Small Experience Balloon

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Small Experience Balloon
Small Experience Balloon.png
Description Hold down to gain EXP in the skill that's displayed in the corner of your screen. If you're in a town, you will gain EXP in the town skill. The amount of EXP you get is based on your skill's Lv.
Sell Price Copper Coin.png1
Type Exp Balloon
Source Simple Shippin, Plan-it Express, Dudes Next Door, Roll of Anger, The Rats are to Blame!, Sticks and Stone Something Something Bones..., Justice Wears No Clothes, What Lies at the Heart of the Forest, Brunchin' with the Blobs, Afternoon Tea in a Jiffy, The Witcher, but not Really, No Stone Unturned, Restoring Power to the Portal, Crystal Crime Stopper, Stamp Collecting, Bullets for Bandit Bob!, Old Timey Craftin', Rhyming is Key!, Say Goodbye to your Dubloon!, The Notorious B.O.B, The Worst Trade Deal in History, DropTable13, Guild Giftbox

Detailed Drop Details for Small Experience Balloon
Source Chance Quantity
Biggie Hours
1 in 5.00

King Doot
1 in 4.00