Builder Bird

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Builder Bird
Builder Bird.gif
World Undefined
Location Blunder Hills
Number of Quests 1
Birth Weight (Kg) 8.43
Starsign Aries
Mothers Maiden Name Wilson

Builder Bird is found in the starting town, located in the top right section of the area.

Upon completing his quest the player gains access to the portal to World 2 - Yum Yum Desert.

Note: Unlocking the portal with one character unlocks it for all characters on your account.

Quest Information for Builder Bird
Quest Name Quest Text Difficulty Requirements Consumed? Rewards Notes
Restoring Power to the Portal Difficulty 4.png 1Desert Topaz.png Desert Topaz Yes 2 Small Experience Balloon.png Small Experience Balloon, Silver Coin.png25
Dialogue Table for Builder Bird
Dialogue Text Quest
Kacaw! 'The bird awaits the return of the town gem. They're ready to restore the gem to the portal, allowing travel to World 2. They look very stylish in their matching orange hat and scarf.' Restoring Power to the Portal
Kacaw! Kacaw! 'The bird looks very happy with itself after successfully restoring the portal.'