Spontaneity Salts

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Spontaneity Salts
Spontaneity Salts.png
Description It's blue, and currently has a flight scheduled to Tahiti that it booked earlier this morning on a whim.
Sell Price Silver Coin.png 1
Type Refinery Salts
Source Refinery
What Spontaneity Salts is used in
Name Quantity Type
Void Imperium Helmet500Smithing
Void Imperium Rod200Smithing
Blackhole Bow350Smithing
Anvil Tab 41Smithing
Dioxide SynthesisLotsRefining
Clover Shrine6,890Construction
Summereading Shrine13.8 KConstruction
Party Starter12.8 KConstruction
Cost Cruncher34.5 KConstruction
Salt Lick Bonuses11.1 KConstruction