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Class Info
Path Savvy
Main Stat Wisdom
Accuracy Stat Agility
Specialization Worship
Class Stages
Current Stage Third Stage
Previous Stage Mage
Wizard Talents

Ice Shards Floor Is Lava Tornado Speedy Book Mana Is Life Paperwork, Great... Occult Obols Staring Statues Wis Wumbo Fuscia Flasks Charge Syphon Sooouls Bless Up Nearby Outlet Earlier Education

Wizard is a Mage subclass that specializes in Worship Skill Icon.png Worship.

Wizard talents

Ice Shards

Ice Shards.png

Your next basic attack deals % dmg 3 times, and freezes all nearby mobs

Mana Cost: 30 
Action Time: 1.2 Seconds 
Cooldown: 10 Seconds

Floor Is Lava

Floor Is Lava.png

Summon x2 volcanos which erupt around you, dealing % dmg

Mana Cost: 30 
Action Time: 0.95 Seconds 
Cooldown: 13 Seconds



Summon a tornado, which deals % dmg and disappears after seconds

Mana Cost: 30 
Action Time: 0.95 Seconds 
Cooldown: 25 Seconds

Speedy Book

Speedy Book.png

Getting 4 kills in 4 sec activates 'Speedy Book' boosting attack rate by % for sec

Mana Cost: 30 
Action Time: 0.95 Seconds 
Cooldown: 2 Seconds

Mana Is Life

Mana Is Life.png

% of taken dmg is dealt to MP. Also passively boosts MP regen by +%

Mana Cost: 30 
Action Time: 0.95 Seconds 
Cooldown: 1 Minute 

Paperwork, Great...

Paperwork, Great....png

+% Damage for every 10 Stamps in your collection. Oink Oink!

Occult Obols

Occult Obols.png

Obols give +% more WIS than what is listed

Staring Statues

Staring Statues.png

'Exp', 'Lumberbob', and 'Beholder' statues give +% more bonus

Wis Wumbo

Wis Wumbo.png

+ Max Talent Level for 'Book of the Wise'

Fuscia Flasks

Fuscia Flasks.png

Each Lv of 'Mage is Best' Bubble raises max Lv of 'Overclocked Energy', up to +

Charge Syphon

Charge Syphon.png

Steal charge from all your players, giving you % of it.
+% Max Charge for 1 Min.

Mana Cost: 10 
Action Time: 0.95 Seconds 
Cooldown: 1 Hour 



+% Worship Efficiency per power of 10 Forest Souls in your Storage Chest.

Bless Up

Bless Up.png

+% Worship EXP gain. Access the other totems faster!

Nearby Outlet

Nearby Outlet.png

+x Charge Rate. You know, for Worship... No, not for your phone.

Earlier Education

Earlier Education.png

+ Talent Points for the 'Mage' talent tab. What, these talent's aint good 'nuff for ya?