUCE' TAB IN ANVIL! 8 250 31
12 Boring Brick.png Boring BrickBoring BrickBoring Brick.pngCopper Coin.png 25 DetailsDescriptionGo get your shovel... And we'll dig a deep hole... To gain a skill level... To gain a skill level... 14 500 35
18 Chain Link.png Chain LinkChain LinkChain Link.pngCopper Coin.png 40 DetailsDescriptionBetter keep an eye on this or it might try to leave your inventory to go save Chain Zelda! 25 1000 40
25 Leather Hide.png Leather HideLeather HideLeather Hide.pngCopper Coin.png 60 DetailsDescriptionI mean come on, would this really be a Fantasy MMO if it didn't have a leather material item? 40 2000 50
32 Pinion Spur.png Pinion SpurPinion SpurPinion Spur.pngCopper Coin.png 80 DetailsDescriptionThe big one is the Spur. The puny one is the Pinion. Have fun bragging in class when you get this question right on a test. 80 5000 62
40 Lugi Bracket.png Lugi BracketLugi BracketLugi Bracket.pngSilver Coin.png 1 DetailsDescriptionHey look Mario! I have-a my own reference in the game! 160 12500 78

The Forge


In order to turn ore into bars you need to put them in the forge. Better ores require more time to smelt and use more ores to produce each bar. You can also add barrels to speed up or otherwise enhance the smelting.

You can upgrade the forge as well in the upgrade tab. Upgrades include:

  • New forge slot: +1 new slot to smelt ores in per level
  • Ore capacity boost: Increases max ores per slot by 10(level) + 20
  • Forge speed: +5% faster conversion of ores into bars per level
  • Forge EXP gain: +1% bonus EXP gain from using the forge per level (doesn't do anything atm)
  • Bar Bonanza: +1% chance to make an extra bar per level
  • Puff Puff Go: +1% chance for a card drop while afk