Amarok Slab

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Amarok Slab
Amarok Slab.png
Quest Specifics
Quest Bow Wow going Dow..n!
Description A piece of rock from the big bad wolf himself. Careful, it's overflowing with green plasma energy! No wait, that's just some moss.
Sell Price Silver Coin.png 2 Copper Coin.png 50
Type Monster Drop
Source Amarok, Chaotic Amarok, Nightmare Amarok
What Amarok Slab is used in
Name Quantity Type
Amarok Bodyplate10Smithing
Amarok Helmet20Smithing
Amarok Hinds6Smithing
Amarok Paws5Smithing
Chaotic Amarok Pendant10Smithing
Bow Wow Going Dow..n! 25Quests
Sukka FooLotsStamps
Dudes Next DoorLotsPost Office

Detailed Drop Details for Amarok Slab
Source Chance Quantity
Amarok 3.33333333333331 in 3.33

Chaotic Amarok 2.51 in 2.50

Nightmare Amarok 3.33333333333331 in 3.33