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Droptable for DropTable14
Icon Item Quantity Chance
Arrow Down Blue.pngRare Drops.pngArrow Down Blue.png
Stample Stamp.pngStample Stamp 110001 in 1,000
Banked Pts Stamp.pngBanked Pts Stamp 11666.66666666671 in 1,670
Distilled Water.pngDistilled Water 145.4545454545451 in 45.5
EhExPee Statue.pngEhExPee Statue 1201 in 20.0
Speed Statue.pngSpeed Statue 133.3333333333331 in 33.3
Decent Strength Potion.pngDecent Strength Potion 256.66666666666671 in 6.67
Cloudsound Follower.pngCloudsound Follower (Mutton)821 in 2.00
Corporatube Sub.pngCorporatube Sub (Mutton)351 in 5.00
Bronze Obol of Worship.pngBronze Obol of Worship 11058.20105820111 in 1,060
Arrow Down Magenta.pngMega Rare Drops.pngArrow Down Magenta.png
Silver Pen.pngSilver Pen 11851.85185185191 in 1,850
Saw Stamp.pngSaw Stamp 111111.1111111111 in 11,100
Lucky Lad.pngLucky Lad 1555555.555555561 in 556,000
Talent Point Reset Fragment.pngTalent Point Reset Fragment 11111.11111111111 in 1,110
Golden Ham.pngGolden Ham 1333.333333333331 in 333
Bronze Obol of Multikill.pngBronze Obol of Multikill 15473.45374931581 in 5,470
Mystery Upgrade Stone II.pngMystery Upgrade Stone II 3238.095238095241 in 238