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Pincermin Walking.gif
Attack 112
Health 15500
Speed 5
Experience 290
Accuracy 5% 120
Accuracy 100% 360
Defence for 0 108.27
Respawn 50
World Yum Yum Desert
Area Pincer Plateau
Crystal Crabal
Attack 280
Health 232500
Accuracy 5% 300
Accuracy 100% 900
Experience 10150
Card Info
Order 5
Category Yum Yum Desert
Effect + Weapon Power
Base 1
Star1.png 2
Star2.png 3
Star3.png 4
Dropchance 100001 in 10,000

Droptable for Pincermin
Icon Item Quantity Chance
Coins.gif Copper Coin.png 90 2.63157894736841 in 2.63

Pincer Arm.png Pincer ArmPincer ArmPincer Arm.pngSilver Coin.png 1 Copper Coin.png 20 DetailsDescriptionThat looks sharp! Is probably what the pincermin said before you cut his arm off. 1 5.55555555555561 in 5.56

Pincermin Card.png Pincermin Card 1 100001 in 10,000

Arrow Down Blue.pngRare Drops.pngArrow Down Blue.png
Armor Upgrade Stone B.png Armor Upgrade Stone BArmor Upgrade Stone BArmor Upgrade Stone B.pngSilver Coin.png 1 DetailsDescriptionDrag onto any Armor to apply. +5 Defence Success Chance; 45% Uses up 1 item slots. WARNING:Slots are used up even if the Upgrade fails! 1 54054.0540540541 in 54,100

Meat Pie.png Meat PieMeat PieMeat Pie.pngCopper Coin.png 80 DetailsDescriptionAuto-Used when your health goes below 50%. Restores 500 HP. Has a 30 second Cooldown. 15 643.500643500641 in 644

Droplots Stamp.png Droplots Stamp 1 675675.675675681 in 676,000

Exp Book Statue.png Exp Book StatueExp Book StatueExp Book Statue.pngCopper Coin.png 10 DetailsBonus+ % Class ExpDescriptionI haven't read a book since middle school, so I'm just assuming this is what they look like. 1 6756.75675675681 in 6,760

Monster Rating.png Monster RatingMonster RatingMonster Rating.pngSilver Coin.png 1 DetailsDescription'I literally just die over and over, I can't even fight back other than just running into them. Honestly I wish I was dead, but even then I just keep respawning, literally the worst experience ever, 1 star!!' ((XxX Cattleprod XxX)) 1 300.30030030031 in 300

Cloudsound Follower.png Cloudsound FollowerCloudsound FollowerCloudsound Follower.pngCopper Coin.png 1 DetailsDescriptionRepresents a single follower on Cloudsound. This isn't a website, it's literally a giant cloud that emits sound that people enjoy following around. Why, what were YOU thinking this was? ((Mutton)) 8 540.540540540541 in 541

Instablab Follower.png Instablab FollowerInstablab FollowerInstablab Follower.pngCopper Coin.png 1 DetailsDescriptionRepresents a single follower on Instablab, who probably sound like this: 'Oh mah gawd Becky, you would not Buh Leeeeve how lame this game I'm playing is. They have a joke about Insta that tooootally isn't funnay, like seriouslayy! ((Mutton)) 3 900.90090090091 in 901

Silver AGI Obol.png Silver AGI ObolSilver AGI ObolSilver AGI Obol.pngDetailsLevel1ClassAllStats AGI Staticon.pngx2 1 429000.429000431 in 429,000

Arrow Down Magenta.pngMega Rare Drops.pngArrow Down Magenta.png
Silver Pen.png Silver PenSilver PenSilver Pen.pngCopper Coin.png 50 DetailsDescriptionHold down to add a Silver Pen to your Post-Office! You can use it to skip a Delivery! 1 500500.50050051 in 501,000

Lucky Lad.png Lucky LadLucky LadLucky Lad.pngSilver Coin.png 7 Copper Coin.png 77 DetailsLevel1ClassAllStats LUK Staticon.pngx7Misc7% Drop Chance 1 150150150.150151 in 150,000,000

Talent Point Reset Fragment.png Talent Point Reset FragmentTalent Point Reset FragmentTalent Point Reset Fragment.pngSilver Coin.png 2 DetailsDescriptionHold down on this item to turn 10 Fragments into 1 Talent Point Reset Potion. You'll need 1 open inventory space for this to work. 1 300300.30030031 in 300,000

Golden Meat Pie.png Golden Meat PieGolden Meat PieGolden Meat Pie.pngSilver Coin.png 3 Copper Coin.png 50 DetailsDescriptionIncreases your Total Defence. Golden foods are never consumed 1 90090.090090091 in 90,100

Gold LUK Obol.png Gold LUK ObolGold LUK ObolGold LUK Obol.pngDetailsLevel1ClassAllStats LUK Staticon.pngx4 1 2042859.18571631 in 2,040,000

Silver Obol of Double Sixes.png Silver Obol of Double SixesSilver Obol of Double SixesSilver Obol of Double Sixes.pngDetailsLevel1ClassAllStats LUK Staticon.pngx2Misc5% Drop Chance 1 2042859.18571631 in 2,040,000

Bronze Obol of Defence.png Bronze Obol of DefenceBronze Obol of DefenceBronze Obol of Defence.pngDetailsLevel1ClassAllDefence1 1 1479311.82413941 in 1,480,000

Mystery Upgrade Stone I.png Mystery Upgrade Stone IMystery Upgrade Stone IMystery Upgrade Stone I.pngSilver Coin.png 7 Copper Coin.png 77 DetailsDescriptionDrag onto any Equip to apply. +3 Mystery Stat Success Chance; 100% Uses up 1 slots only if Successful. WARNING: Mystery Stat has a chance to be Negative, and reduce stats! 3 64350.0643500641 in 64,400