Sand Giant

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Sand Giant
Sand Giant Walking.gif
Attack 195
Health 30000
Speed 3
Experience 410
Accuracy 5% 183
Accuracy 100% 548
Defence for 0 207.65
Respawn 40
World Yum Yum Desert
Area Sands of Time
Crystal Crabal
Attack 487.5
Health 450000
Accuracy 5% 456.25
Accuracy 100% 1368.75
Experience 14350
Card Info
Order 9
Category Yum Yum Desert
Effect +% Minimum Damage
Base 2
Star1.png 4
Star2.png 6
Star3.png 8
Dropchance 100001 in 10,000

Droptable for Sand Giant
Icon Item Quantity Chance
Coins.gif Silver Coin.png 1 Copper Coin.png 40 2.94117647058821 in 2.94

Singlecle.png SinglecleSinglecleSinglecle.pngSilver Coin.png 1 Copper Coin.png 80 DetailsDescriptionIt's like a monocle, but not quite. 1 6.57894736842111 in 6.58

Sand Giant Card.png Sand Giant Card 1 100001 in 10,000

Novice Recipe.png Dootjat Eye (Recipe)Dootjat EyeDootjat Eye.pngGold Coin.png 2 Silver Coin.png 93 Copper Coin.png 60 DetailsDescriptionBlinks repeatedly when close to the Black Market, where you buy the Ankh used in the ice zone to get the Hedjet... wait, wrong game, sorry! 1 58823.5294117651 in 58,800

Arrow Down Blue.pngRare Drops.pngArrow Down Blue.png
Midnight Cookie.png Midnight CookieMidnight CookieMidnight Cookie.pngSilver Coin.png 3 DetailsDescriptionIncreases Weapon Power by 5. 2% chance to be consumed every time you defeat a monster. Must be equipped in a Food Slot to give its bonus. 1 90090.090090091 in 90,100

Decent Life Potion.png Decent Life PotionDecent Life PotionDecent Life Potion.pngSilver Coin.png 2 DetailsDescriptionIncreases Base HP by 250. 3% chance to be consumed every time you defeat a monster. Must be equipped in a Food Slot to give its bonus. 25 675.675675675681 in 676

Buzz Buzz Stamp.png Buzz Buzz Stamp 1 1801801.80180181 in 1,800,000

Cauldron Statue.png Cauldron StatueCauldron StatueCauldron Statue.pngCopper Coin.png 10 DetailsBonus+ % Alchemy ExpDescriptionThey used to tie women to these things and throw them into the ocean to see if they were a witch. If they were, they'd use all the water in the ocean to upgrade the cauldron and thus not drown! Not sure what happened if they werent. 1 3861.00386100391 in 3,860

Cloudsound Follower.png Cloudsound FollowerCloudsound FollowerCloudsound Follower.pngCopper Coin.png 1 DetailsDescriptionRepresents a single follower on Cloudsound. This isn't a website, it's literally a giant cloud that emits sound that people enjoy following around. Why, what were YOU thinking this was? ((Mutton)) 8 540.540540540541 in 541

Instablab Follower.png Instablab FollowerInstablab FollowerInstablab Follower.pngCopper Coin.png 1 DetailsDescriptionRepresents a single follower on Instablab, who probably sound like this: 'Oh mah gawd Becky, you would not Buh Leeeeve how lame this game I'm playing is. They have a joke about Insta that tooootally isn't funnay, like seriouslayy! ((Mutton)) 3 900.90090090091 in 901

Silver WIS Obol.png Silver WIS ObolSilver WIS ObolSilver WIS Obol.pngDetailsLevel1ClassAllStats WIS Staticon.pngx2 1 429000.429000431 in 429,000

Arrow Down Magenta.pngMega Rare Drops.pngArrow Down Magenta.png
Silver Pen.png Silver PenSilver PenSilver Pen.pngCopper Coin.png 50 DetailsDescriptionHold down to add a Silver Pen to your Post-Office! You can use it to skip a Delivery! 1 500500.50050051 in 501,000

Lucky Lad.png Lucky LadLucky LadLucky Lad.pngSilver Coin.png 7 Copper Coin.png 77 DetailsLevel1ClassAllStats LUK Staticon.pngx7Misc7% Drop Chance 1 150150150.150151 in 150,000,000

Talent Point Reset Fragment.png Talent Point Reset FragmentTalent Point Reset FragmentTalent Point Reset Fragment.pngSilver Coin.png 2 DetailsDescriptionHold down on this item to turn 10 Fragments into 1 Talent Point Reset Potion. You'll need 1 open inventory space for this to work. 1 300300.30030031 in 300,000

Golden Meat Pie.png Golden Meat PieGolden Meat PieGolden Meat Pie.pngSilver Coin.png 3 Copper Coin.png 50 DetailsDescriptionIncreases your Total Defence. Golden foods are never consumed 1 90090.090090091 in 90,100

Gold LUK Obol.png Gold LUK ObolGold LUK ObolGold LUK Obol.pngDetailsLevel1ClassAllStats LUK Staticon.pngx4 1 2042859.18571631 in 2,040,000

Silver Obol of Double Sixes.png Silver Obol of Double SixesSilver Obol of Double SixesSilver Obol of Double Sixes.pngDetailsLevel1ClassAllStats LUK Staticon.pngx2Misc5% Drop Chance 1 2042859.18571631 in 2,040,000

Bronze Obol of Defence.png Bronze Obol of DefenceBronze Obol of DefenceBronze Obol of Defence.pngDetailsLevel1ClassAllDefence1 1 1479311.82413941 in 1,480,000

Mystery Upgrade Stone I.png Mystery Upgrade Stone IMystery Upgrade Stone IMystery Upgrade Stone I.pngSilver Coin.png 7 Copper Coin.png 77 DetailsDescriptionDrag onto any Equip to apply. +3 Mystery Stat Success Chance; 100% Uses up 1 slots only if Successful. WARNING: Mystery Stat has a chance to be Negative, and reduce stats! 3 64350.0643500641 in 64,400