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Description Butter Fly? Get it??? Sorry... I promise I wont make this kind of joke again
Sell Price Copper Coin.png 9
Type Bug
Source Catching
Card Info
Order 12
Category Easy Resources
Effect +% Total Catching Efficiency
Base 5
Star1.png 10
Star2.png 15
Star3.png 20
Dropchance 3333.33333333331 in 3,330

What Butterfly is used in
Name Quantity Type
Buttered Toasted Butter5Smithing
Small Bug Pouch425Smithing
Gilded Net2,500Smithing
Reinforced Net850Smithing
Average Bug Pouch1,600Smithing
Bandito Boots1,250Smithing
'Accidental' Exploit 1500Quests
Bag o Heads StampLotsStamps
Stamp TimeLotsAlchemy Bubble
Simple ShippinLotsPost Office