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Description Adorable!!! Look how cute it's tail is, and that itty bitty nose, and the fact that it's a mouse and not a rat so I don't want to hit it with a broom!
Sell Price Copper Coin.png 15
Type Critter
Source Trapping
Card Info
Order 4
Category Hard Resources
Effect +% Shiny Critter Chance
Base 5
Star1.png 10
Star2.png 15
Star3.png 20
Dropchance 7142.85714285711 in 7,140

What Mousey is used in
Name Quantity Type
Big Critter Pouch10 KSmithing
The Mouse n the Molerat 1000Quests
Spikemouth StampLotsStamps
Buff Boi TalentLotsAlchemy Bubble
AlchemyLotsAlchemy Vials
Purple Salt SynthesisLotsRefining
Salt Lick Bonuses41.4 BConstruction