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Link Popups for Enemies and Items

Madolinn (talkcontribs)

Is there anything editors can do to get these working?

As an example,

The popups for these respective pages shows There was an issue displaying this preview presumably because the first content on the page is the template.

From my understanding it's pulling in correct enough information to be able to display a simplified preview

If we can't change the logic for which information to pull into the popup, should we shove hidden text and the image above the current template code so that the preview grabs that text? That seems pretty inelegant but I'm in no hurry to dig through code to figure out why they're broken to fix it properly.

Blackwolfe (talkcontribs)

I tried using hidden text, but that won't show up. The SEO stuff is just for previews outside of the wiki (like on discord) and won't affect the popups. Not really found a good way of getting that to work properly. The previews are based on Extension:Popups

Madolinn (talkcontribs)

Looks like you'd have to write a small conditional for those kinds of pages in the api endpoint.

Purbunni Example, returns "extract:''". Not sure if you're familiar enough with programming to make use of this information, but I think the easiest fix would be:

  1. Run the normal content extract function
  2. If it returns empty ("")
  3. Run a search to see if the page starts with "{{Info" (InfoItem, InfoEnemy, InfoCard, etc)
  4. If true
  5. Pull the properties out of it (type, description, source, etc) and return them

That way we're not causing any unnecessary processing when it encounters pages that don't need the special case to run, but we can also return at least something when it runs into these cases.

Blackwolfe (talkcontribs)

I dunno even how to do that :P We use Miraheze though, so don't really know if we can do it unless it can be done with js. (I also don't know js)

Madolinn (talkcontribs)

I took a deep dive and asked in the Miraheze Discord and worked out a partial solution that didn't require any changes to the backend.

In the templates for InfoItem, InfoCard, InfoEnemy, before the table is output we can do something like

<span style="display:none;" aria-hidden="true">
Hidden Testing Content; should appear in popup.

This will hide it from the page and prevent tabbing on it, but when Popups gets it it removes the display none and just does raw text. So at the minimum we have a description field. We can slightly tweak it per template type to get the best information blurbs on hovering.

It looks like Popups Extension ignores content inside of things like Divs and Tables, so we'd have to use spans. It also doesn't seem like to GIFs or very long or tall aspect ratio images so we can't use the pretty animated images.

Blackwolfe (talkcontribs)

Hrm, I'll see what I can do.

Blackwolfe (talkcontribs)

Got it working. It doesn't look pretty but it works.

Madolinn (talkcontribs)

Yeah. Since it removes pretty much all formatting it's going to be a bit bothersome trying to find a format that works. But it's a start!

Nagiman (talkcontribs)

My first character is completely stuck on The Unoccupied Picnic after completeing Can't Somebody Else Do It?. I completed Picnic first, turned in quest, then completed Can't Somebody Else do it?. Once done with that I couldn't get the next quest to get to Stiltzcho, thought it was a level problem so proceeded to level up. Hit 30, went back, asks me to complete the quest Picnic again, however I can't talk to Stowaway normally and can only do the daily quests for the King of Food Chain. I tried moving a Golden Jam over from an alt and didn't get a trigger from that either. So effectively my Main that I put my time into is locked out from progessing.

Blackwolfe (talkcontribs)

Remember, you need to give Scripticus the correct Golden Jam, there is one that is Gold Food and there is one that is a Quest Item. You can get a new golden jam quest item from the quest log.

Nagiman (talkcontribs)

That did it. Didn't know about the reclaiming and couldn't find anything that mentioned it. Got all settled. Thanks so much.

Average strength potion price

Summary by Blackwolfe

Was never an issue

Njbcabc122 (talkcontribs)

The price for the average strength potion here on the wiki says that it's one silver coin, but the price in-game says ten, is this intentional?

Blackwolfe (talkcontribs)

I double checked, the average strength potion does cost 1 silver to buy ingame (in my case it is 93 copper because of a bribe), so not sure where you get the 10 silver from.

Vertisom (talkcontribs)

Links to Dog Bone Item, not NPC

Blackwolfe (talkcontribs)


Blackwolfe (talkcontribs)


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