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World Undefined
Location The Mimic Hole
Number of Quests 5
Birth Weight (Kg) 3.06
Starsign Taurus
Mothers Maiden Name Garcia

Centurion is located in The Mimic Hole, next to the Sandstone Colosseum.

Completing his first two quests gives the player the ability to talk to him once every day to obtain a Colosseum Ticket.png Colosseum Ticket. This is the second daily source of tickets after Typhoon. He will hold tickets for you for up to 3 days. Having more characters complete his quests does not provide more daily tickets.

Quest Information for Centurion
Quest Name Quest Text Difficulty Requirements Consumed? Rewards Notes
Down The Mimic Hole! Defeat all mimics before the time runs out. Difficulty 3.png Mimics Defeated: 21

Time Remaining: > 1. Starting at: 69

No 1 Colosseum Ticket.png Colosseum Ticket, 100 Class Experience

Which one of yous is the Mafia? Defeat Mafiosos and bring proof. Difficulty 3.png 2500Coconotnotto.png Coconotnotto Yes 2 1 HR Time Candy.png 1 HR Time Candy, 2 Colosseum Ticket.png Colosseum Ticket, Gold Coin.png1

High Scorer Get a 200K+ colosseum score. Remember to skip rounds to grow your score multiplier! Difficulty 4.png Colosseum Score: 200000 No 2 2 HR Time Candy.png 2 HR Time Candy, Gold Coin.png2

Colosseum Champ! Complete all 15 waves with a final score of 350K+ Difficulty 5.png Waves Completed: 15

Colosseum Score: 350000

No 1 4 HR Time Candy.png 4 HR Time Candy, 2 2 HR Time Candy.png 2 HR Time Candy, Gold Coin.png5

Colosseum GDQ Complete the three colosseums with lots of Time Remaining after beating all waves. Difficulty 6.png 1st Colosseum: 180

2nd Colosseum: 170 3rd Colosseum: 160

No 1 12 HR Time Candy.png 12 HR Time Candy, 30 Gem.png Gem, Gold Coin.png10
Dialogue Table for Centurion
Dialogue Text Quest
Stop right there civilian scum! You've violated penal code 83.7e under which King Doot demands all travelers enlist for colosseum combat!
But King Doot hasn't shown up in quite some time, and I don't enlist just anyone into my regiment! If you can overcome the dangers down in that hole, I will give you a spot as lowly Tiro.
I haven't got all day, get a move on! If I don't see you before vesperna begins, don't bother coming back! Down The Mimic Hole!
Free up an inventory space. The ticket might be small but it still takes up space.
Well well well, look who decided to show up... 'Sigh'. Stop looking around, I was talking about you!
As a Tiro, you are entitled to daily colosseum tickets, so long as you report to me for duties. And don't go trying any trickery on me with multiple characters! You're only getting 1 ticket per day!
Greetings Tiro, I'm sure youve heard that one of my soldiers has not returned from his mission to spawncamp the Mafiosos. If you're ready to join as a proper solider, now is the time. Return at Class Lv. 45
I hadn't anticipated for you to be more than a Tiro, but if you can complete the task I gave to my missing soldier, I'll transfer his rank to you. Which one of yous is the Mafia?
Please clear some space, all promotions come with rewards!
That is sure to strike fear into those mafs! And to think they had some of my troops fooled into believing they were just ordinary civilians!
You're proving to be one of my better soldiers! If you train some more, youd make for a fine Decurio! Return at Class Lv. 55
Before you join the ranks of my Decurios, I need to see you fight with valor in my colosseum. High Scorer
Please clear some space, all promotions come with rewards!
Well done Decurio, you have come a long way since I first called you civilian scum!
Lucky for you, a Tesserarius of mine was defeated in their colosseum bout last Dootsday. If you get a bit stronger, I'll give you a chance at being their successor. Return at Class Lv. 65
Alright Dodecahedron... er, Decurio, if you can slay my colosseum boss, and bring in a colosseum hiscore, I'll let you become my new Tesserarius. Colosseum Champ!
Please clear some space, all promotions come with rewards!
Get anything good from that Biggie kill? I remember when I defeated my first one I got a 72 hour candy, couldn't believe it ahaha!
Anyway enough chat, get back to training and I'll set you up with a chance to become my newest... hang on, let me look up the next rank... Optio! Return at Class Lv. 75
The rank of Optio is not one I give out flippantly, you'll need a full set of talents and strategic wits to pass this test. Colosseum GDQ
Please clear some space, all promotions come with rewards!
Filler, final quest before you get a trophy Return at Class Lv. 85