Bandage Wraps

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Bandage Wraps
Bandage Wraps.png
Class Beginner
Level 25
Weapon Power 20
Speed 7
Strength 6
Luck 10
Reach 65
Upgrade slots 3
Sell Price Gold Coin.png4 Silver Coin.png76 Copper Coin.png50
Type Fisticuff
Source Smithing, Recipe from Tasks

Anvil Tab 2.png Anvil Tab 2 Crafting Recipe Req:18Smithing.png Nr.5
Cue Tape.png Cue Tape x5000
The Stingers.png The Stingers x5
Potty Rolls.png Potty Rolls x2000
Recipe From Tasks
What Bandage Wraps is used in
Name Quantity Type
Efaunt Trunculus1Crafting
Uninflated Glove3Crafting
Plan-it ExpressLotsPost Office

Item No.
Cue Tape.png Cue Tape 5000
Potty Rolls.png Potty Rolls 2000
Copper Bar.png Copper Bar 100
Oak Logs.png Oak Logs 375
Trusty Nails.png Trusty Nails 100