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Find and use recipes to unlock new items to craft, and unlock entire new tabs of items by crafting the tab expansion items! The production tab is separate for each character. You gain 1 point for upgrades per smithing level, plus more if you have the Acme Anvil archer skill. The production capacity is based off your material carry cap which is one of the capacities you can increase with Carry Capacity Bags.

For many recipes you will need bars of metal from ore. You can smelt those at the Forge

NOTE: The Adept Tier is technically in the game, but has 0 recipes in it.

Anvil Tiers
Tier Link
Beginner Tier.png Beginner Tier (Anvil Tab 1)
Novice Tier.png Novice Tier (Anvil Tab 2)
Apprentice Tier.png Apprentice Tier (Anvil Tab 3
Adept Tier.png Adept Tier (Anvil Tab 5)


Apart from the points you get from levelling up smithing you can also buy points with coins or Monster Drops.

The Monster Drops required for anvil points are (in order):

The quantities of Monster Drops required to buy points are (in order):

Buy Points - Monster Drops
Points Image Monster Drop Quantity
1-5Spore Cap38
6-15Frog Leg446
16-25Bean Slices1129
26-40Slime Sludge3342
41-55Carrot Cube5710
56-70Glublin Ear8443
71-85Bullfrog Horn11503
86-100Pocket Sand14844
101-115Crabby Cakey18449
131-150Pincer Arm36119
151-175High Steaks56115
176-200Wakka Cherry69153

The upgrades are as follows:

  • Bonus Exp
  • Speed/h
  • Capacity

Production items

Production Items
Smithing.png Name Image Exp Per Craft Production Per Craft Production Per Exp
1 Thread
5 100
5 Trusty Nails
Trusty Nails.png
8 250
12 Boring Brick
Boring Brick.png
14 500 35
18 Chain Link
Chain Link.png
25 1000 40
25 Leather Hide
Leather Hide.png
40 2000 50
32 Pinion Spur
Pinion Spur.png
80 5000 62
40 Lugi Bracket
Lugi Bracket.png
160 12500 78

The Forge

In order to turn ore into bars you need to put them in the forge. Better ores require more time to smelt and use more ores to produce each bar. You can also add barrels to speed up or otherwise enhance the smelting.

You can upgrade the forge as well in the upgrade tab. Upgrades include:

  • New forge slot: +1 new slot to smelt ores in per level
  • Ore capacity boost: Increases max ores per slot by 10(level) + 20
  • Forge speed: +5% faster conversion of ores into bars per level
  • Forge EXP gain: +1% bonus EXP gain from using the forge per level (doesn't do anything atm)
  • Bar Bonanza: +1% chance to make an extra bar per level
  • Puff Puff Go: +1% chance for a card drop while afk