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Description I don't know whyyyy she swallowed a flyyy, perhaps she'll cry from being perpetually made fun of in the form of a nursey rhyme just because she made one bad decision... er, die!
Sell Price Copper Coin.png 3
Type Bug
Source Catching, Sandstone Bronze Chest
Card Info
Order 11
Category Easy Resources
Effect +% Monster EXP While Active
Base 4
Star1.png 8
Star2.png 12
Star3.png 16
Dropchance 2380.95238095241 in 2,380

What Fly is used in
Name Quantity Type
Cramped Bug Pouch180Smithing
Gold Helmet2,000Smithing
Bandito Pantaloon500Smithing
Copper Netted Net400Smithing
Bandito Boots2,000Smithing
Fishing Rod StampLotsStamps
Droppin LoadsLotsAlchemy Bubble
Wyoming BloodLotsAlchemy Bubble
AlchemyLotsAlchemy Vials
Spontaneity SaltsLotsRefining
Simple ShippinLotsPost Office

Detailed Drop Details for Fly
Source Chance Quantity
Sandstone Bronze Chest 1.66666666666671 in 1.67