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Class Info
Path Rage
Main Stat Strength
Accuracy Stat Wisdom
Specialization Mining
Specialization 2 Fishing
Class Stages
Current Stage Second Stage
Future Stage 1 Barbarian
Future Stage 2 Squire
Previous Stage Beginner

Power Strike Whirl Health Overdrive Double Strike Firmly Grasp It Strength In Numbers 'Str'Ess Tested Garb Carry A Big Stick Absolute Unit Haungry For Gold Big Pick Copper Collector Motherlode Miner Tool Proficiency Tempestuous Emotions

Rage Basics (Beginner Tab)

Brute Efficiency Meat Shank Critikill Idle Brawling Idle Skilling

Class Information

Warriors use Wooden Spear.png Spears and specialize in Mining Skill Icon.png Mining.

Warrior talents

Power Strike

Power Strike.png
Slash forward dealing
% damage to up to 3 monsters


Swing your weapon around you dealing
% damage to up to

Health Overdrive

Health Overdrive.png
Increase max HP by

Double Strike

Double Strike.png
Basic Attacks with Warrior Weapons have a
% chance to hit twice

Firmly Grasp It

Firmly Grasp It.png
Temporarily boosts base STR by

Strength In Numbers

Strength In Numbers.png
STR's effect on both Damage and HP is increased by

'Str'Ess Tested Garb

'Str'Ess Tested Garb.png
All Equipment gives
% more STR than what's listed

Carry A Big Stick

Carry A Big Stick.png
The effect Weapon Power has on Damage Dealt is increased by

Absolute Unit

Absolute Unit.png
base STR

Haungry For Gold

Haungry For Gold.png
Golden Food bonuses are increased by

Big Pick

Big Pick.png
Swings forward and mines the rock with +
% bonus Mining Efficiency

Copper Collector

Copper Collector.png
Mining Efficiency is increased by +
% for every power of 10 Copper Ore in Storage Chest.

Motherlode Miner

Motherlode Miner.png
% base multi-ore drop chance. This can trigger up to 4 times in a row per swing.

Tool Proficiency

Tool Proficiency.png
Pickaxes give +
% more Mining Power than whats listed for every 10 Mining Lv you have

Tempestuous Emotions

Tempestuous Emotions.png
Increases Exp Gain for all Specialized Skills by

Rage Basics (Tab 1)

Brute Efficiency

Brute Efficiency.png
Increases the total efficiency of all specialized skills by

Meat Shank

Meat Shank.png
Damage dealt is increased by
% for every power of 10 Max HP you have.
*Level cap boosted by Blocky Bottles Blocky Bottles up to +100


Increases Critical Hit Damage by
*Level cap boosted by Beefy Bottles Beefy Bottles up to +100

Idle Brawling

Idle Brawling.png
AFK Gains Rate for Fighting is increased by

Idle Skilling

Idle Skilling.png
AFK Gains Rate for all Specialized Skills is increased by