Nuget Cake

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Nuget Cake
Nuget Cake.png
Description Ohhhhh, that's what people mean when they say Love At First Sight! NOTE: This is a very rare drop from Crabcakes
Sell Price Copper Coin.png 80
Type Monster Drop
Source Crabcake
What Nuget Cake is used in
Name Quantity Type
Enforced Slasher3Smithing
Nuget Cake Fedora5Smithing
Efaunts Broken Ankles3Smithing
Sizable Food Pouch4Smithing
Feral Leathering1Smithing
Furled Robes1Smithing
Studded Hide1Smithing
Don't Desert the Dessert 2Quests

Detailed Drop Details for Nuget Cake
Source Chance Quantity
Crabcake 200001 in 20,000