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Cryosnake Walking.gif
Attack 1425
Health 260000
Speed 6
Experience 1690
Accuracy 5% 1450
Accuracy 100% 4350
Defence for 0 1743.06
Respawn 45
World Frostbite Tundra
Area Cryo Catacombs
Crystal Cattle
Attack 3562.5
Health 3900000
Accuracy 5% 3625
Accuracy 100% 10875
Experience 59150
Card Info
Order 9
Category Frostbite Tundra
Effect +% MP regen rate
Base 5
Star1.png 10
Star2.png 15
Star3.png 20
Dropchance 100001 in 10,000

Droptable for Cryosnake
Icon Item Quantity Chance
Coins.gif Silver Coin.png 4 3.1251 in 3.13

Cryosnake Skin.png Cryosnake SkinCryosnake SkinCryosnake Skin.pngSilver Coin.png 4 DetailsDescriptionWow this is just a cheap recolouring of the normal snakeskin! I want my money back! 1 6.251 in 6.25

Cryosnake Card.png Cryosnake Card 1 100001 in 10,000

Seesaw Statue.png Seesaw StatueSeesaw StatueSeesaw Statue.pngCopper Coin.png 10 DetailsBonus+ % Cons ExpDescriptionThe end result of someone trying to cut a slab in half with a ceramic saw, and then leaving early after they saw me watching them in the bushes, writing down what they were doing in this description. 1 3333.33333333331 in 3,330

Arrow Down Blue.pngRare Drops.pngArrow Down Blue.png
Flowin Stamp.png Flowin Stamp 1 3571428.57142861 in 3,570,000

Blover Stamp.png Blover Stamp 1 4464285.71428571 in 4,460,000

Distilled Water.png Distilled WaterDistilled WaterDistilled Water.pngCopper Coin.png 50 DetailsDescriptionThe full filtration process also invovles filtering the diamonds through a vat of diamonds before using those filtered diamonds to filter the water! If only they'd filter their filtration process through diamonds so this item description wouldn't be so long. 1 13227.5132275131 in 13,200

Average EXP Potion.png Average EXP PotionAverage EXP PotionAverage EXP Potion.pngSilver Coin.png 2 Copper Coin.png 50 DetailsDescriptionIncreases Exp Gain by 10% 8% chance to be consumed every time you defeat a monster. Must be equipped in a Food Slot to give its bonus. 25 3571.42857142861 in 3,570

Feasty Statue.png Feasty StatueFeasty StatueFeasty Statue.pngCopper Coin.png 10 DetailsBonus+ % Food EffectDescriptionA stone statue that looks good enough to eat to anyone who doesn't notice that it's inedible. Give this to the Statue Man in return for some bonus stats 1 11904.7619047621 in 11,900

Cloudsound Follower.png Cloudsound FollowerCloudsound FollowerCloudsound Follower.pngCopper Coin.png 1 DetailsDescriptionRepresents a single follower on Cloudsound. This isn't a website, it's literally a giant cloud that emits sound that people enjoy following around. Why, what were YOU thinking this was? ((Mutton)) 10 714.285714285711 in 714

Corporatube Sub.png Corporatube SubCorporatube SubCorporatube Sub.pngCopper Coin.png 1 DetailsDescriptionRepresents a single subscriber on the Corporatube Video Platform. It You'sed to be called something else, but no one around here remembers. ((Mutton)) 3 1785.71428571431 in 1,790

Bronze Obol of Construction.png Bronze Obol of ConstructionBronze Obol of ConstructionBronze Obol of Construction.pngDetailsLevel1ClassAllMisc1% Build Spd 1 377928.949357521 in 378,000

Arrow Down Magenta.pngMega Rare Drops.pngArrow Down Magenta.png
Silver Pen.png Silver PenSilver PenSilver Pen.pngCopper Coin.png 50 DetailsDescriptionHold down to add a Silver Pen to your Post-Office! You can use it to skip a Delivery! 1 661375.661375661 in 661,000

Saw Stamp.png Saw Stamp 1 3968253.9682541 in 3,970,000

Lucky Lad.png Lucky LadLucky LadLucky Lad.pngSilver Coin.png 7 Copper Coin.png 77 DetailsLevel1ClassAllStats LUK Staticon.pngx7Misc7% Drop Chance 1 198412698.41271 in 198,000,000

Talent Point Reset Fragment.png Talent Point Reset FragmentTalent Point Reset FragmentTalent Point Reset Fragment.pngSilver Coin.png 2 DetailsDescriptionHold down on this item to turn 10 Fragments into 1 Talent Point Reset Potion. You'll need 1 open inventory space for this to work. 1 396825.39682541 in 397,000

Golden Ham.png Golden HamGolden HamGolden Ham.pngSilver Coin.png 1 DetailsDescriptionIncreases Skill EXP earned. Golden foods are never consumed. 1 119047.619047621 in 119,000

Bronze Obol of Multikill.png Bronze Obol of MultikillBronze Obol of MultikillBronze Obol of Multikill.pngDetailsLevel1ClassAllMisc1% Multikill 1 1954804.91046991 in 1,950,000

Mystery Upgrade Stone II.png Mystery Upgrade Stone IIMystery Upgrade Stone IIMystery Upgrade Stone II.pngSilver Coin.png 7 Copper Coin.png 77 DetailsDescriptionDrag onto any Equip to apply. +4 Mystery Stat Success Chance; 50% Uses up 1 slots only if Successful. WARNING:Mystery Stat has a chance to be Negative, and reduce stats! 3 85034.0136054421 in 85,000