Bullfrog Horn

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Bullfrog Horn
Bullfrog Horn.png
Description Makes a loud noise when thrown at someones head, although the sound doesn't come from the horn itself...
Sell Price Copper Coin.png 30
Type Monster Drop
Source Gigafrog
What Bullfrog Horn is used in
Name Quantity Type
Strung Bludgeon9,000Smithing
Amarok Hinds700Smithing
Anvil Tab 2250Smithing
High IQ Lumber StampLotsStamps
AlchemyLotsAlchemy Vials
Explosive SaltsLotsRefining
Dudes Next DoorLotsPost Office
Smithing11.5 K 11,503 Smithing Points (per character)

Detailed Drop Details for Bullfrog Horn
Source Chance Quantity
Gigafrog 7.14285714285711 in 7.14