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Class Info
Path Savvy
Main Stat Wisdom
Accuracy Stat Agility
Specialization Choppin
Specialization 2 Alchemy
Specialization 3 Worship
Class Stages
Current Stage Second Stage
Future Stage 1 Shaman
Future Stage 2 Wizard
Previous Stage Beginner
Mage Talents

Energy Bolt Mini Fireball Mana Overdrive Teleport You'Re Next Knowledge Is Power Unt'Wis'Ted Robes Power Overwhelming Free Meal Individual Insight Log On Logs Leaf Thief Deforesting All Doubt Inner Peace Choppin It Up Ez

Savvy Basics (Tab 1) Talents

Smart Efficiency Overclocked Energy Farsight Idle Casting Active Afk'Er

Mages use Gnarled Wand.png Wands and specialize in Choppin Skill Icon.png Choppin.

Mage Talents

Energy Bolt

Energy Bolt.png

Your next basic attack strikes the Targeted Enemy for % Damage

This attack requires a wand in active play.

Mana Cost: 10 
Action Time: 0.95 Seconds 
Cooldown: 6 Seconds

Mini Fireball

Mini Fireball.png

Shoots a fireball that explodes on impact, dealing % damage

Mana Cost: 12 
Action Time: 0.85 Seconds 
Cooldown: 10 Seconds

Mana Overdrive

Mana Overdrive.png

Increase max MP by %



Move forward instantly by a distance of Pixels

Mana Cost: 5 
Action Time: 0.5 Seconds 
Cooldown: 1 Second

You're Next

You're Next.png

Basic attacks have a % chance to Mark enemies, who then take % more damage

This debuff can only be applied in active play when a wand is equipped. The talent has no effect on AFK combat.

Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge Is Power.png

The effect your WIS stat has on Damage is increased by %

Unt'Wis'Ted Robes

Unt'Wis'Ted Robes.png

All Equipment gives % more WIS than what's listed

Power Overwhelming

Power Overwhelming.png

The effect Weapon Power has on Damage Dealt is increased by %

Free Meal

Free Meal.png

% Chance for food to not be consumed when it otherwise would be

Individual Insight

Individual Insight.png

+ base WIS

Log On Logs

Log On Logs.png

For Minutes, trees drop % more Logs than normal

Mana Cost: 5 
Action Time: 0.95 Seconds 
Cooldown: 30 Seconds

Leaf Thief

Leaf Thief.png

% Choppin Efficiency per power of 10 Grass Leaves in your Storage Chest.

Deforesting All Doubt

Deforesting All Doubt.png

The effect your WIS stat has on Choppin Efficiency is increased by %

Inner Peace

Inner Peace.png

Increases Exp Gain for all Specialized Skills by %

Boosts EXP for Mage Specialized Skills: Choppin and Worship. Does not work on Alchemy.[1]

Choppin It Up Ez

Choppin It Up Ez.png

+% Minigame Rewards, and +% Dmg per 25 Pts of your Minigame Highscore

Savvy Basics (Tab 1) Talents

Smart Efficiency

Smart Efficiency.png

Increases the total efficiency of all specialized skills by %

Increases efficiency for Mage Specialized Skills: Choppin and Worship.

Overclocked Energy

Overclocked Energy.png

Damage dealt is increased by % for every power of 10 Max MP you have.

Level cap boosted by Fuscia Flasks Fuscia Flasks
This is a log10 scaling bonus, which means you get increased damage for all of your MP, not just when you hit a power of 10 breakpoint.



Increases Crit Chance by % and Crit Dmg by %.

Level cap boosted by Fantasia Flasks Fantasia Flasks

Idle Casting

Idle Casting.png

AFK Gains Rate for Fighting is increased by %

Active Afk'Er

Active Afk'Er.png

AFK Gains Rate for all Specialized Skills is increased by %

Increases AFK Gains for Mage Specialized Skills: Choppin.

  1. Does not apply to Alchemy. Version: 1. Added to Wiki: 11/24/2021.