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Description The living embodiment of the classic cryptocurrency 'Frogecoin'. Very ribbit, much green, wow!!
Sell Price Copper Coin.png 3
Type Critter
Source Trapping, Chillsnap Bronze Chest
Card Info
Order 12
Category Medium Resources
Effect +% Shiny Critter Chance
Base 3
Star1.png 6
Star2.png 9
Star3.png 12
Dropchance 4545.45454545451 in 4,550

What Froge is used in
Name Quantity Type
Dementia Helmet5,000Smithing
Small Critter Pouch200Smithing
Frogecoin to the MOON! 100Quests
Brittley SpearsLotsAlchemy Bubble
Fireball Lobber627.3 KConstruction
Salt Lick Bonuses20 KConstruction
Talent Book Library1.4 MConstruction

Detailed Drop Details for Froge
Source Chance Quantity
Chillsnap Bronze Chest 1.66666666666671 in 1.67