Crabby Cakey

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Crabby Cakey
Crabby Cakey.png
Description You could probably start a restaurant selling these! Just employ an overeager cook, give the place a cool name like The Crispy Crustacean, and you'd be set!
Sell Price Copper Coin.png 80
Type Monster Drop
Source Crabcake
What Crabby Cakey is used in
Name Quantity Type
Golden Axe2,000Smithing
More like 'Sleepius' lmao 150Quests
Fly Intel StampLotsStamps
Reely SmartLotsAlchemy Bubble
Dudes Next DoorLotsPost Office
Smithing18.4 K 18,449 Smithing Points (per character)

Detailed Drop Details for Crabby Cakey
Source Chance Quantity
Crabcake 4.87804878048781 in 4.88