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Description This cutie will stab its way into your heart if you aren't careful! No seriosuly, be careful, the bugger pricked my foot the other day and it hurt bad.
Sell Price Copper Coin.png 10
Type Critter
Source Trapping
Card Info
Order 14
Category Medium Resources
Effect +% Trapping EXP
Base 5
Star1.png 10
Star2.png 15
Star3.png 20
Dropchance 62501 in 6,250

What Scorpie is used in
Name Quantity Type
Small Stingers, Big Owie 500Quests
Purp Froge StampLotsStamps
Big Game HunterLotsAlchemy Bubble
Dioxide SynthesisLotsRefining
Stormcaller674.1 KConstruction