Picnic Stowaway

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Picnic Stowaway
Picnic Stowaway.gif
World Undefined
Location Froggy Fields
Number of Quests 12
Birth Weight (Kg) 3.7
Starsign Libra
Mothers Maiden Name Jones

The Picnic Stowaway is found in Froggy Fields, the second zone of Grasslands, located in the bottom left of the area.

After completing his first 3 quests, his following quests will be part of a quest chain that is limited by a daily reset. You can do the full daily questline once per character per reset, but whether you complete the full questline or not it will start over at the first quest in the chain (The Most Important Meal of the Day) after your daily reset.

The Picnic Stowaway daily questline is the source of the Peanut Recipe, and completing the third quest in the chain is a possible daily Task.

Completing the full daily questline in a single day awards you one Picnic Token.png Picnic Token. In order to obtain the King of Food trophy, you must complete the full daily questline 30 times.

Quest Information for Picnic Stowaway
Quest Name Quest Text Difficulty Requirements Consumed? Rewards Notes
The Hungry Stowaway Buy and bring 50 Nomwiches from the Town Shop. Difficulty 2.png 50Nomwich.png Nomwich Yes 1 Miniscule Food Pouch.png Miniscule Food Pouch, Silver Coin.png3

Beating Up Frogs for some Sauce Difficulty 3.png 3Ketchup Bottle.png Ketchup Bottle

3Mustard Bottle.png Mustard Bottle

Yes 1 Little Wooden Katana.png Little Wooden Katana, 200 Class Experience

Live-Action Entertainment Difficulty 3.png Mushrooms Defeated: 10 No 1 Golden Jam (Quest).png Golden Jam (quest), 1 Golden Jam.png Golden Jam, 150 Class Experience

The Most Important Meal of the Day Get frog legs and bean slices Difficulty 2.png 200Frog Leg.png Frog Leg

100Bean Slices.png Bean Slices

Yes 1 Golden Jam.png Golden Jam, 25 Average Life Potion.png Average Life Potion Daily Quest

Brunchin' with the Blobs Get some peanuts and foliage. Difficulty 3.png 100Peanut.png Peanut

1500Bleach Logs.png Bleach Logs 50Grass Leaf.png Grass Leaf

Yes 3 Golden Jam.png Golden Jam, 50 Average Speed Potion.png Average Speed Potion, 1 Small Experience Balloon.png Small Experience Balloon Daily Quest. The first time you start this quest, the recipe for the Peanut drops.

Luncheon with the Inlaws Help gather fake blobulyte materials Difficulty 4.png 200Crude Oil.png Crude Oil

100Iron Bar.png Iron Bar 1Sculpting Tools.png Sculpting Tools

Yes 1 Golden Kebabs.png Golden Kebabs, 5 Golden Jam.png Golden Jam, 3 Kachow Statue.png Kachow Statue Daily Quest. You must complete this quest for the "Escapin' the 'Laws" daily Task.

Afternoon Tea in a Jiffy Get the tea back before it gets cold! Difficulty 4.png Teacup Retrieved: 1

Tea Temperature: > 100. Starting at: 300 Dont Teleport: > 1. Starting at: 1

Yes 3 Golden Kebabs.png Golden Kebabs, 10 Golden Jam.png Golden Jam, 1 Small Experience Balloon.png Small Experience Balloon Daily Quest. There is a Sandy Pot at Carrotmen. Kill it, pick up the teacup and run back to Picnic Stowaway.

Early Evening Eating Endeavor Get baby here a little baby bowl because he can't eat kebabs like a big boy. Difficulty 5.png 1Iron Helmet.png Iron Helmet

500Kebab Sticks.png Kebab Sticks

Yes 10 Golden Kebabs.png Golden Kebabs, 20 Golden Jam.png Golden Jam, 2 Gem.png Gem Daily Quest

The Last Supper, at Least for Today! Hope you read the previous dialogue! Difficulty 5.png 1Magic Meatloaf.png Magic Meatloaf Yes 1 Golden Meat Pie.png Golden Meat Pie, 20 Golden Kebabs.png Golden Kebabs, 1 Special Talent Book.png Crystals 4 Dayys Star Talent Daily Quest

Don't Desert the Dessert Mmmmm, nuget caaaaaakee.... Difficulty 5.png 2Nuget Cake.png Nuget Cake Yes 1 Gem.png Gem, 5 Golden Meat Pie.png Golden Meat Pie, 2 Warped Helmet Upgrade Stone.png Warped Helmet Upgrade Stone Daily Quest. Nuget Cakes drop from Crabcakes

A Midnight Snack Get rare cookie drops from Twilight Desert mobs. Difficulty 6.png 2Midnight Cookie.png Midnight Cookie Yes 1 Picnic Token.png Picnic Token, 10 Golden Meat Pie.png Golden Meat Pie, 3 Gem.png Gem Daily Quest

King of Food Collect 30 Picnic tokens, and you'll get a trophy! Difficulty 8.png 30Picnic Token.png Picnic Token Yes 1 King of Food.png King of Food
Dialogue Table for Picnic Stowaway
Dialogue Text Quest
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
... what, were you expecting a picnic basket to talk?
Crap did I just say that out loud...
Well don't just stand there ya goof, you'll blow my cover! Now get lost, this ain't your picnic, and anyway there's not enough room in here for both of us!
What? The owner just wants their jam back, and won't mind me staying here? Great! How about I don't give you the jam back, and I still stay here!
Well come on now, I aint gonna give you part of my stash here for nothin'. This is a picnic basket not a charity house! Bring me something and maybe we can fix up a deal... The Hungry Stowaway
You call that an inventory? Even I couldn't fit in it! Clear up some space so I can give you your rewards.
Well well well, these don't look too bad! I think we can work out a trade right here right n--- wait, where's the ketchup... or the mustard??
Why don't you go 'ask' the frogs around here for some Condiments. Those Fists of yours seem like persuasive talkers! I'll hold onto these nomwiches in the meantime... for safe keeping, you know? Beating Up Frogs for some Sauce
You call that an inventory? Even I couldn't fit in it! Clear up some space so I can give you your rewards.
Great, these will do. Now all I need is something to watch while I'm eating! What, were you expecting me to just look at the grass grow while I eat? I don't even think grass grows in this universe.
I need something suspenseful, exciting, funny... a fight to the death should work! On the count of 3, I'll call in some mushrooms for you to destory!
One... two... THREE!!! Oh, and these monsters have Increased Damage, watch out! If you fail, you can forfeit and retry using the Codex! Live-Action Entertainment
You won the fight! But you lost the 'have 2 open inventory spaces' war. Clear up your inventory so I can reward you!
That was amazing! Best meal I've had in ages. You can have this golden jam, but I dont want ya just givin' it to some fool, you're the one who helped me after all.
Thats why I've prepared a fake jam jar, filled with springs! Give that one back instead, and they'll be so embarassed by the prank that they'll try to move on from it rather than ask for the real jar!
Come back again some time, yea? This picnic basket is filled with golden foods that aint good for a fella like me, and I'd be willin' to give em to ya at the right price.
Ah my friend, welcome back! I'm in a bit of a situation that needs explainin' if your willin' to listen.
I just realized that I need to eat every single day! Go figure, I thought I could just eat once and I'd be good for life.
Every day, I will have a series of quests to complete, each one harder than the last! You can complete as many as you want, but after 24 hours, you will start back at the first quest! Think of this as a repeatable Daily Questline.
Well, it's the start of a new day now, so lets get on with breakfast!
Have you heard the story of Green Legs and Ham? The kid in the story didn't like green legs and ham, but I wanna judge it for myself. The Most Important Meal of the Day
Please clear 3 inventory spaces!
Nom nom nom... eugh, no wonder the kid dies of food poisoning this universe's version of the story, those were terrible. Maybe they'll taste better tomorrow.
My blobulyte buddies are coming over in a bit, I need some food for us to eat and decor for them to hide behind! Brunchin' with the Blobs
Please clear 3 inventory spaces!
Nothin' beats chillin' with the bros over some good food, and especially when it's so roomy in here! I'm glad this is a Non Euclidean basket, else it'd be cramped down in 'ere!
I just wish I hadn't told my in-laws about that, then maybe they wouldn't be joinin' me for lunch today. But I've got a plan to dip out hehehe... Luncheon with the Inlaws
Please clear 3 inventory spaces!
It worked! I just poured the oil over a stack of bars, and they couldn't even tell the difference! Kinda says a lot about what I look like, but who cares right?
I could really go for a spot of tea, but some jar of sand fell in love with my teacup, the stupid thing! He took it and ran deep into the Jungle. Afternoon Tea in a Jiffy
Please clear 3 inventory spaces!
Heh, perfect. That pesky sand jar has been pining for my teacup ever since he saw some manga online about a sentient 500 year old teacup girl or something. Kids these days, right??
I'm feelin' hungry again, why dont you go get some desert Kebabs? And get me a bowl too, I can't eat them off the stick. Early Evening Eating Endeavor
Please clear 3 inventory spaces!
Ah, cooked to perfection! I can't believe this stuff aint popular here in Blunder Hills, it's the bomb! ... err, I didn't mean it like that.
Dinner time! One of my blobmates was tellin' me about how some magic forest golem meatloaf. I gotta say, sounded like a bunch of baloney.
But I love baloney, so go get it for me! He also said something about it being a pretty rare drop? I dunno, he's a bit of a rambler that one. The Last Supper, at Least for Today!
Please clear 3 inventory spaces!
Woah, my friend wasn't kiddin! This is top stuff, I should save some for my in-laws for the 'nom' next time 'nomnom' they 'nomnomnom' visit! Oops, I accidentally ate it all, hahaha!
It's getting kinda late, eh? Gotta have me some dessert before I lose my appetite! I've heard of a fabled chocolate cake, that for some reason drops from crabs holding vanilla cakes! Don't Desert the Dessert
Please clear 3 inventory spaces!
Can't believe I'm gonna say this, but this is too much food for me. Why don't you take... wait, what am I saying??? I'm savin' the rest for later!
Aahhh, well, that's been a full day of eating for me, gonna head to sleep. I know they say the way to a blobs heart is through his stomach, so I should be tellin' ya that I'm flattered, but not interested.
Actually, I might need a snack if I wake during the night. I've seen some monsters in the Twilight Desert snackin' on some cookies, so a few of those would be batchin'. A Midnight Snack
Please clear 3 inventory spaces!
Yep, thats just what I was fixin' for. It's been a great day gamer, but it's time for you to get lost, hehe. Here's a token for helping me out today.
But lets be real, tokens are for suckers. If you want a big boy prize to show off to the world, help me out for a whole month. King of Food
Please clear 1 inventory spaces!
King of food! King of food! And coming from a blobulyte like myself, that means something! But hey, that shouldn't stop you from doin' stuff for me, eh? Hahaha, I'll be here tomorrow if you wanna help out again.