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Class Info
Path Calm
Main Stat Agility
Accuracy Stat Strength
Specialization Smithing
Specialization 2 Catching
Class Stages
Current Stage Second Stage
Future Stage 1 Bowman
Future Stage 2 Hunter
Previous Stage Beginner

Piercing Arrow Kung Fu Kick Hema Overdrive Strafe Have Another! Veins Of The Infernal Garb Of Un'Agi'Ng Quality High Polymer Limbs Sanic Speed Robbinghood Smeltin' Erryday Acme Anvil Yea I Already Know Godly Creation Focused Soul

Calm Basics (Beginner Tab)

Elusive Efficiency Featherweight I See You Idle Shooting Broken Time

Class Information

Archers use Wooden Bow.png Bows and specialize in Smithing Skill Icon.png Smithing.

Archer Talents

Piercing Arrow

Piercing Arrow.png
Shoots an arrow that deals
% damage to up to

Kung Fu Kick

Kung Fu Kick.png
Pushes back nearby monsters by
pixels while dealing
% damage

Hema Overdrive

Hema Overdrive.png
Increase max HP and max MP by


Temporarily boosts Movement Speed by
% for

Have Another!

Have Another!.png
Basic Attacks have a
% chance to fire 1 additional arrow

Veins Of The Infernal

Veins Of The Infernal.png
Increases Damage Dealt by
% every 10 Smithing Levels

Garb Of Un'Agi'Ng Quality

Garb Of Un'Agi'Ng Quality.png
All Equipment gives
% more AGI than what's listed

High Polymer Limbs

High Polymer Limbs.png
The effect Weapon Power has on Damage Dealt is increased by

Sanic Speed

Sanic Speed.png
base AGI


Monster drop rarity increased by

Smeltin' Erryday

Smeltin' Erryday.png
Every kill has a
% chance to give
seconds of instant forge progress

Acme Anvil

Acme Anvil.png
Get +
Anvil Production Point, and also gain +
extra pts every 10 Smithing Lvs

Yea I Already Know

Yea I Already Know.png
Start with
% exp per 250 AGI when you lv up any Specialized Skill. Caps at

Godly Creation

Godly Creation.png
% chance to apply a special bonus to any equip crafted at the anvil.

Focused Soul

Focused Soul.png
EXP Gain for all Specialized Skills is increased by

Calm Basics (Tab 1)

Elusive Efficiency

Elusive Efficiency.png
Increases the total efficiency of all specialized skills by


Increases Movement Speed by
% so you can outrun those slowpoke Warriors and Mages.
*Level cap boosted by Velocity Vessels Velocity Vessels up to +200

I See You

I See You.png
Increases Critical Hit Chance by
*Level cap boosted by Visibility Vessels Visibility Vessels up to +200

Idle Shooting

Idle Shooting.png
AFK Gains Rate for Fighting is increased by

Broken Time

Broken Time.png
Production Speed in all Town Skills is increased by