Armor Upgrade Stone II

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Armor Upgrade Stone II
Armor Upgrade Stone II.png
Description Drag onto any Armor to apply. +2 Defence +2 Random Stat Success Chance; 80% Uses up 1 slots only if Successful
Sell Price Silver Coin.png8 Copper Coin.png50
Type Upgrade
Tier II
Source Encroaching Forest Villas Vendor, YumYum Grotto Vendor, Bored Bean, Dewdrop Silver Chest, Sandstone Bronze Chest, Plan-it Express, Dudes Next Door, Alchemial Apprentice, DropTable10, Guild Giftbox

Where to buy Armor Upgrade Stone II
No. Vendor Buy Price Stock
5 Encroaching Forest Villas Silver Coin.png34 6
6 YumYum Grotto Silver Coin.png34 6