Oak Logs

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Oak Logs
Oak Logs.png
Sell Price Copper Coin.png2
Type Log
Source Choppin, Dewdrop Bronze Chest
Card Info
Order 4
Category Easy Resources
Effect + Base Defence
Base 3
Star1.png 6
Star2.png 9
Star3.png 12

Detailed Drop Details for Oak Logs
Source Chance Quantity
Dewdrop Bronze Chest
1 in 1.67

What Oak Logs is used in
Name Quantity Type
Gnarled Wand30Crafting
Orange Tee15Crafting
Copper Chopper30Crafting
Cramped Choppin Pouch150Crafting
Leather Cap45Crafting
The Stingers75Crafting
Cramped Food Pouch60Crafting
Top Hat200Crafting
Blue Tee50Crafting
A noob's first swing10Quests
A noob's 2nd first swing100Quests
It's Just a Plank, Bro!1000Quests
Simple ShippinLotsPost Office
Roid RaginLotsAlchemy
Lotto SkillsLotsAlchemy
Sippy SplintersLotsAlchemy
Heart StampLotsStamps
Pickaxe StampLotsStamps