Tool Upgrade Stone I

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Tool Upgrade Stone I
Tool Upgrade Stone I.png
Description Drag onto any Tool to apply. +1 Weapon Power +1 Random Stat Success Chance; 100% Uses up 1 slots only if Successful
Sell Price Silver Coin.png1 Copper Coin.png10
Type Upgrade
Tier I
Source Blunder Hills Vendor, Faraway Piers Vendor, Simple Shippin, DropTable4, DropTable5, DropTable10, DropTable11, DropTable12, Weak UPG Stone

Where to buy Tool Upgrade Stone I
No. Vendor Buy Price Stock
11 Blunder Hills Silver Coin.png4 Copper Coin.png40 4
7 Faraway Piers Silver Coin.png4 Copper Coin.png40 2