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(Copied from Discord. Page somewhat outdated since obviously the timetables have changed. Check the Future Content Blog page on the discord server to keep track of the most recent information posted by Lava)

Idleon is off to a great start! The playerbase is over double the size of Idle Skilling at it's peak, and its staying the same not un-growing every day! - LavaFlame2

Finishing up World 1 & 2

Things like NPC questlines (djonnut, snakejar, a few more piggies), Glyphs, and secrets. I'm still sad I couldn't get it together to have this all in the game already, but for those of you that aren't familiar with game development [those who are familiar will already know the following to be true], it is a MIRACLE that I made it this far at all. Saying "I'm gonna quit my successful game, and just go make some MMO idk im sure itll work out" is not generally something you follow through on... Seriously. Say that to someone with a straight face. You will be laughed at, and rightfully so
Mostly done

Steam Release

I am pretty sure that once by the time Guilds comes out, it will be in good shape to launch to steam in early access (mobile launched in full because I feel like the game was complete enough to be a full game in the mobile-scene, but wasnt complete enough to be a full game on PC)

World 3 and Classes

Classes aren't that hard to make, I could probably make all 5 missing classes (yes, 5, not three lol) in a week or two. Problem is, all their talents will be centered around world 3 skills/content, which is why they weren't there at launch. ALSO, because I had initially planned to release world 3 at launch, I've already done a fair amount of it, so it will be done faster than youd think.

However, there is still a HEFTY amount of work that goes into an entire world, wouldnt be surprised if I don't even get this done this month.

World 3 will also increase # of player slots to 12!

Here's what world 3 will be about:
First and foremost, 12 players... wow that is WAY too many to manage, I agree! World 3 will focus on introducing fun, new mechanics that not only give bonuses, but more importantly, focus on automation and making it easier to manage 12 people. There is no way late-game will be even remotely fun after 6 people unless I'm able to add systems that make it so you can focus on a few main characters, and really treat the rest as Laborers. That is what World 3 will do
This will be v1.20
Hunter, Wizard, Squire now has all talents except for World 3 specific ones

World 3 and Classes

As I said before, I doubt v1.20 will come out in Feb, but March is reasonable!
Likely in May

Idle Skilling Finale

Honestly I have no idea what I'm gonna do with this... but I am genuinely stoked to do this. The concept of dipping out of Idleon for 3-5 weeks to make that last Idle Skilling update is pretty appealing, and it does feel good to compare how I feel now, versus how I felt in Dec 2019. Whatever this update is, it'll be 2x as good as what it would have been if I had just pooped it out earlier this year instead of going where the passion was, which was making Idleon This will be v3.0 of Idle Skilling -- If it does well, I may even make another update later! The playerbase for Idle Skilling right now is about 60% what it was in 2019, so there is still quite an audience waiting for this, and I even have a cool new icon for when this drops!

World 4

As I've said before, my VISION for this game from the start was 8 worlds, and I will be accomplishing this before I consider the game finished. I would like to get world 4 out sometime in April/May/June. My idea is that each "world" will be similar to an Idle Skilling update, like Pets/Tunnels/Farming.

More MMO features

So as I've always said, every multiplayer feature will ALWAYS be made in a way that hackers can't ruin it. While this does mean that things like a 'global economy' will never exist, it doesn't actually prevent me from doing most things! Even stuff like Trading could work, if I structure it correctly and have daily-caps so that if a hacker somehow avoided cheat-detection, they couldn't break the system. However, what this DOES mean, is that every MMO feature will feel... a bit light. That is to say, in most MMOs, the TOP players in the game get to feel like gods. IdleOn will never feel that way for top players due to these anti-hack limitations. I dont think this is a bad thing by the way. I believe this will force me to make MMO features in a way that NO other mmo has, which I think can lead to a better result than just "oh, simple average item trading, just like every other mmo has".

Side Content

I will probably add a way to delete your player WAY BEFORE this time, but after that, I would like to add some rebirth/ascention mechanic centered around resetting characters! I know something like 50%+ of people don't actually ascend/rebirth a single time, but I think once we reach world 4, the game will be in need of some more Active elements. There are also some speedrunning/timed challenge kind of ideas that would involve resetting to lv 1 and racing through old content! Idle Skilling did this a tiny bit, but I never got to explore this concept as much as I wanted there.

World 5 & 6

No idea what these will be, maybe tower defense! As you all know, I love trying to be creative and cross genres (I mean Pets in Idle Skilling was a "Breeding/Auto Chess/Team builder hybrid, that was quite a crazy combo!), so these worlds will be progressively more and more bizarre. As I've gotten a bit older, I've grown more and more attached to the idea of making something that wouldn't otherwise exist. That is to say, I don't plan on copy-pasting earlier worlds and just changing the art.