Forest Soul

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Forest Soul
Forest Soul.png
Description The soul moans ooOOOOooOOOoo, because it's the only key on his keyboard that works.
Sell Price Copper Coin.png 3
Type Soul
Source Worship, Chillsnap Bronze Chest
Card Info
Order 10
Category Medium Resources
Effect +% Defence from Equipment
Base 3
Star1.png 6
Star2.png 9
Star3.png 12
Dropchance 4545.45454545451 in 4,550

What Forest Soul is used in
Name Quantity Type
Blizzard Bow7,000Smithing
Ceramic Skull250Smithing
Dementia Body1,000Smithing
Small Soul Pouch200Smithing
SpoOoky StampLotsStamps
Bow JackLotsAlchemy Bubble
Purple BargainLotsAlchemy Bubble
AlchemyLotsAlchemy Vials
Isaccian Shrine89.3 K 89,279 Construction
Death Note674.1 K 674,097 Construction
Balance of AggressionLotsPrayers
Balance of PainLotsPrayers
Beefy For RealLotsPrayers
Big Brain TimeLotsPrayers
Casting All DayLotsPrayers
Shiny SnitchLotsPrayers
Skilled DimwitLotsPrayers
Unending EnergyLotsPrayers
Zerg RushogenLotsPrayers

Detailed Drop Details for Forest Soul
Source Chance Quantity
Chillsnap Bronze Chest 1.66666666666671 in 1.67