Iceland Irwin

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Iceland Irwin
Iceland Irwin.gif
World Undefined
Location Frostbite Towndra
Number of Quests 1
Birth Weight (Kg) 3.35
Starsign Virgo
Mothers Maiden Name Cast

Iceland Irwin is the Taskmaster of Frostbite Tundra. You can find him in Frostbite Towndra.

You can complete his quest to unlock World 3 Tasks

Quest Information for Iceland Irwin
Quest Name Quest Text Difficulty Requirements Consumed? Rewards Notes
Crikey, it's cold out! Go defeat Frost Flakes past the Sheepies and collect their cool shapes! Difficulty 4.png 250x Melty Cube.png Melty Cube Yes 25x Gem.png Gem, 1x 4 HR Time Candy.png 4 HR Time Candy, 2x 1 HR Time Candy.png 1 HR Time Candy
Dialogue Table for Iceland Irwin
Dialogue Text Quest
Oi mate! I reckon it's a bit cold out 'ere for a half naked fella like yourself! It's a darn shame you humans aren't born with a snowman heater on ya noggin like I am would do you wonders in the frozen outback! {{{quest}}}
Now hang on just a tick mate! I'm not messin' around when I say it's cold out there... I can't be givin' ya my tasks until I know you wont freeze to death! {{{quest}}}
If ya really wanna take on my tasks ya gotta bring me back some frosty flake melty cubes! @ QUEST:Go defeat Frost Flakes past the Sheepies and collect their cool shapes! Crikey, it's cold out!
Whoa there mate! You ain't got any inventory slots open clear up 3 spaces so I can getcha your goodies! {{{quest}}}
Right-o then mate! If ya go those without keelin' over surely no simple colds gonna stop ya! Go get those tasks! {{{quest}}}