Hermit Can

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Hermit Can
Hermit Can.png
Resource Specifics
Description The branding on the soda can must have gotten washed off by some kind of liquidy, wavey substance. Oh, right.
Sell Price Copper Coin.png 11
Type Fish
Source Fishing, Sandstone Bronze Chest
Card Info
Order 9
Category Easy Resources
Effect +% Total Fishing Efficiency
Base 5
Star1.png 10
Star2.png 15
Star3.png 20
Dropchance 555.555555555561 in 556

What Hermit Can is used in
Name Quantity Type
Empty Box250Smithing
Gold Fishing Rod2,500Smithing
Slurpin Herm5Smithing
Small Fish Pouch425Smithing
Iron Fishing Rod650Smithing
Average Fish Pouch1,500Smithing
Angler Boots1,000Smithing
Don't Step to Me, Bro! 100Quests
Bugsack StampLotsStamps
NoodubbleLotsAlchemy Bubble
Sploosh SplooshLotsAlchemy Bubble
AlchemyLotsAlchemy Vials
Simple ShippinLotsPost Office

Detailed Drop Details for Hermit Can
Source Chance Quantity
Sandstone Bronze Chest 2.51 in 2.50