Redox Salts

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Redox Salts
Redox Salts.png
Description It's red, and boring.
Sell Price Silver Coin.png 1
Type Refinery Salts
Source Refinery
What Redox Salts is used in
Name Quantity Type
Big Fish Pouch50Smithing
Ceramic Skull5Smithing
Dementia Dicer50Smithing
Dementia Net50Smithing
Dementia Rod for Fishing50Smithing
Horned Skull25Smithing
Natural Traps50Smithing
Prickle Skull50Smithing
Silkskin Traps5Smithing
Sizable Critter Pouch15Smithing
Sizable Soul Pouch20Smithing
Small Critter Pouch3Smithing
Small Soul Pouch3Smithing
Wooden Traps20Smithing
Blizzard Bow150Smithing
Spriggly Storm150Smithing
The Ice Breaker150Smithing
A Salty Fall 50Quests
Flowin StampLotsStamps
Matty StaffordLotsAlchemy Bubble
AlchemyLotsAlchemy Vials
Explosive SaltsLotsRefining
Isaccian Shrine6,890Construction
Woodular Shrine2,756Construction
Fireball Lobber5,100Construction
Pulse Mage2,550Construction
3D Printer135Construction
Salt Lick Bonuses33.2 KConstruction
Talent Book Library7,650Construction