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Droptable for DropTable6
Icon Item Quantity Chance
Arrow Down Blue.pngRare Drops.pngArrow Down Blue.png
Inventory Bag G.pngInventory Bag GInventory Bag GInventory Bag G.pngSilver Coin.png 2 DetailsLevel20ClassAllDescriptionHold down to permanently add +2 Slots to your Inventory. Can only be used once. 1833.333333333331 in 833
Kebab Sticks.pngKebab SticksKebab SticksKebab Sticks.pngCopper Coin.png 48 DetailsDescriptionAuto-Used when your health goes below 50%. Restores 300 HP. Has a 30 second Cooldown. 152.38095238095241 in 2.38
Average Speed Potion.pngAverage Speed PotionAverage Speed PotionAverage Speed Potion.pngCopper Coin.png 60 DetailsDescriptionIncreases Move Spd by 10%. 13% chance to be consumed every 10 meters walked. Must be equipped in a Food Slot to give its bonus. 252.51 in 2.50
Drippy Drop Stamp.pngDrippy Drop Stamp 11666.66666666671 in 1,670
Anvil Statue.pngAnvil StatueAnvil StatueAnvil Statue.pngCopper Coin.png 10 DetailsBonus+ % Product SpdDescriptionA little monument to the efforts of a most devious coyote, whose dreams were always just out of reach, and whose head often felt the crushing blow of defeat. 114.2857142857141 in 14.3
Monster Rating.pngMonster RatingMonster RatingMonster Rating.pngSilver Coin.png 1 DetailsDescription'I literally just die over and over, I can't even fight back other than just running into them. Honestly I wish I was dead, but even then I just keep respawning, literally the worst experience ever, 1 star ' (XxX Cattleprod XxX)11.66666666666671 in 1.67
Cloudsound Follower.pngCloudsound FollowerCloudsound FollowerCloudsound Follower.pngCopper Coin.png 1 DetailsDescriptionRepresents a single follower on Cloudsound. This isn't a website, it's literally a giant cloud that emits sound that people enjoy following around. Why, what were YOU thinking this was? (Mutton)721 in 2.00
Instablab Follower.pngInstablab FollowerInstablab FollowerInstablab Follower.pngCopper Coin.png 1 DetailsDescriptionRepresents a single follower on Instablab, who probably sound like this: 'Oh mah gawd Becky, you would not Buh Leeeeve how lame this game I'm playing is. They have a joke about Insta that tooootally isn't funnay, like seriouslayy! (Mutton)33.33333333333331 in 3.33
Silver STR Obol.pngSilver STR ObolSilver STR ObolSilver STR Obol.pngDetailsLevel1ClassAllStatsSTR Staticon.pngx2 11587.30158730161 in 1,590
Arrow Down Magenta.pngMega Rare Drops.pngArrow Down Magenta.png
Silver Pen.pngSilver PenSilver PenSilver Pen.pngCopper Coin.png 50 DetailsDescriptionHold down to add a Silver Pen to your Post-Office! You can use it to skip a Delivery! 11851.85185185191 in 1,850
Lucky Lad.pngLucky LadLucky LadLucky Lad.pngSilver Coin.png 7 Copper Coin.png 77 DetailsLevel1ClassAllStats LUK Staticon.pngx7Misc7% Drop Chance 1555555.555555561 in 556,000
Talent Point Reset Fragment.pngTalent Point Reset FragmentTalent Point Reset FragmentTalent Point Reset Fragment.pngSilver Coin.png 2 DetailsDescriptionHold down on this item to turn 10 Fragments into 1 Talent Point Reset Potion. You'll need 1 open inventory space for this to work. 11111.11111111111 in 1,110
Golden Meat Pie.pngGolden Meat PieGolden Meat PieGolden Meat Pie.pngSilver Coin.png 3 Copper Coin.png 50 DetailsDescriptionIncreases your Total Defence. Golden foods are never consumed 1333.333333333331 in 333
Gold LUK Obol.pngGold LUK ObolGold LUK ObolGold LUK Obol.pngDetailsLevel1ClassAllStats LUK Staticon.pngx4 17558.57898715041 in 7,560
Silver Obol of Double Sixes.pngSilver Obol of Double SixesSilver Obol of Double SixesSilver Obol of Double Sixes.pngDetailsLevel1ClassAllStats LUK Staticon.pngx2Misc5% Drop Chance 17558.57898715041 in 7,560
Bronze Obol of Defence.pngBronze Obol of DefenceBronze Obol of DefenceBronze Obol of Defence.pngDetailsLevel1ClassAllDefence1 15473.45374931581 in 5,470
Mystery Upgrade Stone I.pngMystery Upgrade Stone IMystery Upgrade Stone IMystery Upgrade Stone I.pngSilver Coin.png 7 Copper Coin.png 77 DetailsDescriptionDrag onto any Equip to apply. +3 Mystery Stat Success Chance; 100% Uses up 1 slots only if Successful. WARNING: Mystery Stat has a chance to be Negative, and reduce stats! 3238.095238095241 in 238