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World Undefined
Location Blunder Hills
Number of Quests 12
Birth Weight (Kg) 1.54
Starsign Pisces
Mothers Maiden Name Garcia

Scripticus is the first NPC you interact with after the tutorial, located to the right in the starting town.

He introduces the player to the basics of completing quests, fighting monsters, Smithing, equipping gear, and creating multiple characters. His questline guides the player through most of World 1 leading to the Amarok boss fight.

Quest Information for Scripticus
Quest Name Quest Text Difficulty Requirements Consumed? Rewards Notes

Hardcore Gamer Status, Here I Come! Go to the right and defeat 5 Green Mushroom Card.pngGreen Mushroom. Difficulty 2.png Defeat Green Mushroom Card.pngGreen Mushroom: 5 No 1 Crimson String.png Crimson String, Copper Coin.png80, 10 Class Experience

Gear Up, Gamer! Buy some Cue Tape.png tape from the Shop and then make some Boxing Gloves.png gloves Difficulty 1.png Craft Boxing Gloves.png gloves: 1

Buy Cue Tape.png tape from Shop: 5

No 1 Red Headband.png Red Headband, 15 Class Experience If you've accidentally sold the Crimson String.png Crimson String, you can reclaim it from the quest codex.

Mr. Worldwide Reach map 2 Difficulty 3.png Discover map 2: 1 No 1 Inventory Bag A.png Inventory Bag A, 20 Nomwich.png Nomwich, 25 Class Experience Map 2 is the third Grasslands zone, Froggy Fields.

The Choice is Yours! Spend 5 Talent Points Difficulty 1.png Spend Talent Points: 5 No Silver Coin.png1 Copper Coin.png25, 20 Class Experience

Certified Swinger, of Pickaxes of course! Get Glumlee's Certification Difficulty 3.png 1Mining Certificate.png Mining Certificate Yes 1 Junk Pickaxe.png Junk Pickaxe, 50 Mining Experience, Silver Coin.png2

The Smithing Grind Craft Farmer Brim.pngFarmer Brim and Orange Tee.pngOrange Tee Difficulty 2.png Farmer Brim.pngFarmer Brim Crafted: 1

Orange Tee.pngOrange Tee Crafted: 1

No 1 Mini Materials Pouch.png Mini Materials Pouch, Blue Tee.png Blue Tee Recipe, 70 Class Experience Crafting the required items before accepting the quest will not reward the player with completion progress.

Can't somebody else do it? Reach Lv 7, then create a 2nd character at the main menu! You can treat them as a laborer to gather materials for you! Difficulty 2.png 2nd Character Created: 1

Storage Chest.gif Storage Chest Used: 1

No 1 Armor Upgrade Stone I.png Armor Upgrade Stone I, 2 1 HR Time Candy.png 1 HR Time Candy, 130 Class Experience

The Unoccupied Picnic Retrieve the Golden Jam.png Golden Jam Difficulty 4.png 1Golden Jam.png Golden Jam Yes 1 Inventory Bag B.png Inventory Bag B, 120 Class Experience, Silver Coin.png3 There are TWO Golden Jam.png Golden Jam items. You want the Golden Jam (quest) item for this.

Seeking Foreign Aid Get a scouting report from the Jungle resident. Difficulty 5.png 1Scouting Report.png Scouting Report Yes 1 Inventory Bag C.png Inventory Bag C, 1 Small Material Pouch.png Small Material Pouch, 1250 Class Experience Stiltzcho rewards you with the report upon completing his first 3 quests.

What Lies at the Heart of the Forest Difficulty 2.png Forest Camp Found: 1 No 10 Bottled Town Teleport.png Bottled Town Teleport, 2 Small Experience Balloon.png Small Experience Balloon, 2500 Class Experience The "Forest Camp" is the second area of the forest, where you can find the entrance to the Amarok boss fight.

The Bigger they are, the Bigger they Fall! Difficulty 3.png Wolf Golem Defeated: 1

Desert Topaz.png Town Gem Recovered: 1

No 1 Special Talent Book.png Will Of The Eldest Star Talent, 5000 Class Experience, Silver Coin.png40 The boss is located to the far right in Encroaching Forest Villas. You need to complete Dog Bone's quest to get the keys required to enter the boss zone.

Champion of the Grasslands Difficulty 9.png 1 Blunderhills NPC Completion Token.png Blunderhills NPC Completion Token

1 Blunder Skills Completion Token.png Blunder Skills Completion Token 1 Blunderhills Misc Completion Token.png Blunderhills Misc Completion Token

Yes 1 Blunder Hero.png Blunder Hero The Scripticus gives you all the 3 recipes for the tokens and also the 3 recipes which are needed to craft the Blunderhills NPC Completion Token (Easy, Med, Hard)
Dialogue Table for Scripticus
Dialogue Text Quest
Ah, another poor soul to add to the list!
List of what, you ask? Just look around you! The grassy platforms, the slow-moving clouds, the fact that the main NPC is a giant piece of paper...
You're the latest entry in the list of Nooby Gamers!
I know this must still be a shock for you, since only a moment ago you were a Massive Legend Gamer on their way to beating up the final boss.
Actually, there is one thing that might turn you back into a Pro Gamer! Now stand back as I utter the magic words... Git Gud. The Journey Begins!
Hahaha I had to do it to ya! There's no shortcut back to the top. You're gonna have to level up, craft armor, master Skills, fight bosses, and complete hundreds of quests before you become a legend again!
Speaking of quests, I'm the main quest giver, and here comes your first mission! MAIN Hardcore Gamer Status, Here I Come!
You don't enough inventory space buddy!
That was amazing! Those punches were incredible, and your patience to sit there and not uninstall the game served you well!
Let's get you a better weapon, those bare fists can only slap so hard! Try making some boxing gloves over at the anvil! Gear Up, Gamer!
You don't enough inventory space buddy!
Drag those gloves to the grey sword outline to equip them! I also gave you a stylin' headband, which you can also equip onto the helmet slot.
There we go, you're looking like a real street fighter now... or like some sort of 'grass-platform' fighter at least!
Now lets find you some tougher monsters! Defeat enough spores to unlock the next map. Can't have a promising player like you stuck in one place! MAIN Mr. Worldwide
You don't enough inventory space buddy! Clear 3 spaces for your rewards.
You seem a bit beat up! I forgot to tell you, monsters get real tough real quick around here -- lemme show you something that might help.
You get 3 talent points every time you level up your Class Level. You also get 1 talent point every time you level up a skill that you specialize in. There are also special STAR talents to collect, which use separate talent points!
Did you get all of that? I'll add a Hint to your codex about Talent Points if you ever forget. Now go spend those points! MAIN The Choice is Yours!
You've got a full inventory, and you're gonna want to make room for this book I'm about to give you!
Oh... wow. Those were uhh, interesting choices. I think you're gonna need some more power to have a fighting chance against those froggies.
Go check out that portal on the left. There's a cheerful goblin who will show you some new gameplay! I haven't actually seen him in a while, but I bet he is as happy as I remember! Certified Swinger, of Pickaxes of course!
Clear up some space so I can reward you!
Great, I'll go ahead and take that! I've been trying to pass his class for 3 years but I'm literally incapable of doing anything other than wiggling around and talking, so I always fail his tests.
Now then, use what you learned to get the materials needed to craft some new Equipment at the Anvil! Go do that while I go get this certificate framed... or maybe I should get it laminated... The Smithing Grind
Wait... did you just gather all those materials YOURSELF? When you could've just gotten someone else to do it for you?
No real gamer does everything for themself! Go create a 2nd character to gather items for you! Can't somebody else do it?
Your bags full, clear up 1 space!
See, now you can do two things at once, and share the items between the characters using that Storage Chest! Also, here's an upgrade stone for one of the equips you crafted earlier!
All suited up and ready for the next quest, eh? Alright! Wait no, actually not alright. I need to go run some errands first. Tell you what, why don't you help me with them?
I went for a Picnic the other day out in the Frog Fields, and I forgot to bring home the basket! There wasn't much in there, other than a jar of Golden Jam that I need back! The Unoccupied Picnic
You've got a full inventory player, sort out 2 spaces so I can give you your reward!
Oh boy, I can't wait to have me some of this golden jam!'Scripticus opens the fake jar filled with springs' BWAH! WHAT THE WHAT??
I guess you could say that jam... ...was a scam! Hahahaha! A bad pun is what you get for pullin' that prank. Alright, lets just quickly move on and forget that just happened...
I think it's time we get real here gamer. Remember how you got absolutely owned by that griefer in World 4, and fell all the way down here?
You may not remember this, but when you hit the ground, you knocked off the Orange Gem powering the town's portal! If we're gonna get you back to being a Top Gamer, that crystal needs to be returned!
I'm not sure who or what stole it, but they sure aren't around here anymore. But I know someone who can help. There's an ex-town member who went to live out in the jungle, his name is Silico... no wait, was it Skullco?
I... actually dont remember his name. He did tell me once, but I couldn't understand his accent and I'm too embarased to ask.
Anyway, he's our best bet at finding out who took the Town Gem! We can figure out a plan once we have more info. Seeking Foreign Aid
You need 2 more inventory space to get the rewards!
Perfect, and you even got a signature! Now then, what is his name... Smmffephhzcho? Oh come on, his name is smudged!
Oh well, at least Smmffephhzcho did a good job with the report. According to his findings, you'll need to go into the Encroaching Forest, several maps past the Jungle.
I've never actually been that far away from town... In fact, no one here has, and I don't think any of them are about to change that!
But you've come a long way since that epic fall from gamer grace, so why don't you go check it out for yourself? Come back when you know more about the place! What Lies at the Heart of the Forest
You need 2 more inventory space to get the rewards!
Forest villagers have the gem thief locked up and are using it as a tourist attraction? That's uh... oddly convenient. I guess that's what happens when a developer tries to put context behind a QoL feature, haha.
Well, it's all up to you now! Go defeat that thief and take back our Town Crystal, even though you'll basically topple the Forest Village's entire Tourist-Based economy in the process! The Bigger they are, the Bigger they Fall!
You need more inventory space to get the rewards!
Lets goooo!!! Just tap on our Builder Bird to restore power to the portal. Finally, I can start sending letters to all myrelatives in the other worlds! I can't wait to tell them how epic I was at teaching you everything you know!
Of course, there's still plenty for you to do around here in Blunder Hills if you get bored! So many NPCs to help, cards to collect, tasks to complete...
In fact, there are so many things left to do, that I'm willing to put my most prized posession on the line that you'll never be able to do everything!
Go make me the 3 Blunderhill Tokens of Completion, and you can have my Blunder Hills Trophy! Here's the token recipes. You'll find all their ingredients just from doing everything that this World has to offer! Champion of the Grasslands
Wow, you seriously did all of that? Here's my tro... wait, you don't have any inventory space! I guess that means you have to do EVERYTHING AGAIN HAHAHA!!! Nah just kidding, clear a space and talk to me again.
Wow, I never thought someone would care enough about the first world to do everything! It feels like just yesterday I signed you up into the Game's Database... to think I'm now giving you the highest honor one can get! You're one heckin' sick gamer, wear this trophy with pride!
You've got a full inventory player, sort out 2 spaces so I can give you your reward!
Wow, I never thought someone would care enough about the first world to do everything! It feels like just yesterday I found you unconscious at 1 hp and took some of your money... to think I'm now giving you the highest honor in the land! You're one heckin' sick gamer, wear this trophy with pride!