Rooted Soul

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Rooted Soul
Rooted Soul.png
Description It's smiling as if it knows something that you don't...
Sell Price Copper Coin.png 20
Type Soul
Source Worship
Card Info
Order 1
Category Hard Resources
Effect + Starting Pts in Worship
Base 6
Star1.png 12
Star2.png 18
Star3.png 24
Dropchance 62501 in 6,250

What Rooted Soul is used in
Name Quantity Type
Big Soul Pouch8,000Smithing
Large Soul Pouch30 K 30,000 Smithing
Prickle Skull7,000Smithing
Cuz I Catch Em AllLotsAlchemy Bubble
Clover Shrine67.3 K 67,278 Construction
Antifun SpiritLotsPrayers
Ruck SackLotsPrayers
The Royal SamplerLotsPrayers