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Previous Development

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(I have added some strikeouts to indicate released content, when Lava puts together a new roadmap for the discord we will copy it over here -Bluejello)

Near Future

  • Going through backlog of Player Suggestions, and adding necessary "Quality of Life" improvements to the game, including Statue Revamp
  • Pachi Arcade! This'll be a minigame in the desert, where you drop ballz to earn gems and goodies! You'll earn gems every day you login.
  • Achievements, and a few secrets (like Boop Sewers). There'll be 100s of achievements (some of them will be the Steam Achievements, but for mobile!), and rewards will range from gems, to permanent increase in daily Pachi Ballz, and even new starting screens (those locked squares in the top-left of the player menu)
  • Party system. Join groups with other players, and get bonuses by fighting monsters together!
  • Party dungeons. These will be linear dungeons full of monsters to fight, puzzles, and bosses -- the damage you do to the boss will be seen by your friends to, so its actual co-op!! I don't want these to feel grindy (there'll be a weekly cap, probably 7 attempts per week), but rather a fun way to play IdleOn with friends! The rewards would be heavily RNG based (so that a beefy friend cant carry their nooby friends to OP items immediately).
  • Guild Hall -- see other players, build up a cool personal hall for your guild, other stuff you know super awesome stuff!!!
  • World 3 content completion -- Chizoar & C. Chizoar boss, entire world 3 questlines from all NPCs, constellations, and the other Utility Towers in Construction beyond Cost Cruncher.

Far Future

  • World 4. It will be Purple Alien Space themed (like tutorial), and will be the first example of an "intermediate world". By this I mean it'll still be unique and interesting, but will be less intricate and complex than world 3 skills. There'll be a whole host of new monsters to fight, with the max HP of the final monster probably being around 5,000,000 (as of now). The focus will most likely be funneled back into world 2/3. (no longer a "intermediate world, world 5 will most likely be one)

Think of IdleOn as a movie, where World 2 and 3 are the 'main actors', and world 4 as something of a 'supporting actor'. Still a major character on scene, but their role is to give the main actors more attention.

  • Subsub classes for EVERY sub class! This would bring the total classes from 12 to 24! Blood berserker, Death Bringer, the one with the cannon, some beast tamer thing, a plague dude, the works! World 4 will have only some of the sub-classes, probably for Barb/Bowman/Shaman (world 2 specialized classes), and world 5 would have the rest. So expect 18 total classes in world 4, and 24 total classes in world 5!
  • Sailing! This actually may be one of the W4 skills, but it'll also have a huge world 2 expansion, where you get to explore islands off of the Yum-Yum Coast!
  • Pet Followers. They'll be visible on screen, fully animated, and will follow you around. There'll be some unique pets, but many will be reskinned mini-versions of current monsters (like how Mr. Blueberrry is a reskinned Crabby Cake for the summer event). I think they'll give some bonus stats -- they'll definitely take up one of the Blank equipment slots on the Specials tab... you know, the tab where you equip Trophies.
  • Steam Release! (leaving early access) This could be big, and I will not be rushing this. The earliest I could imagine this happening is in January/February of 2022, but I think even then I'll hold continual polls and really make sure IdleOn is ready for the wider audience. It absolutely needs to hold its own as an MMO before this happens (minus trading and PvP).

Does this mean the end of IdleOn after? Nonooononononoonononno, no! I've found that people really like engaging with games that are still 'alive', especially in the MMO genre, so this would mark the stage where IdleOn is a 'full' experience and is ready for a broader audience. 8 Worlds, remember!

  • Ok, this is pretty far out at this point, probably close to 12 months away... but around here I'd probably start on world 5, which would be a "full" world (not intermediate like world 4). Honestly, by now plans will definitely change for one reason or another (you know how life does that to ya), so I'll just stop it here!

Misc Stuff

Things that I haven't got a clue when I'll do, and might be done in between any of the above features:

  • Auto Loot feature
  • Alchemy Sigils
  • Alch Liquid Shop 2 & Liquid Cauldron 4
  • Server-wide bossing events
  • Idle Skilling final update
  • Guild Raids.